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Chemokines and Cancer als Buch

Chemokines and Cancer

'Contemporary Cancer Research'. Auflage 1999. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Chemokines and Cancer synthesizes a state-of-the-art understanding of the role that chemokines and their receptors play in the pathophysiology of malignancy. It examines the influence of chemokines on a broad array of malignant cells, including thei... weiterlesen


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Chemokines and Cancer als Buch
Titel: Chemokines and Cancer

ISBN: 089603562X
EAN: 9780896035621
'Contemporary Cancer Research'.
Auflage 1999.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Barrett Rollins
Humana Press

9. April 1999 - gebunden - 336 Seiten


Chemokines and Cancer synthesizes a state-of-the-art understanding of the role that chemokines and their receptors play in the pathophysiology of malignancy. It examines the influence of chemokines on a broad array of malignant cells, including their effects on such intrinsic properties as growth and movement, as well as exploring their influence on the host's response to a growing tumor. The authors also demonstrate the physiological consequences of chemokine expression and suggest how chemokines can be used to regulate tumor growth in vivo, including their direct effects on tumor growth, on tumor destruction by host inflammatory cells, and on tumor angiogenesis. The only book available that relates chemokines to cancer, Chemokines and Cancer holds out the promise of novel therapeutic approaches to malignancy through the manipulation of chemokines and/or their receptors.


Part I. Chemokine Physiology. The Function of Chemokines in Health and Disease, Steven L. Kunkel, Nicholas W. Lukacs, Robert M. Strieter, Theodore Standiford, and Stephen W. Chensue. Chemokine Receptors and Ligand Specificity: Understanding the Enigma, Craig Gerard. Part II. Tumor Infiltration by Leukocytes. Tumors as a Paradigm for the In Vivo Role of Chemokines in Leukocyte Recruitment, Alberto Mantovani, Annunciata Vecchi, Silvano Sozzani, Antonio Sica, and Paola Allavena. Novel Monocyte Chemoattractants in Cancer, Ghislain Opdenakker and Jo Van Damme. Part III. Modulation of Host Responses to Cancer. Natural Killer Cell-Chemokine Interactions: Biological Effects on Natural Killer Cell Trafficking and Cytolysis, Dennis D. Taub. Tumor Infiltration by Monocytes and the Antitumor Effects of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1, Barrett J. Rollins, Howard A. Fine, Long Gu, Kenzo Soejima, and Susan Tseng. Interactions Between Chemokines and Other Cytokines in Host Response to Tumor, Thomas A. Hamilton, Charles S. Tannenbaum, James Finke, and Roland Bukowski. Part IV. Chemokines and Tumor Growth, Metastasis, and Angiogenesis. Chemokine Modulation of Tumor Cell Physiology, Ji Ming Wang, Weipin Shen, Oleg Chertov, Jo Van Damme, and Joost J. Oppenheim. C-X-C Chemokines and Lung Cancer Angiogenesis, Robert M. Strieter, Bruno DiGiovine, Peter J. Polverini, Steven L. Kunkel, Armen Shanafelt, Joseph Hesselgesser, Richard Horuk, and Douglas A. Arenberg. The Role of Melanoma Growth-Stimulatory Activity in Melanoma Tumorigenesis and Angiogenesis, Ann Richmond, Hamid Haghnegahdar, Rebecca Shattuck-Brandt, Lauren D. Wood, Chaitanya S. Nirodi, James D. Owen, Robert Strieter, Marie Burdick, and Jing Luan. Part V. Chemokines and Specific Malignancies. Chemokines and Gynecologic Malignancies, Rupert P. M. Negus and Frances R. Balkwill. The Possible Role of Chemokines in HPV-Linked Carcinogenesis, Frank Rösl, Kerstin Kleine-Lowinski, and Harald zur Hausen. Chemokines and CentralNervous System Malignancies, Teizo Yoshimura and Jun-ichi Kuratsu. Chemokines and Helicobacter pylori Infection, Jean E. Crabtree and Ivan J. D. Lindley. Part VI. Chemokines and Stem Cell Proliferation. Chemokines and Hematopoiesis, Hal E. Broxmeyer and Chang H. Kim. Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-1a and Stem Cell Inhibition, Gerard J. Graham and Robert J. B. Nibbs. Index.


". . .succeeds in bringing to the fore the important notion of whether chemokine action in tumor development should be antagonized or promoted for therapeutic purpose. . .should be well read."-Cell
". . .a detailed account of what is known of the biology of chemokines in cancer and it provides a very useful summary of the topic."-Molecular Pathology
"...this book is a good collection on a complex subject. It should be useful for both beginners and experts." -Cell Biology International
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