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Advances in Natural Computation als Buch

Advances in Natural Computation

First International Conference, ICNC 2005, Changsha, China, August 27-29, 2005, Proceedings, Part II. 'Lecture…
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This book and its sister volumes, i. e. , LNCS vols. 3610, 3611, and 3612, are the proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC 2005), jointly held with the 2nd International Conference on Fuzzy S- tems and Knowledge D … weiterlesen


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Advances in Natural Computation als Buch


Titel: Advances in Natural Computation

ISBN: 3540283250
EAN: 9783540283256
First International Conference, ICNC 2005, Changsha, China, August 27-29, 2005, Proceedings, Part II.
'Lecture Notes in Computer Science'. 'Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues'.
Auflage 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Lipo Wang, Ke Chen, Yew Soon Ong
Springer, Berlin

17. August 2005 - kartoniert - 1292 Seiten


This book and its sister volumes, i. e. , LNCS vols. 3610, 3611, and 3612, are the proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC 2005), jointly held with the 2nd International Conference on Fuzzy S- tems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD 2005, LNAI vols. 3613 and 3614) from 27 to 29 August 2005 in Changsha, Hunan, China. In its budding run, ICNC 2005successfullyattracted1887submissionsfrom32countries/regions(thejoint ICNC-FSKD 2005 received 3136 submissions). After rigorous reviews, 502 hi- quality papers, i. e. , 313 long papers and 189 short papers, were included in the ICNC 2005 proceedings, representing an acceptance rate of 26. 6%. The ICNC-FSKD 2005 featured the most up-to-date researchresults in c- putational algorithms inspired from nature, including biological, ecological, and physical systems. It is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary area in which a wide rangeof techniques and methods arebeing studied for dealing with large, complex, and dynamic problems. The joint conferences also promoted cro- fertilization over these exciting and yet closely-related areas, which had a s- ni?cant impact on the advancement of these important technologies. Speci?c areas included neural computation, quantum computation, evolutionary c- putation, DNA computation, chemical computation, information processing in cells and tissues, molecular computation, computation with words, fuzzy c- putation, granular computation, arti?cial life, swarm intelligence, ants colonies, arti?cial immune systems, etc. , with innovative applications to knowledge d- covery, ?nance, operations research, and more. In addition to the large number ofsubmitted papers,wewereblessedwiththepresenceoffourrenownedkeynote speakers and several distinguished panelists.


