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Inside Relational Databases als Buch

Inside Relational Databases

2nd ed. 2001. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (kartoniert)
The second edition of this best-seller is revised and updated. It delivers a reader-friendly explanation of the relational model and its importance to database designers and builders. Clear explanations make use of examples rather than equations, and... weiterlesen


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Inside Relational Databases als Buch
Titel: Inside Relational Databases
Autor/en: Bill Marklyn, Mark Whitehorn

ISBN: 1852334010
EAN: 9781852334017
2nd ed. 2001.
Sprache: Englisch.
Springer London

18. Juni 2001 - kartoniert - 360 Seiten


The second edition of this best-seller is revised and updated. It delivers a reader-friendly explanation of the relational model and its importance to database designers and builders. Clear explanations make use of examples rather than equations, and show how an understanding of the relational model can lead to making a database faster and flexible. Topics covered include: nulls, primary and foreign keys, joins, relationships, domains, indexing, and many others. The authors manage to shed light on this tricky subject with substance and style.


From the contents:
- Part 1. A Simple, Single-Table Database: Introduction. Tables. Forms. Queries. Reports. Summary
- Part 2. A Multi-Table, Single-User Database: Introduction. Serious Problems with Single Tables. Multiple Tables Cure Serious Problems. Making Multiple Tables Work Together. Getting the Data into the Correct Tables. Relationships in the Real World. How are Relationships Modeled? Revisiting the Big Four - The Synergy Begins. Integrity. Building a Database Application. Summary
- Part 3. Multi-Table Multi-User Databases: Database Architectures. More Complex Database Design. Triggers, Stored Procedures and Views. Transactions, Logs, Bakckup, Locking and Concurrency
- Part 4. Related Database Topics: What Exactly is a Relational Database? Codd's Rules. Normalization. The Data Dictionary. More on Queries: Data Manipulation. Domains. Indexing - Speeding Up Your Database. What Does Null Mean? Primary Keys. Glossary


Dr. Mark Whitehorn has a boundless fascination for databases. He teaches relational database theory and practice at the University of Dundee, writes a monthly database column in 'Personal Computer World' and is a popular commentator on the computer industry. His enthusiasm, clarity of communication and devotion to real-world examples are much appreciated by students and readers alike. He is co-author of 'Inside Relational Databases - with examples in Access', also available from Springer-Verlag.


Reviews from the first edition of Inside Relational Databases:
"Quite simply - superb. By making relational databases understandable, Mark Whitehorn and Bill Marklyn have achieved far more than most. Making the subject interesting and entertaining as well puts these two authors firmly in a class of their own."
- Neil Fawcett, Group Technical Editor, VNU Business Publications
"PCW and contributor Mark Whitehorn is that rare combination - an expert in his field, databases, and a fine writer too, with a talent for honing a complex subject down to its essentials."
- Tamsin Todd, Computer & Internet Editor,
"Inside Relational Databases is excellent. It is clearly and concisely written and full of humorous asides which ease the reader through an otherwise weighty topic. Probably the most engaging technical book I have read."
- Paul McGowan

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