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Accounting for Business Studies als Buch

Accounting for Business Studies

Sprache: Englisch.
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Integrating accounting into business and management studies, this book helps teachers to focus on modern commercial issues. It adopts a business perspective rather than an accounting perspectiveand offers information on business skills, like interpre... weiterlesen
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Accounting for Business Studies als Buch
Titel: Accounting for Business Studies
Autor/en: Aneirin Sion Owen

ISBN: 0750658347
EAN: 9780750658348
Sprache: Englisch.

September 2003 - kartoniert - 442 Seiten


Integrating accounting into business and management studies, this book helps teachers to focus on modern commercial issues. It adopts a business perspective rather than an accounting perspectiveand offers information on business skills, like interpretation, analysis and communication.


Introduction: Capital; Circuit of Capital; Capital and Profit; Circuit of Capital in Action; P & L Account; Balance Sheet; Definitions: Accounting Language; Accounting Framework; Supply Chain; Cash and Credit; Accounting Framework: Accounting Framework; Accounting Framework in Action; Trial Balance Format; Spreadsheet Format; Opening + Closing Balances; Loans and Interest; Two Sides of Accounting Transactions; Year End Adjustments: Stock, Purchases and Cost of Sales; Stock Adjustment in Action; Fixed Assets and Depreciation; Depreciation in Action; Acquisition of a Fixed Asset; Disposal of a Fixed Asset; Transfer of profit to Capital; Year End Adjustments in Spreadsheet; Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet: Formats; Presentation Points; Trading Account; Short Format; Service Sector; Manufacturing Sector; Trial Balance; P&L and Balance Sheet; P&L using the Spreadsheet Format; Frequently Asked Questions; P & L and Balance Sheet: Step by Step; Cash Flow: Keywords in Cash Flow; Net Cash Flow; Preparing a Cash Flow: Step by Step; Cash Flow in Action; Layout of a Cash Flow; Common Errors in Cash Flows; Difference Between Cash Flow and Profit; Start up Costs; Budgeting Process: Definition; Budget Process; Product Life Cycle; Factors in Setting the Sales Budget; Measuring Performance Against Budget; Functions of a Budget; Limiting Factor; Problems with Budgeting; Budgeting in Action; Budgeting in a Continuing Business; Budget Interpretation: Interpretation; Report Writing; Interpretation in Action; Ratios: Accounting Ratio Formula; Accounting Ratios in Action; What Accounting Ratios Mean; Uses of Accounting Ratios; Porter's Five Forces; Ratios and Porter's Five Forces Model; Links Between Ratios; Improving Ratios; Bad Debts and Discounts: Bad Debt Write Off; Specific Bad Debt Provision; General Bad Debt Provision; Bad Debt Recovered; Bad Debts in the Spreadsheet Format; Bad Debt and Risk; Liquidation and Bankruptcy; Discounts Allowed; Discounts Received; Discounts in the Spreadsheet Format; Other Write Offs; Other Accounting Adjustments (Accruals and Prepayments) Limited Companies and plc's: Risk; Types of Businesses; Starting a Limited Company; Taxation Dividends and Reserves; Types of Shares; plc formats; Formats in Action; Stock Market Ratios; Stock Market Ratios in Action; Groups Holding Companies and Subsidiaries; Financial Management: Sources of Finance; Managing Stock; Managing Debtors; Working Capital Cycle; Fixed Assets and Intellectual Property; Breakeven: Fixed and Variable Costs; Fixed Costs and Risk; Calculating Break even and Margin of Safety; Breakeven in Action; Breakeven Graph Step by Step; Interpretation; Uses of Breakeven; Ways to Reduce Breakeven; Problems With Breakeven Analysis; Key words Summary; Costing: Production and Service Departments; Allocation and Apportionment; Product Costing; Product Costing Step by Step; Layout and Presentation; Product Costing In Action; Another Example; Complications and Issues; Key Words Summary; Activity Based Costing: Flexible Manufacturing; Problems with traditional costing; Mechanics of an ABC System; Purchasing Case Study; Personnel Department Case Study; Advantages and Disadvantages of ABC; Key Words Summary; e-business: The Business Model; Raising Finance (Venture Capital); Getting To Profit; Ratio Analysis; Breakeven; Strategies; International Business: International Capital Markets; Exchange Rates; Converting Foreign Currencies; Converting P&L Account (Income Statement); Converting Balance Sheet (Position Statement); Conversion in Action; Forms of Foreign Investment; Key Words; Decision Making: Discounted Cash Flow; Internal Rate of Return and Payback; Conclusions & Summary: Applying accounting techniques; Risk, Tips for Running a Successful Business; Creative Accounting; Discounted Cash Flow; Management Disciplines; Further reading.
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