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Advances in Web-Age Information Management als Buch

Advances in Web-Age Information Management

6th International Conference, WAIM 2005, Hangzhou, China, October 11-13, 2005, Proceedings. 'Lecture Notes in…
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are essential to the quality of the program. We are grateful to Weiyi Meng, X. Sean Wang, Stratis D. Viglas, and Je?rey Xu Yu for their valuable help in leading and monitoring the discussions on our behalf. We also thank Jun Yang for his work in prep … weiterlesen


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Advances in Web-Age Information Management als Buch


Titel: Advances in Web-Age Information Management

ISBN: 3540292276
EAN: 9783540292272
6th International Conference, WAIM 2005, Hangzhou, China, October 11-13, 2005, Proceedings.
'Lecture Notes in Computer Science'. 'Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI'.
1st ed. 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Wenfei Fan, Zhaohui Wu, Jun Yang
Springer-Verlag GmbH

29. September 2005 - kartoniert - XXIV


are essential to the quality of the program. We are grateful to Weiyi Meng, X. Sean Wang, Stratis D. Viglas, and Je?rey Xu Yu for their valuable help in leading and monitoring the discussions on our behalf. We also thank Jun Yang for his work in preparing the proceedings. Finally, we are deeply indebted to Yu Zhang and Mengya Tang, the Web Masters, who took on tremendous pain and extra work, and ably modi?ed, extended and maintained the conference management tool; for three long months they worked until late night every day, seven days a week; the necessary extension of the tool also received help from Kun Jing, Chengchao Xie, Shiqi Peng, Heng Wang, Cheng Jin and Ruizhi Ye; without their hardande?ectiveworkthe onlinediscussionswouldnothavebeen possible, among other things. October 2005 Wenfei Fan, Zhaohui Wu Program Committee Co-chairs WAIM 2005 Dedication: Hongjun Lu (1945-2005) On behalf of the Program Committee, it is with sincere gratitude and great sorrow that we would like to dedicate WAIM 2005 proceedings to Hongjun Lu, who left us on March 3, 2005. Hongjun was not only an excellent researcher and highly productive scholar of the database community, but also a wond- ful colleague and dear friend. For many years, he has been the ambassador for database research to China, and tremendously fostered the growth of this community.


