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Cell Transplantation for Neurological Disorders als Buch
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Cell Transplantation for Neurological Disorders

Toward Reconstruction of the Human Central Nervous System. 'Contemporary Neuroscience'. Auflage 1998. Book.…
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In Cell Transplantation for Neurological Disorders, distinguished medical researchers from around the world review novel neural reconstructive techniques that appear to be beneficial for Parkinson's disease and hold promise for treating Huntington's … weiterlesen


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Cell Transplantation for Neurological Disorders als Buch


Titel: Cell Transplantation for Neurological Disorders

ISBN: 0896034496
EAN: 9780896034495
Toward Reconstruction of the Human Central Nervous System.
'Contemporary Neuroscience'.
Auflage 1998.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Thomas B. Freeman, Hakan Widner
Humana Press

29. Mai 1998 - gebunden - 372 Seiten


In Cell Transplantation for Neurological Disorders, distinguished medical researchers from around the world review novel neural reconstructive techniques that appear to be beneficial for Parkinson's disease and hold promise for treating Huntington's disease, pain, demyelinating diseases, stroke, and epilepsy. The contributors focus on those diseases for which clinical trials are either ongoing or likely to occur in the near future. Among the topics reviewed are results and rationale for some of the leading transplant programs for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, the use of PET scanning for patient evaluation, autopsy studies of transplant recipients, transplant immunology, fetal tissue transplantation for Huntington's disease, cellular transplantation for the treatment of pain and stroke, and transplantation of myelinating cells. A full discussion of the important ethical issues surrounding the use of fetal tissue for transplantation purposes is also included.
Cell Transplantation for Neurological Disorders is the first major book on the clinical use of neural reconstruction techniques. Authoritative and comprehensive, the book reviews the field at a critical threshold, evaluating those variables that will become critical as the methodology and favorable outcomes mature.


The Lund Transplant Program for Parkinson's Disease and Patients with MPTP-Induced Parkinsonism, Håkan Widner. Fetal Nigral Transplantation in Parkinson's Disease: The USF Pilot Program (12- to 24-Month Evaluation), Robert A. Hauser, C. Warren Olanow, Barry J. Snow, and Thomas B. Freeman. Toward a Phase III Multicenter Study of Fetal Ventral Mesencephalic Transplants in Patients with Late-Stage Parkinson's Disease, Mark Peschanski, Gilles Defer, Sophie Dethy, Philippe Hantraye, Marc Levivier, Jean-Paul Nguyen, and Pierre Cesaro. PET Studies of Transplantation Therapy,Barry J. Snow. Neuropathology of Dopaminergic Transplants in Patients with Parkinson's Disease, Jeffrey H. Kordower, Rose Hanbury, and Krzysztof S. Bankiewicz. Fetal-Tissue Transplantation for Huntington's Disease, Paul R. Sanberg, Cesario V. Borlongan, Klas Wictorin, and Ole Isacson. Fetal Transplantation in Huntington's Disease,O. V. Kopyov, S. Jacques, M. Kurth, L. Philpott, A. Lee, M. Patterson, C. Duma, A. Lieberman, and K. S. Eagle. Topographic Factors Affecting the Functional Viability of Dopamine-Rich Grafts in the Neostriatum Stephen B. Dunnett and Barry J. Everitt .Immunological Issues in Rodent and Primate Transplants (Allografts), Håkan Widner. Transplanting Fetal Neural Xenogeneic Cells in Parkinson's and Huntington's Disease Models, Ole Isacson, Peyman Pakzaban, and Wendy R. Galpern. Animal Models of Cerebral Ischemia: Neurodegeneration and Cell Transplantation, Cesario V. Borlongan, Toru Shimizu, John Q. Trojanowski, Shigeru Watanabe, Virginia M.-Y. Lee, Yasuo Tajima, David W. Cahill, Thomas B. Freeman, Hitoo Nishino, and Paul R. Sanberg. Transplantation Strategies for the Treatment of Pain, Jacqueline Sagen. Treatment of Central Nervous System Diseases with Polymer-Encapsulated Xenogeneic Cells, Dwaine Emerich, Mark D. Lindner, Joel Saydoff, and Frank T. Gentile. Transplant Strategies in Myelin Disorders, Ian D. Duncan. Somatic Gene Transfer and Cell TransplantationStrategies for Neurodegenerative Diseases,Silke Thode, Heather K. Raymon, and Fred H. Gage. Adequately Respecting and Protecting Fetal Tissue Donors and Their Next-of-Kin, Dorothy E. Vawter and Karen G. Gervais. Index.


"The list of contributors reads like a "who's who" in neural transplantation. . .The chapters are generally well-written, logically arranged, and overall the book is a joy to read. . .this is a truly outstanding book, very well written by the leading authorities. It provides a solid basis of knowledge and understanding in this rapidly developing field. . . Not only neuroscientists, but every neurologists, neurosurgeon, and probably many internists may find this book interesting and relevant to the future of their practice. This book should be found in every medical library."-Archives of Neurology
"The editors. . .have gathered an international panel of experts to address the preclinical foundations fro human trials. . .this is an accomplished work."-Neurology
"This book is a statement-of-the-state of the art in neurotransplantation therapy....The book is a good mix of clinical and basic scientific information and was quite enjoyable to read. It establishes that transplantation therapy will have an ever increasing role in the treatment of neurologic conditions. It points out the obstacles ahead and the challenges that must be faced in the future. It should be on every functional neurosurgeon's and neurologist's bookshelf."-Le Journal Canadien des Sciences Neurologiques
"...these chapters are excellent, and give timely perspective and rationale for the development of neurotransplantation....The chapters are well written, logically arranged, and well documented....this excellent book by experts in the field provides great insight for anyone interested in neurological disease. Some of the information in this volume has not been published, and it represents a unique resource. This is an extremely rapidly developing field, and the book will allow readers to quickly understand the importance and breath of the field." -Quarterly Review of Biology
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