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Thyroid Disease: A Case-Based and Practical Guide for Primary Care

A Case-Based and Practical Guide for Primary Care. 'Current Clinical Practice'. Auflage 2005. Sprache:…
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Supremely Readable Case-Based Approach
to Understanding and Treating Thyroid Disease
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Thyroid Disease: A Case-Based and Practical Guide for Primary Care als Buch


Titel: Thyroid Disease: A Case-Based and Practical Guide for Primary Care
Autor/en: Emanuel O. Brams

ISBN: 1588295346
EAN: 9781588295347
A Case-Based and Practical Guide for Primary Care.
'Current Clinical Practice'.
Auflage 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.

1. August 2005 - gebunden - 154 Seiten


Thyroid Disease: A Case-Based and Practical Guide for Primary Care, by Dr. Emanuel Brams, is a supremely readable cased-based approach to understanding the myriad of disorders that encompass thyroid disease. Using cases derived from his busy practice, Dr. Brams gives us the history and physical examination details of each case, along with test results. Then, through a series of questions similar to that which any good clinician asks while caring for a patient, Dr. Brams explains an optimal approach to diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of thyroid disease, with an emphasis on the practical and common issues that primary care physicians see in their offices. This is an important book for primary care physicians because thyroid disease is common in the population we take care of and accounts for 3-5% of primary care visits. It is often cited as an area that primary care phy- cians find confusing. Dr. Brams clarifies thyroid disease and, through his generous sharing of cases, allows us to join him in making clear diagnoses as well as share in the ambiguity and decisions about approach when the diagnoses and course of treatment are not clear. In this way, the book is honest, and deals directly with the issues of thyroid disease as they are seen by us as physicians, not as we sometimes may wish they were seen if patients presented with the clarity of walking textbooks. Dr.


Part I. Physiology, Testing, and Common Thyroid Disorders


Thyroid Testing and Imaging

Graves' Disease

Other Causes of Hyperthyroidism

Thyroid Ophthalmopathy


Subclinical Thyroid Disease

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Thyroid Disease in Children and Adolescents

Thyroid Nodules and Cancer

Management of Thyroid Cancer Patients

Part II. Challenging Thyroid Disorders and Current Controversies

Challenging Cases of Hyperthyroidism

Treatment of Graves' Disease: A Personal Perspective

Iatrogenic Hyperthyroidism

Final Thoughts



From the reviews:

"...an excellent book on an important topic written for primary care physicians in a style that makes for enjoyable reading that is easily translated into useful lessons for patient care." -Neil S. Skolnik, MD, Temple University School of Medicine

"Thyroid Disease ... is a slim text that uses a case-based approach to illustrate the diagnosis and treatment of common thyroid disorders. ... This case-based approach results in a very readable and understandable textbook that reads like a conversation with a colleague or consultant. ... For the novice, the case-based approach provides a highly accessible introduction to thyroid disease. Similarly, this text is a useful reference for the general practitioner ... . Its strengths lie in its easy readability and size." (Christine G. Gourin, Head & Neck, Vol. 29, February, 2007)

"...an interesting book, which takes the primary care physician on a memorable tour through a wide spectrum of thyroid disorders. The discussion is well-reasoned and should furnish practical help to a busy primary care practitioner." -TRENDS in Endocrinology and Metabolism

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