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Murder Two: The Second Casebook of Forensic Detection

The Second Casebook of Forensic Detection. Sprache: Englisch.
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Covering 100 major cases, 25 prominent forensic scientists, and all of today's forensic tools and techniques, this A-to-Z reference is a must for anyone fascinated by crime scene investigations, autopsies, and other aspects of forensic science.

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Murder Two: The Second Casebook of Forensic Detection als Buch


Titel: Murder Two: The Second Casebook of Forensic Detection
Autor/en: Colin Evans

ISBN: 0471215325
EAN: 9780471215325
The Second Casebook of Forensic Detection.
Sprache: Englisch.

August 2004 - gebunden - 312 Seiten


A murdered scientist points her finger from the grave at her brutal killer. A Stone Age homicide comes to light after 5,300 years.

A serial killer who slays women on two continents is finally brought to justice by a single hair that yields just nine billionths of a gram of human DNA. All these miracles of detection were made possible only by the crime lab, our leading weapon in the war on crime. If you are fascinated by both the history of forensics and the very latest developments in crime scene investigation, autopsies, and other aspects of the science, Murder Two is the book for you.

This comprehensive casebook of forensic detection presents nearly one hundred classic, high-profile cases in which police detectives and crime labs worked together to solve baffling and horrifying crimes through the shrewd, painstaking use of science. Spanning four continents and almost two hundred years, these cases feature the forensic quirks, wrinkles, and breakthroughs that led to major advances in crime detection.

Author Colin Evans demonstrates how, from the first fumbling attempts to identify poisons and bullets through the modern miracle of GPS satellite technology, forensic experts have waged a multifaceted battle against crime. He reveals how real-world investigators have used ballistics, toxicology, brain fingerprinting, anthropology, blood spatter analysis, DNA typing, and, of course, conventional fingerprinting to solve crimes.

Accounts are provided of the scientific developments that gave birth to each of these procedures, fueling quantum leaps in the accuracy and precision of their findings.

Many of these developments were pioneered by scientists, inventors, and detectives, whose insights and sheer determination revolutionized the fight against crime. Included here are fully cross-referenced profiles and case details of twenty-five major figures in forensic science, including laboratory superstars Edward O. Heinrich and Milton Helpern.

The next time you're watching CSI or reading a newspaper account of a major murder investigation, keep your copy of Murder Two close at hand. With a quick flip through this easy-access, A-to-Z reference, you'll know that you understand the meaning and importance of all the forensic evidence in question.


Allan, John--1998.
Amos, Lowell--1994.
Anthropology (Forensic).
Armstrong, Troy--1992.
Atwood, Frank--1984.
Autopsy (Postmortem).
Baden, Michael (1939-).
Beck, Roy, Jr.--1996.
Bertillon, Alphonse (1853-1914).
Blood Spatter Analysis.
Bocarmé, Hyppolyte and Lydie de--1850.
Booth Deringer, The--1997.
Brain Fingerprinting.
Bramblett, Earl--1994.
Brown, Gregory, and Darlene Buckner--1995.
Bush, Edwin--1961.
Calzacorto, Brian--1990.
Campbell, Stuart--2001.
Camps, Francis (1905-1972).
Casement, Sir Roger, Diaries--2000.
Churchill, Robert (1886-1958).
Clark, Hadden--1992.
Colwell, Martin--1925.
Crowe, Frederick--1968.
Cruz, James Robert--1993.
Curley, Joann--1991.
DNA Typing.
Elkins, Howard--1969.
Emmett-Dunne, Frederick--1953.
Entomology (Forensic).
Facial Reconstruction.
Fleagle, Jake--1928.
Frediani, David--1985.
Gibbs, Terry--1999.
Glaister, John (1892-1971).
Green, George--1938.
Gross, Hans (1847-1915).
Gwaltney, George--1982.
Haigh, John--1949.
Hair and Fibers.
Hanratty, James--1961.
Harry, Lewis--1986.
Hayden, Eric--1995.
Heflin, Steven--1976.
Heinrich, Edward O. (1881-1953).
Helpern, Milton (1902-1977).
Henry, Sir Edward (1850-1931).
Hightower, William A.--1921.
Hooker, David and Joy--1993.
Howard, Wilbur--1976.
Iceman, The--1991.
Jarman, Mark--1990.
Jeffreys, Sir Alec (1950-).
Johnson, Clayton--1989.
Jones, Bryan Maurice--1985.
Kaczynski, Theodore--1978.
Keidel, Gene--1966.
Kibbe, Roger--1986.
Knife Wounds.
Lacassagne, Alexandre (1843-1924).
Lachaal, Kassem--1986.
Lafarge, Marie--1840.
LaMarca, Angelo John--1956.
Lee, Henry (1938-).
Leonski, Edward--1942.
Locard, Edmond (1877-1966).
Mackay, George (Alias "John Williams")--1912.
McCurdy, Elmer--1976.
Meierhofer, David--1973.
Middleton, David--1995.
Moody, Walter Leroy, Jr.--1989.
Mormon Will, The--1976.
Morris, Earl--1989.
Morrison, Kevin--1996.
Neutron Activation Analysis.
Noguchi, Thomas (1927-).
Norris, Charles (1867-1935).
Overton, Richard--1988.
Patrek, Stanley, and Joseph Stepka--1945.
Peng, Lisa--1993.
Perera, Samson--1983.
Persian Mummy, The--2000.
Phillips, Charlie--1980.
Phonemasters, The--1994.
Pinkerton, Allan (1819-1884).
Podmore, William--1929.
Pommerais, Edmond de la--1863.
Psychological Profiling.
Questioned Documents.
Raso, Dennis, and Stephen Azzolini--1978.
Robertson, James--1950.
Rose, Keith--1981.
Routier, Darlie--1996.
Scher, Stephen--1976.
Schneeberger, John--1992.
Severs, Roger--1993.
Simpson, Keith (1907-1985).
Sims, Paula--1989.
Singh, Udham--1940.
Sivri, Tevfik--1988.
Smalley, Dennis--1991.
Smith, Sir Sydney (1883-1969).
Snow, Clyde (1928-).
Spencer, Timothy--1984.
Spilsbury, Sir Bernard (1877-1947).
Stack, Sir Lee--1924.
Stager, Barbara--1988.
Stallings, Patricia--1989.
Starrs, Kenneth (1931-).
Tardieu, Auguste Ambroise (1818-1879).
Taylor, Charles Anthony (1885-1965).
Tetzner, Erich--1929.
Theobald, Charles-Louis--1847.
Time of Death.
Unterweger, Jack--1991.
van Rie, Willem--1959.
Vickers, Darren--1997.
Vidocq, François-Eugène (1775-1857).
Vinland Map, The--1965.
Walker, Albert--1996.
Ward, Delbert--1990.
Wecht, Cyril (1931-).
White, Raymond--1939.
Wilson, Gustav--1963.
Wolf, Paul--1982.
Zaph, William--1861.
Landmarks in Forensic Science.


COLIN EVANS is the author of The Casebook of Forensic Detection and Great Feuds in History (both from Wiley), as well as Killer Doctors. He lives in England, where he is currently at work on a forensics encyclopedia.§


"Pithy, concise, and remarkably accurate." (Science Books & Films)

"Contains ample material to hold the attention and foster interest in science." (Science Teacher)

"A mystery novelist's essential resource guide." (Book News, Inc.)

"Even the most dedicated devotee of the genre will find much that is new in these brief but exciting accounts." (Publishers Weekly)
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