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Functional Condensation Polymers als Buch

Functional Condensation Polymers

Auflage 2002. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Although in nature the vast majority of polymers are condensation polymers, much publicity has been focused on functionalized vinyl polymers. Functional Condensation Polymers fulfills the need to explore these polymers which form an increasingly impo … weiterlesen
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Functional Condensation Polymers als Buch


Titel: Functional Condensation Polymers
Autor/en: Charles E. Carraher Jr., Graham G. Swift

ISBN: 0306472457
EAN: 9780306472459
Auflage 2002.
Sprache: Englisch.
Springer US

30. April 2002 - gebunden - 340 Seiten


Although in nature the vast majority of polymers are condensation polymers, much publicity has been focused on functionalized vinyl polymers. Functional Condensation Polymers fulfills the need to explore these polymers which form an increasingly important and diverse foundation in the search for new materials in the twentyfirst century. Some of the advantages condensation polymers hold over vinyl polymers include offering different kinds of binding sites, their ability to be made biodegradable, and their different reactivities with various reagents under diverse reaction conditions. They also offer better tailoring of end-products, different tendencies (such as fiber formation), and different physical and chemical properties. Some of the main areas emphasized include dendrimers, control release of drugs, nanostructure materials, controlled biomedical recognition, and controllable electrolyte and electrical properties.


Contributors. Preface.
A. Nano Materials. 1. Lanthanide (III) Oxide Nanocomposites with Hexafluoroisopropylidine-Based Polyimides; D. Scott Thompson, et al. 2. Fumaryl Chloride and Maleic Anhydride Derived Crosslinked Functional Polymers and Nano Structures; S-Sam-Shajing Sun, et al. 3. Humeral Immune Responses to Polymeric Nanomaterials; S.C. Lee, et al. 4. Preparation and Characterization of Novel Polymer Silicate Nanocomposites; M.K. Harrup, et al. 5. Metallocene Hematoporphyrins as Analytical Reagents-Nickel (II) Metal Adsorption Studies of Group IVB Metallocene Polymers Derived from Hematoporphyrin IX; C.E. Carraher, et al. 6. Polyester Ionomers as Functional Compatibilizers for Blends with Condensation Polymers and Nanocomposites; R.B. Moore, et al.
B. Light and Energy. 7. Sulfonated and Carboxylated Copoly (Arylenesulfone)s For Fuel Cell Applications; D. Poppe, et al. 8. Preparation and Properties of Sulfonated or Phosphonated Polybenzimidazoles and Polybenzoxazoles; Y. Sakaguchi, et al. 9. Design of Conjugated Polymers for Single Layer Light Emitting Diodes; Zhonghua Peng. 10. Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Blue Light-Emitting Polymers Containing Dinaphthylanthracene; Shiying Zheng, Jianmin Shi. 11. Novel Two-Photon Absorbing Polymers; K.D. Belfield, et al.
C. Bioactivity and Biomaterials. 12. Natural Functional Condensation Polymer Feedstocks; C.E. Carraher, Jr. 13. Functional Polymers, Derived from Condensation of Itaconic Anhydride with Poly(epsilon-Caprolactone)diol and with Poly(Ethylene glycol); M.Ramos, S.J. Huang. 14. Organometallic Condensation Polymers as Anticancer Drugs; D.W. Sigmann-Louda, et al. 15. Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Chelation Products Between Chitosan and Tetrachloroplatinate Towards the Synthesis of Water Soluble Cancer Drugs; C.E. Carraher, et al. 16. Condensation Polymers As Controlled Release Materials for Enhanced Plant and Food Production: Influence of Gibberellic Acid and Gibberellic Acid-Containing Polymers on Food Crop Production; C.E. Carraher, et al.
D. Enhanced Physical Propterties. 17. 2,6-Anthracenedicarboxylate-Containing Polyesters and Copolyesters; D.M. Collard, D.A. Schiraldi. 18. Synthesis and Characterization of Ionic and Non-ionic Terminated Amorphous Poly(Ethylene isophthalate); Huaiying Kang, et al. 19. Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Functional Condensation Polymers from Anhydride Modified Polystyrene and Their Sulfonic Acid Resins; S. Chatterjee Gangyly. 20. Condensation Copolymerization Via Ru-Catalyzed reaction of o-Quinones or alpha-Diketones with alpha,omega-Dihydrido-oligodimethylsiloxanes; J.M. Mabry, W.P. Weber. 21. Gel-Drawn Poly(p-phenylenepyromellitimide); J. Sadanobu, R. Nishio.
Subject Index.


From the reviews:
"The articles are written by some of the leading experts in these fields. The section covering light and energy consists of five interesting articles covering various classes of polymers and polymer properties. The properties of these materials were very interesting as well. I enjoyed reading this book. The articles are of importance to synthetic chemists developing new classes of functional polymers and to materials scientists and engineers interested in their properties and applications. This book is a very useful reference and would be a valuable resource for both industrial and academic researchers."
(Polymer News, 28:6)
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