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Applications and Science in Soft Computing als Buch

Applications and Science in Soft Computing

'Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing'. Auflage 2004. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Soft computing techniques have reached a significant level of recognition and - ceptance from both the academic and industrial communities. The papers collected in this volume illustrate the depth of the current theoretical research trends and the br … weiterlesen


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Applications and Science in Soft Computing als Buch


Titel: Applications and Science in Soft Computing

ISBN: 3540408568
EAN: 9783540408567
'Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing'.
Auflage 2004.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Jonathan M. Garibaldi, Ahmad Lotfi, Lotfi A. Zadeh
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

18. November 2003 - kartoniert - 360 Seiten


Soft computing techniques have reached a significant level of recognition and - ceptance from both the academic and industrial communities. The papers collected in this volume illustrate the depth of the current theoretical research trends and the breadth of the application areas in which soft computing methods are making c- tributions. This volume consists of forty six selected papers presented at the Fourth Inter- tional Conference on Recent Advances in Soft Computing, which was held in N- th th tingham, United Kingdom on 12 and 13 December 2002 at Nottingham Trent University. This volume is organized in five parts. The first four parts address mainly the f- damental and theoretical advances in soft computing, namely Artificial Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computing, Fuzzy Systems and Hybrid Systems. The fifth part of this volume presents papers that deal with practical issues and ind- trial applications of soft computing techniques. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the authors who submitted contributions for inclusion. We are also indebted to Janusz Kacprzyk for his - vices related to this volume. We hope you find the volume an interesting refl- tion of current theoretical and application based soft computing research.


I - Artificial Neural Networks.- A Recurrent Self-Organizing Map for Temporal Sequence Processing.- Optimisation of Neural Network Topology and Input Parameters for Prosody Modelling of Synthetic Speech.- Using ART1 Neural Networks to Determine Clustering Tendency.- High Performance Associative Memories and Structured Weight Dilution.- Neural Network Analysis of Estimation of Data.- A Compiler and Simulator for Partial Recursive Functions over Neural Networks.- Multistage Neural Networks: Adaptive Combination of Ensemble Results.- On the Fuzzy Spatio-temporal Specification of Multimedia Synchronisation Scenarios.- II - Evolutionary Computing.- An Approach to On-line Design of Fuzzy Controllers with Evolving Structure.- Can a Parallel Agent Approach to Genetic Algorithms Reduce Search Times.- Comparison of Domination Approaches for Diploid Binary Genetic Algorithms.- New Heuristics for Flowshop Scheduling.- Temporal Rule Discovery using Genetic Programming and Specialized Hardware.- Genetic Programming with Guaranteed Constraints.- III - Fuzzy Systems.- Precisiated Natural Language and Protoforms for Human Consistent Data Mining.- Design and Synthesis of Piecewise-Linear Fuzzy Systems.- A New Ranking Method For Fuzzy FMEA.- Representing Reliability and Hesitation in Possibility Theory: A General Framework.- Noise Clustering with a Fixed Fraction of Noise.- Selective Sampling for Combined Learning from Labelled and Unlabelled Data.- IV - Hybrid and Intelligent Systems.- New Results for a Hybrid Decision Tree/Genetic Algorithm for Data Mining.- Embedding Support Vector Machines into Localised Mixtures of Experts.- Gaussian Function Approximation in Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.- Automated Configuration of Multi-Spindle Drilling Gear Machines by Sub-Domain Knowledge Processing and Adaptive Algorithms.- Construction of Shape-preserving First-order Takagi-Sugeno Systems via Linear-rational Spline Fuzzy Partitions.- Identification of Dynamic Cause-Effect Relations for Systems Performance Evaluation.- A Multi-layered Immune Inspired Machine Learning Algorithm.- Using Plausible Reasoning for Developing Intelligent Systems.- Towards Model-Independent Mode Detection and Characterisation of Very Long Biomedical Time Series.- Analysis of Rules Discovered by the Data Mining Process.- A Study of Query Generation Strategies for Interactive Constraint Acquisition.- A Multi-agent System as Framework for Learning Algorithms Benchmarking.- Soft Learning: A Conceptual Bridge between Data Mining and Machine Learning.- Heuristics for Kernels Adaptation in Support Vector Machines.- A Study of the Effectiveness of Detailed Balance in Avoiding Premature Convergence in PBIL.- V - Soft Computing Applications.- Application of Computational Intelligence Methods for Intelligent Modelling of Buildings.- An Adaptive Multi Embedded-Agent Architecture for Intelligent Inhabited Environments.- Constraint Neuro-Model based Predictive Control.- An Efficient Hybrid Method of Regression Tree and Fuzzy Inference for Short-term Load Forecasting in Electric Power Systems.- An Iterative Learning Control Method for a Level Control Problem.- Face Verification Using SVM: Influence of Illumination.- A Neuro-Fuzzy Technique for Scene Cut Detection from MPEG-1 Video.- Fuzzy Audio-Visual Feature Maps for Speaker Identification.- Adaptive User Agents for Intelligent Biometric Applications.- Gait Recognition by Moment Based Descriptors.- On a Large Sequence-Based Human Gait Database.
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