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Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources als Buch
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Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources

'Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series'. Auflage 1998. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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The fresh water supplies of the Earth are finite and as the world's population continues to grow humanity's thirst for this water seems unquenchable. Intense pressure is being exerted upon freshwater resources and a lack of adequate clean water is se … weiterlesen


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Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources als Buch


Titel: Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources

ISBN: 0412740605
EAN: 9780412740602
'Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series'.
Auflage 1998.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Rhodes W. Fairbridge, Reginald W. Herschy
Springer Netherlands

31. Juli 1998 - gebunden - 832 Seiten


The fresh water supplies of the Earth are finite and as the world's population continues to grow humanity's thirst for this water seems unquenchable. Intense pressure is being exerted upon freshwater resources and a lack of adequate clean water is seen as one of the most serious global problems for the 21st century. Indeed it has been said that the next war will be fought over water, not oil. Human health and the health of supporting ecosystems increasingly depends upon our ability to find, control, manage and understand water.
In a single volume, The Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources provides the reader with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the diverse field of hydrology. The intimate inclusion of material on water resources emphasizes the practical applications of this field, applications which are indispensable in any modern approach to the subject. This volume is a vital reference for all hydrologists, hydrogeologists and water engineers worldwide, whether they are concerned with the exploitation of new sources of water, the protection and management of existing reserves, or the science of surface water and groundwater flow.
114 eminent scientists from 17 countries worldwide have contributed to this authoritative volume. Superbly illustrated throughout, it includes almost 300 entries on a range of key topics, including arid and semi-arid zones, climates and climate change, floods and droughts, desertification, entropy, flow measurement, groundwater, hydrological cycle, hydrological models, infiltration, karst hydrology, paleohydrology, precipitation, remote sensing, river pollution prevention, rivers, lakes and seas, satellite hydrology, soil erosion, water treatment, water use, weather radar, and world water balance.


Foreword. Preface. Selected international journals in hydrology and water resources. Units, symbols and conversion factors. Access to and accountability of water resources. Accuracy. Accuracy of hydrodynamic approximations in hydrology: non-uniform, steady flow. Accuracy of hydrodynamic approximations in hydrology: unsteady, uniform flow. Acidic deposition: acidification of surface waters. Acid rain. Activated sludge process: historical. Activated sludge process. Africa: climate. Agroclimatology. Albedo and reflectivity. Algal growth on lakes. Alluvial valley engineering. Amazon River. Antarctic ozone hole. Antecedent precipitation. Aquifer. Aral Sea. Arid climates. Aridity indices. Arid lands. Arid zone hydrology. Asia: climate. Atmosphere. Atmospheric processes associated with water in the atmosphere. Atmospheric water vapor. Australia: climate and water resources. Australian flood studies. Bernoulli energy equation. Biosphere. Black Sea environment. Bottled water. Caspian Sea. Central America and West Indies: climate. Channelization and bank stabilization. Chézy formula. Chilgrove House well, UK. Climate and climate change. Climate change and ancient civilization. Climate change and the greenhouse effect. Climate data: sources. Climate forecasting: monthly and seasonal. Clouds (cloud seeding). Colebrook-White equation. Computer models. Conveyance. Correlation coefficient. Current metering. Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Dams. Dams: failure. Dams: world. Danube River: hydrology and geography. Danube River: development. Data processing in hydrology. Deltaic plains. Density for a minimum network of hydrological stations. Desalination. Desert hydrology. Desertification. Deserts. Design flood assessment. Dew. Dewpoint. Dew ponds. Drainage. Drawdown, cone of depression. Drinking water and sanitation. Drought. Drought in Western Europe, 1988-1992. Drought management. Droughts. Echo sounding. El Niñ;o. Energy head. Entropy in environmental and water resources. Environmental priorities for development: water. Estuarine hydrology. Europe, climate: a hydrological perspective. Evaporation: measurement. Evapotranspiration. Everglades, Florida, USA. Experimental basin. Float. Flood estimation: methods for developing countries. Flood frequency analysis. Flood hazard management. Floods. Floods: largest in USA, China and the world. Flood studies for the British Isles. Flood studies worldwide. Floods: river and multi-stage channels. Floods: world's maximum observed. Florida Bay: status and restoration. Flow measurement: new technology. Flow through weirs, flumes, orifices, sluices and pipes. Flume. Fog and mist. Frequency analysis. Frost. Froude number. Gauge (gage). Gauging station. Ghyben-Herzberg theory. Global positioning system (GPS): overview. Global warming. Greenhouse effect: general. Greenhouse effect. Groundwater. Groundwater: UK. Hydroclimatology. Hydrodynamics: porous media. Hydro-ecology: PHABSIM. Hydrogeology. Hydrogeology: history in USA. Hydrological cycle. Hydrological mapping. Hydrological services. Hydrological yearbooks. Hydrologists (600 BC-AD 1900). Hydrology. Hydrology: coastal terrain. Hydrology: lakes and reservoirs. Hydrology: subsurface waters. Hydromechanics. Hydrometeorology. Hydropower and energy-related projects. Hydrosphere. Infiltration: introduction. Infiltration. International databases. International organizations involved with hydrology and water resources. International rivers. International standards in flow measurement. Irrigated land area: world. Irrigation and drainage. Karst hydrology. Kissimmee River, Florida, USA. Lakes. Lake Balaton, Hungary. Lake Chad. Lakes: effects on climate. Lakes, lake water. Lakes: largest worldwide. Land-use change. Limnology: definition. Limnology. Lough Neagh, UK. Manning formula. Maritime climate, oceanicity Maritime zones. Mathematical models. Maximum observed rainfalls Mean annual runoff: correlation with catchment characteristics. Medicinal springs. Mediterra


Reginald W. Herschy was formerly principal civil engineer, Department of Environment, UK and is now consultant for CNS Scientific and Engineering Services, Reading, UK.
Professor Rhodes W. Fairbridge is emeritus Professor of Geology at Columbia University and is now visiting scientist at the Goddard Institute of Space Studies (NASA, NY). He has edited more that two dozen encyclopedias and authored more than three-hundred scientific publications.


`I recommend the Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources to those that need quick, authoritative information.'
Robert M. Hirsch, Chief Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey
`Some discussions provide the reader with more information in a six or seven page review than a complete text devoted to the topic ... The 100 or so authors and Dr Herschy have assembled a valuable work of reference, a good starting point for many searching for information on an unfamiliar area.'
John C. Rodda, Hydrological Sciences-Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques, 44:2 (1999)
`a magnum opus ... no professional firm working in this area should be without a copy in the office. The book is an essential reference work for all major civic, university and research establishment libraries.'
M.J. Hamlin, Birmingham University, Circulation, 61 (May 1999)
`...this Encyclopedia is recommended for professional firms, university and research establishment libraries...the authors must be congratulated for concisely bringing together such a wealth of information and for its excellent presentation. The Encyclopedia is a unique publication of such type and a welcome contribution to hydrology and water resources literature.'
W.G. Strupczewski and M. Osuch, Pure and Applied Geophysics, 158 (2001)

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