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Going Dirty

The Art of Negative Campaigning. Sprache: Englisch.
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Going Dirty is a history of negative campaigning in American politics and an examination of how candidates and political consultants have employed this often-controversial technique. The book includes case studies on notable races throughout the tele… weiterlesen
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Titel: Going Dirty
Autor/en: David Mark

ISBN: 0742545008
EAN: 9780742545007
The Art of Negative Campaigning.
Sprache: Englisch.
Rowman & Littlefield

19. März 2006 - gebunden - 288 Seiten


Going Dirty is a history of negative campaigning in American politics and an examination of how candidates and political consultants have employed this often-controversial technique. The book includes case studies on notable races throughout the television era in which new negative campaign strategies were introduced, or existing tactics were refined and amplified upon.


Chapter 1 Eye of the Beholder: Defining Negative Campaigning Chapter 2 What Good Old Days? Notable Developments in Negative Campaigning from the Late 18th Century through the Dawn of the Cold War Chapter 3 Going Nuclear 1964: The Rise of Television Attack Ads Chapter 4 Dismissive Politics: The Governor Versus the Actor Chapter 5 "The Truth Shall Rise Again": Brock Versus Gore for U.S. Senate, 1970 Chapter 6 Confrontation, Bluster, and No Compromise: The Campaigns of Jesse Helms Chapter 7 Dole-Gingrich: Going Negative Early and Often Chapter 8 The Politics of Fear: Negative Campaigning in the Post-9/11 World Chapter 9 Opening the Floodgates: Campaign Finance "Reform" and the Rise of Negativity Chapter 10 A Double-Edged Sword: When Negative Campaigning Backfires Chapter 11 Hitting the Mark: Negative Campaigning Efforts That Just Plain Worked Chapter 12 It's in the Mail: Negative Campaigning Comes Home Chapter 13 Conclusion: The Future of Negative Campaigning Chapter 14 A Race to the Bottom: Negative Campaigning in the 2006 Midterm Elections


David Mark is a senior editor for The Politico.


'Why are campaigns so negative?' This is a question I get asked regularly by audiences, and the obvious answer-because they work-is not really adequate. Now, with a series of case studies and some historical grounding, David Mark has provided texture and bite to the longstanding issue of the tough, negative and sometimes very dirty nature of political campaigning. The next time I get asked the question, I will answer, 'Read David Mark's Going Dirty.' -- Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute A must-read for anyone interested in the negative ads that have come to dominate our campaigns. -- Robert M. Stern, Center for Government Studies For the serious student of political campaigns, this book includes nearly everything you wanted to know about negative campaigning and has some very interesting case studies as tactics changed during the the television and Internet era. A chapter titled 'What Good Old Days' reminds us that negative campaigning is an American tradition. Recommended. Taegan Goddard's Political Wire The next time opposing candidates accuse each other of negative campaigning-which should be any minute now-you'll want Going Dirty within easy reach. David Mark's lively and meticulous history will help you distinguish what's hard and fair from what's over the line. -- Dr. Michael Cornfield, scholar, consultant, author of Politics Moves Online: Campaigning and the Internet Negative campaigning-the public hates it, the press loves it, the candidates need it. And David Mark has documented it from A (attack) to Z (zonk) in this creative compendium of dirty politics, past, present, and future. -- Dr. Larry J. Sabato, University of Virginia Center for Politics Going Dirty explores [the] long history of negative campaigning, recounting both familiar episodes (Willie Horton, anyone?) and those readers may have forgotten. The recurring theme is that well-timed, adroitly executed attacks are often effective; sloppy tactics by campaigns that misunderstand the electorate tend to elicit backlashes. ... [David] Mark doesn't argue that people who are tired of watching negative ads can read his book instead. But if he did, it wouldn't be such a bad idea. -- W. James Antle III National Review ...essential history of negative campaigning in American politics, and how candidates use the technique, with varying degrees of success. -- Ken Rudin Political Junkie, National Public Radio Going Dirty is a nonjudgemental, thorough, insider's history of an undeniably strong aspect of the American political institution, and highly recommended. Midwest Book Review Recommended. CHOICE
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