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Early Deism in France als Buch

Early Deism in France

From the so-called 'déistes' of Lyon (1564) to Voltaire's 'Lettres philosophiques' (1734). 'International…
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The symbiosis between particles physics and cosmology has virtually become a conjugal relationship. Hence the 9th biennial Course of the International School of Cosmic-Ray Astrophysics was designed to bridge these formerly disparate disciplines. T … weiterlesen
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Early Deism in France als Buch


Titel: Early Deism in France
Autor/en: C. J. Betts

ISBN: 9024729238
EAN: 9789024729234
From the so-called 'déistes' of Lyon (1564) to Voltaire's 'Lettres philosophiques' (1734).
'International Archives of the History of Ideas'.
Auflage 1984.
Sprache: Englisch.
Springer Netherlands

30. November 1984 - gebunden - 328 Seiten


The symbiosis between particles physics and cosmology has virtually become a conjugal relationship. Hence the 9th biennial Course of the International School of Cosmic-Ray Astrophysics was designed to bridge these formerly disparate disciplines. This NATO Advanced Study Institute took place at the Ettore Majorana Centre in Erice, Italy, June 20-30, 1992. Seventy participants from 17 countries participated in lively interactions and enjoyed the stimulating lectures that form the basis for this volume. The book includes current advances in both astrophysics (cosmic gamma rays, X-rays, cosmic rays) and cosmology (an introduction to inflation in big-bang theory, the age of the universe, nucleosynthesis in the early universe). It is suitable for reading and study by all interested physical scientists, especially those having a limited specialized background in astrophysics and cosmology.


I. Prehistory, from 1564 to about 1670.- 1. Introductory; Pierre Viret's 'déistes' at Lyon, and two characters in Bodin.- Viret's 'déistes': anti-Christian or anti-trinitarian?.- Natural religion and tolerance in Bodin's Colloquium heptaplomeres.- 2. The 1620s: Mersenne and the 'poème des déistes'.- 3. The absence of deistic ideas from 1630 to 1670.- II. The later seventeenth century: precursors and definitions, from Saint-Evremond to Bayle.- 4. Saint-Evremond and the decline of fideism.- Early fideism.- Satire, eirenism and Christian morality in Holland.- Detached worldliness in the late works.- 5. The Utopian religions of Foigny and Veiras.- Foigny's La Terre australe connue: faith against reason.- Veiras' Histoire des Sévarambes:ritual and tolerance.- The two Utopias compared.- 6. Definitions and accusations, 1670-1700; 'deism' as a term of opprobrium.- Natural religion, travel and religious conflict.- D'Assoucy.- Jurieu's usage.- Abbadie and Le Clerc.- Simon and Bossuet.- Fontenelle and Bayle.- Two end-of-century examples.- 7. The Turkish Spy.- The question of Marana's authorship.- Mahmut's pious doubts.- Three deistic letters.- The later volumes.- Tite de Moldavie and Christianity.- III. The first French deists, 1700-1715.- 8. Gilbert's Calejava: rational deism with Protestant overtones.- 9. Lahontan and Gueudeville: natural religion from Canada.- 10. The anti-Christian deism of the Militaire philosophe.- Critical deism: rational principles and the attack on belief and faith.- Critical deism in detail.- A system of deism based on justice.- 11. The Examen de la religion and other clandestine works.- Rationalist preliminaries.- The critique of Christian proofs.- Catholicism replaced by rational secularismy.- The Examen and other deist manuscripts.- Boulainviller and the Opinions des anciens.- Chaulieu and La Fare.- 12. Tyssot de Patot: types of deism and religious criticism.- Austral deists again.- A Chinese anti-trinitarian in Goa.- A Gascon renegade in Algiers.- The politics of religion: war, imposture and intolerance.- Attacks on the Bible and biblical doctrines.- Tyssot and his characters' opinions.- IV. Deistic ideas in the early works of Montesquieu and Voltaire.- 13. Montesquieu: Lettres persanes.- God and justice.- The afterlife and providence.- Secular and utilitarian values.- The clergy.- Conclusions.- 14. Voltaire: Lettres philosophiques.- Between Christianity and deism: Ramsay and Lassay.- Voltaire's religious poems before 1734.- The Lettres philosophiques: the letters on the Quakers.- Sects and the clergy: L. 5, L. 6, L. 8, L. 9.- L. 7 and L. 13, Dr Clarke and Mr Locke.- The attack on Pascal.- The deism of the Lettres philosophiques.- 15. Conclusions.- Biography.- Literary allusions.- Religious attitudes.- Bibliography: 1. Manuscripts and published works discussed in the text as examples or precursors of deism.- 2. Editions, used for reference, of works by major authors.- 3. Secondary authorities, cited in the notes or of general interest for the subject; excluding works cited in the Appendix.
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