Neural Network Applications: Pattern Recognition and Diagnostics.
Monitoring of Tool Wear Using Feature Vector Selection and Linear Regression.
Image Synthesis and Face Recognition Based on 3D Face Model and Illumination Model.
Head-and-Shoulder Detection in Varying Pose.
Principal Component Neural Networks Based Intrusion Feature Extraction and Detection Using SVM.
GA-Driven LDA in KPCA Space for Facial Expression Recognition.
A New ART Neural Networks for Remote Sensing Image Classification.
Modified Color Co-occurrence Matrix for Image Retrieval.
A Novel Data Fusion Scheme for Offline Chinese Signature Verification.
A Multiple Eigenspaces Constructing Method and Its Application to Face Recognition.
Quality Estimation of Fingerprint Image Based on Neural Network.
Face Recognition Based on PCA/KPCA Plus CCA.
Texture Segmentation Using Intensified Fuzzy Kohonen Clustering Network.
Application of Support Vector Machines in Reciprocating Compressor Valve Fault Diagnosis.
The Implementation of the Emotion Recognition from Speech and Facial Expression System.
Kernel PCA Based Network Intrusion Feature Extraction and Detection Using SVM.
Leak Detection in Transport Pipelines Using Enhanced Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines.
Line-Based PCA and LDA Approaches for Face Recognition.
Comparative Study on Recognition of Transportation Under Real and UE Status.
Adaptive Eye Location Using FuzzyART.
Face Recognition Using Gabor Features and Support Vector Machines.
Wavelet Method Combining BP Networks and Time Series ARMA Modeling for Data Mining Forecasting.
On-line Training of Neural Network for Color Image Segmentation.
Short-Term Prediction on Parameter-Varying Systems by Multiwavelets Neural Network.
VICARED: A Neural Network Based System for the Detection of Electrical Disturbances in Real Time.
Speech Recognition by Integrating Audio, Visual and Contextual Features Based on Neural Networks.
A Novel Pattern Classification Method for Multivariate EMG Signals Using Neural Network.
Data Fusion for Fault Diagnosis Using Dempster-Shafer Theory Based Multi-class SVMs.
Modelling of Rolling and Aging Processes in Copper Alloy by Levenberg-Marquardt BP Algorithm.
Neural Network Applications: Robotics and Intelligent Control.
An Adaptive Control for AC Servo System Using Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network.
PSO-Based Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Processes.
Low Cost Implementation of Artificial Neural Network Based Space Vector Modulation.
A Novel Multispectral Imaging Analysis Method for White Blood Cell Detection.
Intelligent Optimal Control in Rare-Earth Countercurrent Extraction Process via Soft-Sensor.
Three Dimensional Gesture Recognition Using Modified Matching Algorithm.
Direct Adaptive Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Using Neural Networks.
Neural Network Based Feedback Scheduler for Networked Control System with Flexible Workload.
Humanoid Walking Gait Optimization Using GA-Based Neural Network.
Adaptive Neural Network Internal Model Control for Tilt Rotor Aircraft Platform.
Novel Leaning Feed-Forward Controller for Accurate Robot Trajectory Tracking.
Adaptive Neural Network Control for Multi-fingered Robot Hand Manipulation in the Constrained Environment.
Control of a Giant Swing Robot Using a Neural Oscillator.
Neural Network Indirect Adaptive Sliding Mode Tracking Control for a Class of Nonlinear Interconnected Systems.
Sequential Support Vector Machine Control of Nonlinear Systems via Lyapunov Function Derivative Estimation.
An Adaptive Control Using Multiple Neural Networks for the Position Control in Hydraulic Servo System.
Neural Network Applications: Signal Processing and Multi-media.
Exon Structure Analysis via PCA and ICA of Short-Time Fourier Transform.
Nonlinear Adaptive Blind Source Separation Based on Kernel Function.
Hybrid Intelligent Forecasting Model Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition, Support Vector Regression and Adaptive Linear Neural Network.
A Real Time Color Gamut Mapping Method Using a Neural Network.
Adaptive Identification of Chaotic Systems and Its Applications in Chaotic Communications.
A Time-Series Decomposed Model of Network Traffic.
A Novel Wavelet Watermark Algorithm Based on Neural Network Image Scramble.
A Hybrid Model for Forecasting Aquatic Products Short-Term Price Integrated Wavelet Neural Network with Genetic Algorithm.
A Multiple Vector Quantization Approach to Image Compression.
Segmentation of SAR Image Using Mixture Multiscale ARMA Network.
