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Crucial Issues in Semiconductor Materials and Processing Technologies als Buch

Crucial Issues in Semiconductor Materials and Processing Technologies

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Semiconductor Materials and Processing Technolog. 'NATO…
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Semiconductor Materials and Processing Technologies, Erice, Italy, July 1-13, 1991


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Crucial Issues in Semiconductor Materials and Processing Technologies als Buch


Titel: Crucial Issues in Semiconductor Materials and Processing Technologies

ISBN: 0792320034
EAN: 9780792320036
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Semiconductor Materials and Processing Technolog.
'NATO Science Series E'.
Auflage 1992.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von S. Coffa, J. M. Poate, F. Priolo
Springer Netherlands

31. Oktober 1992 - gebunden - 562 Seiten


Semiconductors lie at the heart of some of the most important industries and technologies of the twentieth century. The complexity of silicon integrated circuits is increasing considerably because of the continuous dimensional shrinkage to improve efficiency and functionality. This evolution in design rules poses real challenges for the materials scientists and processing engineers. Materials, defects and processing now have to be understood in their totality. World experts discuss, in this volume, the crucial issues facing lithography, ion implication and plasma processing, metallization and insulating layer quality, and crystal growth. Particular emphasis is placed upon silicon, but compound semiconductors and photonic materials are also highlighted. The fundamental concepts of phase stability, interfaces and defects play a key role in understanding these crucial issues. These concepts are reviewed in a crucial fashion.


*Defect Aspects of Advanced Device Technologies.- Field Effect Analysis in Low Voltage Operation a-Si:H Thin Film Transistors with Very Thin PECVD a-SiO2 Gate Dielectric.- *Silicon and Silicon: Germanium Alloy Growth; Means and Applications.- *Preparation and Characterization of Silicon Ribbons.- Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition of Six Ge1-x Alloys on Si and SiO2 and New Applications of Six Ge1-x Alloys in Advanced MOSFET Processes.- *Kinetics and Dynamics of MBE Growth.- Effects of Near-Interface Defects on the Optical Properties of MBE Grown GaAs/AlGaAs Layers.- *Optoelectric Materials.- Electrical Characteristics of PECVD Silicon Nitride/Compound Semiconductor Interfaces for Optoelectronic Device Passivation.- *Fundamentals of Semiconductor Processing.- Optical Analysis of Oxygen in Epitaxial Silicon.- Electrical Properties of "Clean" and Fe-Decorated Stacking Faults in p-type Si.- On the Dirty Contacts on n-type Silicon.- Mössbauer Study of the DX-Center in Te-Implanted Alx Ga1-x As.- *Surface Science and Semiconductor Processing.- *Lithography for Manufacturing at 0.25 Micrometer and Below.- *Basic Aspects of Ion Implantation.- *Trends in Ion Implantation for Semiconductor and Optical Materials Research.- Orientation Phenomena in MeV Implants of P in Si.- Deep Implants by Means of Channeling: Ion Distribution and Radiation Damage in Angle Controlled N+ Implantation in Silicon.- Dislocation Formation in Si Implanted at Elevated Temperature.- Preparation and Characterization of Thin Film Simox Materials.- The Effect of Electronic Energy Loss on Epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7 Thin Films After Heavy Ion Irradiation and Annealing up to Room Temperature.- Structural Study of The Epitaxial Realignment of Polycrystalline Si Films onto Si Substrates.- *Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation: A Perspective.- A Sheet Stress Measurement Technique Using Thin Films to Measure Stresses in Inert-Gas Implanted Silicon.- Plasma Etching Processes.- *Charge Trapping, Degradation and Wearout of Thin Dielectric Layers During Electrical Stressing.- Minority Carrier Lifetime Measurements After High Temperature Pretreatment.- *Copper-Based Metallization.- Thermal Stability of Ti-Mo and Ti-Cu Bilayer Thin Films on Alumina.- Hyperfine Fields in Epitaxially Grown Co on GaAs.- Titanium Nitride Process Development.- *Materials Aspects and Implementation of Silicides for ULSI.- Ion Beam Synthesis of Buried Iron Disilicide.- Diffusion in Cobalt Suicide During Silicide Formation.- Formation of Germanides by Rapid Thermal Annealing and Their Applications in Advanced MOSFET Processes.- *Diffusion in Crystalline Silicon and Germanium - The State of the Art in Brief.- Symmetry Methods in Diffusion.- Diffusion of Gold in Sputtered Amorphous Silicon.- Dopant Diffusion and Point Defects in Silicon During Silicidation.- Lateral Diffusion Couples and Their Contribution to Understanding Thin Film Reactions.- *Diffusion and Defects in Amorphous Silicon.- EPR Study of Defects Produced by MeV Ion Implantation into Silicon.- Vacancy Character of Damage Zones in Ion-Irradiated Silicon.- Multiple Amorphous States in Ion Implanted Semiconductors (Si and InP).- *The Mechanism of Solid Phase Epitaxy.- The Amorphous Side of Solid Phase Epitaxy.- *Metal-Enhanced Growth of Silicon.- *Ion-Assisted Phase Transitions in Silicon.- Ion-Assisted Nucleation in Amorphous Silicon.- List of Participants.
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