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Bubble Dynamics and Interface Phenomena als Buch
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Bubble Dynamics and Interface Phenomena

Proceedings of an IUTAM Symposium held in Birmingham, U. K. , 6-9 September 1993. 'Fluid Mechanics and Its…
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Proceedings IUTAM Symposium, held in Birmingham, UK, 6--9 September 1993


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Bubble Dynamics and Interface Phenomena als Buch


Titel: Bubble Dynamics and Interface Phenomena

ISBN: 0792330080
EAN: 9780792330080
Proceedings of an IUTAM Symposium held in Birmingham, U. K. , 6-9 September 1993.
'Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications'.
Auflage 1994.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von John R. Blake, Jeremy M. Boulton-Stone, Neale H. Thomas
Springer Netherlands

31. August 1994 - gebunden - 516 Seiten


This volume contains papers presented at the IUTAM Symposium on Bubble Dynamics and Interface Phenomena held at the University of Birmingham from 6-9 September 1993. In many respects it follows on a decade later from the very successful IUTAM Symposium held at CALTECH in June 1981 on the Mechanics and physics of bubbles in liquids which was organised by the late Milton Plesset and Leen van Wijngaarden. The intervening period has seen major development with both experiment and theory. On the experimental side there have been ad­ vances with very high speed photography and data recording that provide detailed information on fluid and interface motion. Major developments in both computer hardware and software have also led to extensive improvement in our understand­ ing of bubble and interface dynamics although development is still limited by the sheer complexity of the laminar and turbulent flow regimes often associated with bubbly flows. The symposium attracts wide and extensive interest from engineers, physical, chemical, biological and medical scientists and applied mathematicians. The sci­ entific committee sought to achieve a balance between theory and experiment over a range of fields in bubble dynamics and interface phenomena. It was our intention to emphasise both the breadth and recent developments in these various fields and to encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas on both experimental techniques and theo­ retical developments. The programme, and the proceedings recorded herein, cover bubble dynamics, sound and wave propagation, bubbles in flow, sonoluminescence, acoustic cavitation, underwater explosions, bursting bubbles and ESWL.


Preface. Part One: Bubble Dynamics and Bubble Interactions. Bubble dynamics: Some things we did not know ten years ago; A. Prosperetti. Experimental studies of bubble collapse; J.E. Field. Interaction of two laser-produced cavitation bubbles near boundaries; Y. Tomita, K. Sato, A. Shima. Interaction of two laser-induced cavitation bubbles; K. Jungnickel, A. Vogel. Dynamics of cavitation bubble interactions; P.B. Robinson, J.R. Blake. Vortex simulations of bubble oscillations; H.N. Ogammauz. Self-propulsion of bubbles in a weakly nonuniform flow field; A. Galper, T. Miloh. The dynamics of cavity clusters in polymer aqueous solutions subjected to an oscillating pressure; A. Shima, T. Tsujino. Dynamics of bubbly clusters and free surfaces at shock wave reflection; A. Besov, V. Kedrinskii. Time-resolved measurements of shock-wave emission and cavitation-bubble generation in intraocular laser surgery with ps and ns pulses; A. Vogel, S. Busch. Part Two: Sound and Wave Propagation. On equations of dynamics of bubbly liquids; R.I. Nigmatulin. Equations describing the propagation of nonlinear modulation waves in bubbly liquids; N.A. Gumerov. Linear wave propagation in bubbly liquids with a continuous bubble size distribution; S.L. Gavriliyuk. Active and passive acoustic roles of bubbles in the ocean; S.W. Yoon, B.K. Choi. Transient bubble oscillations associated with the underwater noise of rain detected optically and some properties of light scattered by bubbles; J.S. Stroud, P.L. Marston. Cavitation nuclei and thresholds of acoustic cavitation in ocean water; V.A. Akulichev. Part Three: Bubbles in Flow. Bubble dynamics and the sound emitted by cavitation; L. van Wijngaarden. Strongbubble/bubble and bubble/flow interactions; G.L. Chahine. Comparison of observed and calculated shapes of travelling cavitation bubbles; Y. Kuhn de Chizelle, C.E. Brennen. Patch cavitation in flow past a rigid body; S.D. Howison, J.D. Morgan, J.R. Ockendon. Dynamic calibration of transient sensors by spark generated cavity; F. Pereira, M. Farhat, F. Avellan. Observations of cloud cavitation on a stationary 2D profile; D.F. de Lange, G.J. de Bruin, L. van Wijngaarden. Numerical simulations of rising bubbles; A. Esmaeeli, E. Ervin, G. Tryggvason. Modelling bubbly flows; J.C.R. Hunt, J.R. Perkins, K. Lunde, N.H. Thomas. Role of coherent structures in bubble transport by turbulent shear flows; K.J. Sene, J.C.R. Hunt, R.J. Perkins, N.H. Thomas. A new design of the cavitation susceptibility meter: The venturix; T.M. Pham, J.M. Michel, Y. Lecoffre. Part Four: Sonoluminescence, Acoustic Cavitation and Ultrasound. Single-bubble sonoluminescence; L.A. Crum, S. Cordry. Approaching bubble dynamics with lasers, holography and computers; W. Lauterborn, I. Eick, A. Philipp. Pressure measurements during acoustic cavitation by sonoluminescence; K.S. Suslick, K.A. Kemper. Bubbles deformation and interface disruption as a source of sonochemical and sonoluminescent activity; T. Lepoint, N. Foglet, L. Faille, F. Mullie. Sonochemistry -- The chemical uses of cavitation; T.J. Mason. Response of bubbles to ultrasonic radiation pressure: Dynamics in low gravity and shape oscillations; P.L. Marston, E.H. Trinh, J. Depew, T.J. Asaki. Surface mode deformations on an oscillating bubble; S.J. Shaw. Visualisation of laser-induced vapor bubbles and pressure waves; A.P. Alloncle, D. Dufresne, M. Autric
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