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Becoming Ecological: An Expedition Into Community Psychology als Buch

Becoming Ecological: An Expedition Into Community Psychology

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Community psychology emphasizes an ecological approach to mental health by focusing on the individual in the environment and the influences that shape and change behavior. Becoming Ecological brings together the work of James G. Kelly, one of the fou … weiterlesen


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Becoming Ecological: An Expedition Into Community Psychology als Buch


Titel: Becoming Ecological: An Expedition Into Community Psychology

ISBN: 0195173791
EAN: 9780195173796
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von James G. Kelly

Januar 2006 - gebunden - 318 Seiten


Community psychology emphasizes an ecological approach to mental health by focusing on the individual in the environment and the influences that shape and change behavior. Becoming Ecological brings together the work of James G. Kelly, one of the founders of community psychology and among the
field's national leaders.
The volume unites thirteen of Kelly's publications from 1968 to 2002 as well as four new essays on current issues in the field: the theory, research, practice, and education of community psychologists. Kelly introduces the work by offering connections between his personal experiences and the topics
he chose to focus on throughout his long career. He begins each of the thirteen essays with commentary that sets the article in its original context so that the reader has a historical perspective on why certain ideas were salient at a particular time and how they are still timely today. Kelly
concludes with a "summing up" section integrating the previously published articles with the four new essays. Throughout, he presents examples of how to plan and carry out research and practice in the community. The principles underlying the examples both enhance the relevance of the research and
practice and increase the potential of community residents to use the findings for their own purposes.
A compendium of classic statements of community psychology's philosophical and historical underpinnings, Becoming Ecological is a must-read for scholars and practitioners of community psychology and for those in the fields of public health, social work, community development, education, and applied


BEING AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL: ROOTS AND VARIED SOILS FOR ECOLOGICAL INQUIRY; THIRTEEN CLASSIC ARTICLES AND REFLECTIONS; 1. Toward an Ecological Conception of Preventive Interventions; 2. Adolescent Boys in High School: A Psychological Study of Coping and Adaptation; 3. Antidotes for Arrogance; 4. Quest for Valid Preventive Interventions; 5. Community as Teacher; 6. Qualities for the Community Psychologist; 7. Tain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It; 8. Seven Criteria When Conducting Community-Based Prevention Research: A Research Agenda and Commentary; 9. Generating Social Settings for a Public's Health; 10. A Contextualist Epistemology for Ecological Research; 11. Wellness as an Ecological Enterprise; 12. Contexts and Community Leadership; 13. The Spirit of Community Psychology; MORE THOUGHTS; FOUR CONTEMPORARY ESSAYS; 14. Thinking Ecologically; 15. Inquiry as Situated Methods with Processes for Mutual Discovery; 16. Practicing Ecology: Ideas for Community-Based Preventive Programs; 17. Education and Training for an Ecological Perspective; 18. A Summing Up: Some Facets of Interdependence; AFTERWORD; AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SYNOPSIS: APPENDIX A


James G. Kelly is Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago and Lecturer, University of California at Davis. As one of the founders of the field of community psychology, he has emphasized the development of ecological principles that can enhance the design of community-based research and practice. These principles are based on empirical research and Kelly's lifelong immersion in practical community problems and issues


"A midwestern boy of modest circumstances who dreamed of being a baseball announcer instead became Professor Jim Kelly, one of the most influential community psychologists of his generation. Along the way he helped community psychology chart its own unpredictable and fascinating life course by contributing key insights at critical moments, each of which is captured and reflected upon in this engaging book. You will emerge from these pages with a better understanding of Jim Kelly as a man, scholar, and community activist, and a better appreciation of the intimate connection between his personal story and that of the field he has nurtured and shaped for over 40 years."--Keith Humphreys, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine
" From early encounters with class-based discrimination to the support he offered by his mentors in college and graduate school, Jim ties the power of place and setting to both his personal development and the development
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