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Enterprise Information Systems III als Buch

Enterprise Information Systems III

Auflage 2002. Sprache: Englisch.
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The purpose of the 3rd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) was to bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners interested in the advances and business applications of information systems. The research papers … weiterlesen


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Enterprise Information Systems III als Buch


Titel: Enterprise Information Systems III

ISBN: 1402005636
EAN: 9781402005633
Auflage 2002.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Joaquim Filipe, B. Sharp, P. Miranda

31. März 2002 - gebunden - 330 Seiten


The purpose of the 3rd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) was to bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners interested in the advances and business applications of information systems. The research papers published here have been carefully selected from those presented at the conference, and focus on real world applications covering four main themes: database and information systems integration; artificial intelligence and decision support systems; information systems analysis and specification; and internet computing and electronic commerce.
Audience: This book will be of interest to information technology professionals, especially those working on systems integration, databases, decision support systems, or electronic commerce. It will also be of use to middle managers who need to work with information systems and require knowledge of current trends in development methods and applications.


Preface. Conference Committee. Invited Papers. Obtaining Precision when Integrating Information; G. Wiederhold. From Object-Oriented Programming to Ontology-Driven Modeling; J. Bézivin. Agents and Electronic Commerce, Hype and Reality; F. Dignum. Must a Computer Have a User? A. Holt. Resource Allocation in Large Scale Systems, a Decoupling Approach; N.C. Martins, et al. Part 1: Databases and Information Systems Integration. IODBCON: Integrated Object-Oriented Database System for Integrating Information about Architecture Design and Construction Processes; F. Marir, Y.J. Yip. Object Evolution Mechanisms in Object Databases; S. Hammoudi. Modelling Data Integration in an Object Based Geographical Information System; M.L. Damiani. Data Warehouse Striping: Improved Query Response Time; J. Bernardino, H. Madeira. Evaluation of a Visualisation Design for Knowledge Sharing and Information Discovery; L.B. Gouveia, F.R. Gouveia. Novel Data Visualization and Exploration in Multidimensional Datasets; N. Kotsis, et al. Supporting Decentralized Software-Intensive Processes Using Zeta Component-Based Architecture Description Language; I. Alloui, F. Oquendo. The Decor Toolbox for Workflow-Embedded Organizational Memory Access; A. Abecker, et al. Part 2: Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems. Multi-Agent Dynamic Scheduling and Re-Scheduling with Global Temporal Constraints; J. Reis, N. Mamede. An Intelligent Agent-Based Order Planning for Dynamic Networked Enterprises; A.L. Azevedo, et al. The Effects of Different Feature Sets on the Web Page Categorization Problem Using the Iterative Cross-Training Algorithm; N. Soonthornphisay, B. Kijsirikul. Data Reduction to Improve Knowledge Extraction; M. de Fátima Rodrigues, P.R. Henriques. Designing Intelligent Tutoring Systems: A Bayesian Approach; H. Gamboa, A. Fred. Qualitative Reasoning For Software Development Project by Constraint Programming; A.J. Suárez, et al. Towards Scalable Multi-Agent Systems; R. Deters. Part 3: Information Systems Analysis and Specification. Domain Oriented Framework Construction; I.M. Filho, et al. Managing Processes Through a Base of Reusable Components; B. Coulette, et al. Enterprise Information Systems: Specifying the Links among Project Data Models using Category Theory; M. Johnson, C.N.G. Dampney. A Framework for Evaluating Wis Design Methodologies; L. Cernuzzi, G. Magalí. An Information System View of Consistency and Integrity in Enterprise Operations; Y. Shinkawa, M.J. Matsumoto. Integrating Organizational Semiotic Approach with the Temporal Aspects of Petri Nets for Business Process Modeling; J. Barjis, S. Chong. The Use of Formal and Informal Models in Object-Oriented Requirements Engineering; L. Dawson. Enterprise Modelling for an Educational Information Infrastructure; I. Widya, et al. Towards E-Management as Enabler for Accelerated Change; H. Lérias, et al. Experiences in the Development of Information Systems in an Industrial Innovation Context; A.L. Soares, et al. Part 4: Internet Computing and Electronic Commerce. An XML-based Multimedia Middleware for Mobile Online Auctions; M. Wagner, et al. An Analysis of B2B Catalogue Integration Problems; B. Omelayenko, D. Fensel. A Corba and Web Technology Based Framework for the Analysis and Optimal Design of Complex Systems in the Oil Industry; C. Arévalo, et al. E-Business Change and Organizational Performance; C. Ash. QOS Negotiation Based on Management Delegates; J.L. Oliveira, R.L. Aguiar. May Your Information Service Live in Interesting Times; S. Willmott, et al. Agent-Based Personalized Services For Mobile Users over a VPN; H. Harroud, et al. An Agent-Based Knowledge Sharing Model for Information Retrieval on the Internet; Bin Ling, et al. Author Index.
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