Brain Activity Analysis of Rat Based on Electroencephalogram Complexity Under General Anesthesia.
Post-nonlinear Blind Source Separation Using Wavelet Neural Networks and Particle Swarm Optimization.
An MRF-ICA Based Algorithm for Image Separation.
Multi-view Face Recognition with Min-Max Modular SVMs.
Texture Segmentation Using Neural Networks and Multi-scale Wavelet Features.
An In-depth Comparasion on FastICA, CuBICA and IC-FastICA.
Characteristics of Equinumber Principle for Adaptive Vector Quantization.
ANFIS Based Dynamic Model Compensator for Tracking and GPS Navigation Applications.
Dynamic Background Discrimination with a Recurrent Network.
Gender Recognition Using a Min-Max Modular Support Vector Machine.
An Application of Support Vector Regression on Narrow-Band Interference Suppression in Spread Spectrum Systems.
A Natural Modification of Autocorrelation Based Video Watermarking Scheme Using ICA for Better Geometric Attack Robustness.
Research of Blind Deconvolution Algorithm Based on High-Order Statistics and Quantum Inspired GA.
Differential Demodulation of OFDM Based on SOM.
Efficient Time Series Matching Based on HMTS Algorithm.
3D Polar-Radius Invariant Moments and Structure Moment Invariants.
A Fast Searching Algorithm of Symmetrical Period Modulation Pattern Based on Accumulative Transformation Technique.
A Granular Analysis Method in Signal Processing.
Other Neural Networks Applications.
Adaptive Leakage Suppression Based on Recurrent Wavelet Neural Network.
New Multi-server Password Authentication Scheme Using Neural Networks.
Time Domain Substructural Post-earthquake Damage Diagnosis Methodology with Neural Networks.
Conceptual Modeling with Neural Network for Giftedness Identification and Education.
Online Discovery of Quantitative Model for Web Service Management.
Judgment of Static Life and Death in Computer Go Using String Graph.
Research on Artificial Intelligence Character Based Physics Engine in 3D Car Game.
Document Clustering Based on Nonnegative Sparse Matrix Factorization.
Prediction Modeling for Ingot Manufacturing Process Utilizing Data Mining Roadmap Including Dynamic Polynomial Neural Network and Bootstrap Method.
Implicit Rating - A Case Study.
Application of Grey Majorized Model in Tunnel Surrounding Rock Displacement Forecasting.
NN-Based Damage Detection in Multilayer Composites.
Application of Support Vector Machine and Similar Day Method for Load Forecasting.
Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network and Its Application in Soft-Sensing Modeling.
Solution of the Inverse Electromagnetic Problem of Spontaneous Potential (SP) by Very Fast Simulated Reannealing (VFSR).
Using SOFM to Improve Web Site Text Content.
Online Support Vector Regression for System Identification.
Optimization of PTA Crystallization Process Based on Fuzzy GMDH Networks and Differential Evolutionary Algorithm.
An Application of Support Vector Machines for Customer Churn Analysis: Credit Card Case.
e-NOSE Response Classification of Sewage Odors by Neural Networks and Fuzzy Clustering.
Using a Random Subspace Predictor to Integrate Spatial and Temporal Information for Traffic Flow Forecasting.
Boosting Input/Output Hidden Markov Models for Sequence Classification.
Learning Beyond Finite Memory in Recurrent Networks of Spiking Neurons.
On Non-markovian Topographic Organization of Receptive Fields in Recursive Self-organizing Map.
Evolutionary Learning.
Quantum Reinforcement Learning.
Characterization of Evaluation Metrics in Topical Web Crawling Based on Genetic Algorithm.
A Novel Quantum Swarm Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving 0-1 Knapsack Problem.
An Evolutionary System and Its Application to Automatic Image Segmentation.
Incorporating Web Intelligence into Website Evolution.
Evolution of the CPG with Sensory Feedback for Bipedal Locomotion.
Immunity-Based Genetic Algorithm for Classification Rule Discovery.
Dynamical Proportion Portfolio Insurance with Genetic Programming.
Evolution of Reactive Rules in Multi Player Computer Games Based on Imitation.
Combining Classifiers with Particle Swarms.
Adaptive Normalization Based Highly Efficient Face Recognition Under Uneven Environments.
Artificial Immune Systems.
A New Detector Set Generating Algorithm in the Negative Selection Model.
Intrusion Detection Based on ART and Artificial Immune Network Clustering.
Nature-Inspired Computations Using an Evolving Multi-set of Agents.
Adaptive Immune Algorithm for Solving Job-Shop Scheduling Problem.