Keynote and Invited Talks.- What the Web Has Done for Scientific Data - and What It Hasn't.- Integrity Theory for Resource Space Model and Its Application.- Challenges of Grid Computing.- Research Session
1: XML.- BBTC: A New Update-Supporting Coding Scheme for XML Documents.- Using XML Structure to Reduce Candidate Nodes Participated in Query Processing.- An Effective and Efficient Approach for Keyword-Based XML Retrieval.- Subgraph Join: Efficient Processing Subgraph Queries on Graph-Structured XML Document.- Research Session
2: Performance and Query Evaluation.- A Soft Real-Time Web News Classification System with Double Control Loops.- Searching the World Wide Web for Local Services and Facilities: A Review on the Patterns of Location-Based Queries.- Self-adaptive Statistics Management for Efficient Query Processing.- Design and Implementation of the Modified R-Tree Structure with Non-blocking Querying.- Research Session
3: Data Mining (I).- Importance-Based Web Page Classification Using Cost-Sensitive SVM.- An Efficient Approach for Interactive Mining of Frequent Itemsets.- Similarity Search with Implicit Object Features.- An Improved FloatBoost Algorithm for Naïve Bayes Text Classification.- Research Session
4: Semantic Web and Web Ontology.- An Approach to RDF(S) Query, Manipulation and Inference on Databases.- Clustering OWL Documents Based on Semantic Analysis.- An Ontology Based Approach to Construct Behaviors in Web Information Systems.- A Semi-automatic Ontology Acquisition Method for the Semantic Web.- Research Session
5: Data Management (I).- Watermarking Abstract Tree-Structured Data.- Location-Based Caching Scheme for Mobile Clients.- Extended Derivation Cube Based View Materialization Selection in Distributed Data Warehouse.- A Framework of HTML Content Selection and Adaptive Delivery.- Research Session
6: Information Systems.- An Improved Multi-stage (t, n)-Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme.- Information Management in E-Learning System.- A Stratification-Based Approach to Accurate and Fast Image Annotation.- Research Session
7: Web Services and Workflow (I).- Web Services Composition Based on Ontology and Workflow.- Web Service Composition Using Markov Decision Processes.- FECT: A Modelling Framework for Automatically Composing Web Services.- Intrusion Detection of DoS/DDoS and Probing Attacks for Web Services.- Research Session
8: Data Management (II).- cGridex: Efficient Processing of Continuous Range Queries over Moving Objects.- An Efficient Context Modeling and Reasoning System in Pervasive Environment: Using Absolute and Relative Context Filtering Technology.- Influences of Functional Dependencies on Bucket-Based Rewriting Algorithms.- GARWM: Towards a Generalized and Adaptive Watermark Scheme for Relational Data.- Research Session
9: Data Grid and Database Languages.- Refined Rules Termination Analysis Through Activation Path.- Stream Operators for Querying Data Streams.- Join Algorithm Using Multiple Replicas in Data Grid.- Research Session
10: Agent and Mobile Data.- A Heuristic and Distributed QoS Route Discovery Method for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Planning Enhanced Grid Workflow Management System Based on Agent.- Reasoning Based on the Distributed ?-PSML.- Research Session
11: Data Mining (II).- An Auto-stopped Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Integrating Outlier Detection Algorithm.- Research Paper Recommender Systems: A Subspace Clustering Approach.- Concept Updating with Support Vector Machines.- On the Performance of Feature Weighting K-Means for Text Subspace Clustering.- Research Session
12: Web Services and Workflow (II).- State Transfer Graph: An Efficient Tool for Webview Maintenance.- An EJB-Based Very Large Scale Workflow System and Its Performance Measurement.- Deploying ?-Calculus Technology in Inter-organizational Process.- Modulation for Scalable Multimedia Content Delivery.- Research Session
13: Database Application and Transaction Management.- A Deadline-Sensitive Approach for Real-Time Processing of Sliding Windows.- MPX: A Multiversion Concurrency Control Protocol for XML Documents.- An Index Structure for Parallel Processing of Multidimensional Data.- Industrial Session.- Construction of Security Architecture of Web Services Based EAI.- Using Web Services and Scientific Workflow for Species Distribution Prediction Modeling.- Integrative Security Management for Web-Based Enterprise Applications.- Short Papers and Demonstration.- An Ontology-Based Semantic Integration for Digital Museums.- A Unified Subspace Outlier Ensemble Framework for Outlier Detection.- A Convertible Limited Verifier Signature Scheme.- Short Signature Scheme Based on Discrete Logarithms.- Simulating a Finite State Mobile Agent System.- Algorithm for Analyzing N-Dimensional Hilbert Curve.- DMT: A Flexible and Versatile Selectivity Estimation Approach for Graph Query.- A New Public Key Certificate Revocation Scheme Based on One-Way Hash Chain.- Interactive Chinese Search Results Clustering for Personalization.- Efficient Delay Aware Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network.- PIES: A Web Information Extraction System Using Ontology and Tag Patterns.- An Algebraic Framework for Schema Matching.- A Clustering Algorithm Based Absorbing Nearest Neighbors.- Parallel Mining of Top-K Frequent Itemsets in Very Large Text Database.- Removing Smoothing from Naive Bayes Text Classifier.- Medical Image Clustering with Domain Knowledge Constraint.- Tick Scheduling: A Deadline Based Optimal Task Scheduling Approach for Real-Time Data Stream Systems.- A Novel Ranking Strategy in Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Networks.- An Algorithmic Approach to High-Level Personalisation of Web Information Systems.- sPAC (Web Services Performance Analysis Center): A Performance-Aware Web Service Composition Tool.- Design and Implementation of a Service Bundle Manager for Home Network Middleware.- A State-Transfer-Based Dynamic Policy Approach for Constraints in RBAC.- A New Cache Model and Replacement Algorithm for Network Attached Optical Jukebox.- Multiple Watermarking Using Hadamard Transform.- An Immunity-Based Intrusion Detection Solution for Database Systems.- Filtering Duplicate Items over Distributed Data Streams.- An Optimized K-Means Algorithm of Reducing Cluster Intra-dissimilarity for Document Clustering.- Hierarchical Metadata Driven View Selection for Spatial Query Evaluations.- Priority Processing in the Web Service-Workflow Architecture.- Policy-Based Workflow Management System.- A Mobile-Aware System for Website Personalization.- An Algorithm for Best Selection in Semantic Composition of Web Service.- Using Quantitative Association Rules in Collaborative Filtering.- Extracting, Presenting and Browsing of Web Social Information.- An Ontology-Based Host Resources Monitoring Approach in Grid Environment.- Domain-Specific Website Recognition Using Hybrid Vector Space Model.- Understanding User Operations on Web Page in WISE.- Two-Phase Exclusion Based Broadcast Adaptation in Wireless Networks.- Web Service Collaboration Analysis via Automata.- A Novel Resource Description Based Approach for Clustering Peers.- The Segmentation of News Video into Story Units.- Process Controlling and Monitoring Scheme for Distributed Systems with Fault-Tolerance by Using Web Services.- CoopStreaming: A Novel Peer-to-Peer System for Fast Live Media Streaming.- Ontology-Based HTML to XML Conversion.- Image Matrix Fisher Discriminant Analysis (IMFDA)- 2D Matrix Based Face Image Retrieval Algorithm.- Approximate Common Structures in XML Schema Matching.- Bi-directional Ontology Versioning BOV.- Quantitative Modeling for Web Objects' Cacheability.- An Efficient Scheme of Merging Multiple Public Key Infrastructures in ERP.- Forms-XML: Generating Form-Based User Interfaces for XML Vocabularies.

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