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Canine Medicine and Therapeutics als Buch

Canine Medicine and Therapeutics

Sprache: Englisch.
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Still the leading textbook and reference, now in its fourth edition, and enhanced by numerous colour illustrations, this major work covers all aspects of canine diseases and therapeutics.


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Canine Medicine and Therapeutics als Buch
Titel: Canine Medicine and Therapeutics

ISBN: 0632040459
EAN: 9780632040452
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Neil T. Gorman

Juni 1998 - gebunden - 1086 Seiten


Still the leading textbook and reference, now in its fourth edition, and enhanced by numerous colour illustrations, this major work covers all aspects of canine diseases and therapeutics.


Section Editors. Contributors. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Therapeutics (Jonathan Elliott) 1. Good Prescribing Practice (L. Trepanier and J. Elliott) 2. Decision Making in Fluid therapy (J. Sackman) 3. Nutritional Support of the Critically Ill Patient (A.G. Torrance) 4. Rational Use of Antibacterial Drugs (A.D. J. Atson, J. Elliott and J.E. Maddison) 5. Cytotoxic and Immunosuppressive Drugs (J.M. Dobson) 6. Corticosteroids (A . Nolan) 7. Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (P. Lees) 2. Infectious Diseases (Malcolm Bennett) 8. Infectious Gastroenteritis (B.J. Tennant) 9. Canine Parvovirus Infection (I. McCandish) 10. Infectious Canine Hepatitis (H. Thompson) 11. Canine Distemper (H. Thompson) 12. Kennel Cough (I. McCandlish) 13. Canine Filaroidiasis (I. McCandlish) 14. Aspergillosis and Penicillinosis (N.J. Sharp) 15. Canine Laptospirosis (M. Bennett) 16. Canine Rabies (P.-P Pastoret, B. Brochier and H. Bourhy) 17. Infections of Reproduction and Neonates (C.E. Greene) 18. Canine Papillomas (M. Bennet) 19. Tetanus (B.J. Tennant) 20. Tuberculosis (M. Bennett) 21. Lyme Disease (S.D. Carter) 22. Tularaemia (S. Barr) 23. Canine Rickettsiosis (Z. Woldehiwet) 24. Deep Mycoses (S. Barr) 25. Protothecosis (J. Taboada) 26. Neosporosis and Toxoplasmosis (J. S. Barber and A. J. Trees) 27. Miscellaneous Protozoal Diseases (S. Barr) 28. Heartworm Disease (S. Barr) 29. Canine Zoonosis (M. Bennett and C.A. Hart) 30. Vaccination (M. Bennett and C.A. Hart) 3. Interpretation and Misinterpretation of Laboratory Data (Richard A. Squires) 31. Avoiding Misinterpretation of Clinical Laboratory Data (R.A. Squires) 4. Haematology, Oncology, Immunological Disease (Jane M. Dobson) 32. The Haematopioetic System: The Structure and Function of Bone Marrow (L. Blackwood and E. J. Villiers) 33. Anaemia (J.K. Dunn) 34. Polycythaemia (J.K. Dunn) 35. Lymphoproliferative and Myeloproliferative Disease (J. S. Morris and J.M. Dobson) 36. Bleeding Disorders (A. Mackin) 37. Fever of Unknown Origin (J.K. Dunn) 38. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (J.K. Dunn) 5. Cardiopulmonary Diseases (Virginia Luis Fuentes) 39. Clinical Investigation of Respiratory Disease (B. Corcoran) 40. Nasal Discharge in the Dog (M.Sullivan) 41. Obstructive Upper Airway Disease (M. Sullivan) 42. Tracheobronchial Diseases (B. Corcoran and M. Sullivan) 43. Lung Parenchymal Diseases (B. Corcoran) 44. Pleural and Mediastinal Diseases (B. Corcoran) 45. Cardiac Disease (V. Luis Fuentes) 46. Congenital Heart Disease (M. Cobb) 47. Acquired Heart Disease (M. Cobb) 6. Gastroenterology (Kenny W. Simpson) 48. Oropharyngeal an Oesophageal Diseases (R. J. Washabau) 49.Diseases of the Stomach (R.C. DeNovo, Jr and C.C. Jenkins) 50. Small Intestinal Disease (E.J. Hall) 51. The Large Intestine (C.M. Elwood) 52. The Liver (E. Sevelius and L. Jonsson) 53. Diseases of the Exocrine Pancreas (K.W. Simpson) 7. Diseases of the Endocrine System (Michael E. Harrtage) 54. Endocrine Physiology and Function Testing (M.E. Herrtage) 55. Management of Pituitary Disorders (M.E. Herrtage) 56. Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism (C.Scot-Moncrieff) 57. Disorders of Calcium Metabolism (F.P. Gaschen) 58. Management of Hyperadrenocorticism (P.P. Kintzer and M.E. Peterson) 59. Diagnosis of Hyperadrenocorticism (M.E. Peterson and P.P. Kintzer) 60. Management of Diabetes Mellitus (M.E. Herrtage) 61. Diagnosis of Insulinoma (M.E. Herrtage) 8. Urology (Jonathan Elliott and Neil T. Gorman) 62. Renal Failure (R.A. Squires, J. Elliott and S. Brown) 63. Enlarged Kidneys (A.G. Torrance) 64. Haematuria (A.G. Torrance) 65. Proteinuria (P.J. Barber) 66. Dysuria (J.C.R. Scot-Moncrieff) 67. Management of Bacteria Urinary Tract Infections (J. Elliott) 68. Canine Urolithiasis (D.F. Senior and J. Elliott) 69. Urinary Incontinence (S.P. Gregory) 9. Reproductive Disorders (Jonathan Elliott and Neil T. Gorman) 70. Vaginal Discharge (H.K. Dreier) 71. Canine Infertility (H.K. Dreier) 72. Conditions of the Male External Genital System (D.E. Noakes) 73. Diagnosis and Management of Canine Prostatic Disease (N.T. Gorman) 10. Skeletal Disorders (Chris May) 74. Introduction to Joint Diseases (C. May) 75. Osteoarthritis (A.R. Coughlan) 76. Inflammatory Arthropatheis (C.May and D. Bennett) 77. Bone Diseases (H.A.Q. Hizewinkel) 78. Skeletal Neoplasia (T.J. Anderson) 11. Neurology and Neuromuscular Disorders (Chris May) 79. Seizures and Behavioural Change (A. Hopkins) 80. Altered Consciousness (Stupor and Coma) (A. Hopkins) 81. Ataxia, Weakness and Paralysis of the Pelvic Limbs (A.Hopkins) 82. Ataxia, Weakness and Paralysis of all four Limbs (A. Hopkins) 83. Monoparesis and Monoplegia (A. Hopkins) 84. Ataxia of the Head and Limbs (Cerebellar Disase)A. Hopkins) 85. Cranial Nerve Abnormalities (A. Hopkins) 12. Dermatology (Richard Harvey) 86. Superficial Bacterial Infections (I.S. Mason) 87. Superficial Fungal Infections (R. Bond) 88. Deep Pyoderma (M.J. Day and D.H. Shearer) 89. Treatment of Pyoderma (M.W. Vroom) 90. Clinical Approach to Pruritus in the Dog (P.B. Hill) 91. The Diagnosis and Management of Allergic Skin Disease (J.I. Henfrey) 92. Fleas, Flea Bite Hypersensitivity and Flea Control: An Update (M.A. Fisher) 93. Current Methods of Mite and Tick Control in the Dog (C.F. Curtis) 94. Advances in the Diagnosis of Canine Endocrine Dermatosesz (D. Heripret) 95. Treatment of Defects in Cornification of Canine Skin (A.H. Werner) 96. Neoplasia of the Skin and Associated Tissues (N.T. Gorman and J.M. Dobson) 13. Ophthalmology (Simon Peterson-Jones) 97. Introduction to the Ocular System (S. Peterson-Jones) 98. Conditions of the Globe and Orbit (K. Abrams and C. Goodwin) 99. Conditions of the Eyelids (K. Abrams and C. Goodwin) 100. Conditions of the Ocular Surface (P. Renwick) 101. Conditions of the Anterior Uvea (N.J. Millichamp) 102. Glaucoma (N.J. Millichamp) 103. Conditions of the Lens (N.J. Millichamp) 104. Conditions of the Vitreous (S. Peterson-Jones) 105. Conditions of the Fundus (S. Petersen-Jones) 106. Neuro-Ophthalmology (S. Peterson-Jones) 14. Poisons (Katie Dunn) 107. Poisons (K. Dunn) Index of Featured Conditions Related to breeds in this Edition. Index.
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