A Weather Forecast System Based on Artificial Immune System.
A New Model of Immune-Based Network Surveillance and Dynamic Computer Forensics.
A Two-Phase Clustering Algorithm Based on Artificial Immune Network.
Immune Algorithm for Qos Multicast Routing.
IFCPA: Immune Forgetting Clonal Programming Algorithm for Large Parameter Optimization Problems.
A New Classification Method for Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Feature Selection Artificial Immune Recognition System (FS-AIRS).
Artificial Immune Strategies Improve the Security of Data Storage.
Artificial Immune System for Associative Classification.
Artificial Immune Algorithm Based Obstacle Avoiding Path Planning of Mobile Robots.
An Adaptive Hybrid Immune Genetic Algorithm for Maximum Cut Problem.
Algorithms of Non-self Detector by Negative Selection Principle in Artificial Immune System.
An Algorithm Based on Antibody Immunodominance for TSP.
Flow Shop Scheduling Problems Under Uncertainty Based on Fuzzy Cut-Set.
An Optimization Method Based on Chaotic Immune Evolutionary Algorithm.
An Improved Immune Algorithm and Its Evaluation of Optimization Efficiency.
Simultaneous Feature Selection and Parameters Optimization for SVM by Immune Clonal Algorithm.
Optimizing the Distributed Network Monitoring Model with Bounded Bandwidth and Delay Constraints by Genetic Algorithm.
Modeling and Optimal for Vacuum Annealing Furnace Based on Wavelet Neural Networks with Adaptive Immune Genetic Algorithm.
Lamarckian Polyclonal Programming Algorithm for Global Numerical Optimization.
Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithms to Simulate the Immune System's Gene Libraries Evolution.
Clone Mind Evolution Algorithm.
The Application of IMEA in Nonlinearity Correction of VCO Frequency Modulation.
A Quick Optimizing Multi-variables Method with Complex Target Function Based on the Principle of Artificial Immunology.
Evolutionary Theory.
Operator Dynamics in Molecular Biology.
Analysis of Complete Convergence for Genetic Algorithm with Immune Memory.
New Operators for Faster Convergence and Better Solution Quality in Modified Genetic Algorithm.
Fuzzy Programming for Multiobjective Fuzzy Job Shop Scheduling with Alternative Machines Through Genetic Algorithms.
The Study of Special Encoding in Genetic Algorithms and a Sufficient Convergence Condition of GAs.
The Convergence of a Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Grids.
Influence of Finite Population Size -Extinction of Favorable Schemata-.
A Theoretical Model and Convergence Analysis of Memetic Evolutionary Algorithms.
New Quality Measures for Multiobjective Programming.
An Orthogonal Dynamic Evolutionary Algorithm with Niches.
Fitness Sharing Genetic Algorithm with Self-adaptive Annealing Peaks Radii Control Method.
A Novel Clustering Fitness Sharing Genetic Algorithm.
Cooperative Co-evolutionary Differential Evolution for Function Optimization.
Optimal Design for Urban Mass Transit Network Based on Evolutionary Algorithms.
A Method for Solving Nonlinear Programming Models with All Fuzzy Coefficients Based on Genetic Algorithm.
An Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Stochastic Weighted Learning for Constrained Optimization.
A Multi-cluster Grid Enabled Evolution Framework for Aerodynamic Airfoil Design Optimization.
A Search Algorithm for Global Optimisation.
Selection, Space and Diversity: What Can Biological Speciation Tell Us About the Evolution of Modularity?.
On Evolutionary Optimization of Large Problems Using Small Populations.
Membrane, Molecular, and DNA Computing.
Reaction-Driven Membrane Systems.
A Genetic Algorithm Based Method for Molecular Docking.
A New Encoding Scheme to Improve the Performance of Protein Structural Class Prediction.
DNA Computing Approach to Construction of Semantic Model.
DNA Computing for Complex Scheduling Problem.
On Designing DNA Databases for the Storage and Retrieval of Digital Signals.
Composite Module Analyst: Tool for Prediction of DNA Transcription Regulation. Testing on Simulated Data.
Simulation and Visualization for DNA Computing in Microreactors.
Ants Colony.
A Novel Ant Clustering Algorithm with Digraph.
Ant Colony Search Algorithms for Optimal Packing Problem.
Adaptive Parallel Ant Colony Algorithm.
Hierarchical Image Segmentation Using Ant Colony and Chemical Computing Approach.
Optimization of Container Load Sequencing by a Hybrid of Ant Colony Optimization and Tabu Search.
A Novel Ant Colony System Based on Minimum 1-Tree and Hybrid Mutation for TSP.

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