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Evolution and Challenges in System Development als Buch
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Evolution and Challenges in System Development

Auflage 1999. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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This book is a result of the Seventh International Conference on Information Sys­ tems Development-Methods and Tools, Theory and Practice held in Bled, Slovenia, Sep­ tember 21-23, 1998. The purpose of the conference was to address issues facing acad … weiterlesen


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Evolution and Challenges in System Development als Buch


Titel: Evolution and Challenges in System Development

ISBN: 030646053X
EAN: 9780306460531
Auflage 1999.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von W. Gregory Wojtkowski, W. Gregory Wojtkowski, Stanislaw Wrycza
Springer US

31. Mai 1999 - gebunden - 760 Seiten


This book is a result of the Seventh International Conference on Information Sys­ tems Development-Methods and Tools, Theory and Practice held in Bled, Slovenia, Sep­ tember 21-23, 1998. The purpose of the conference was to address issues facing academia and industry when specifying, developing, managing, and improving information comput­ erized systems. During the past few years, many new concepts and approaches emerged in the Information Systems Development (ISD) field. The various theories, methods, and tools available to system developers also bring problems such as choosing the most effec­ tive approach for a specific task. This conference provides a meeting place for IS re­ searchers and practitioners from Eastern and Western Europe as well as from other parts of the world. An objective of the conference is not only to share scientific knowledge and in­ terests but to establish strong professional ties among the participants. The Seventh International Conference on Information Systems Develop­ ment-ISD'98 continues the concepts of the first Polish-Scandinavian Seminar on Current Trends in Information Systems Development Methodologies held in Gdansk, Poland in 1988. Through the years, the Seminar developed into the International Conference on In­ formation Systems Development. ISD'99 will be held in Boise, Idaho. The selection of papers was carried out by the International Program Committee. All papers were reviewed in advance by three people. Papers were judged according to their originality, relevance, and presentation quality. All papers were judged only on their own merits, independent of other submissions.


1. Musings on Space Mission Development and Information Systems Support.- 2. Differing Rates of Progress in IS Development and BPR: A Case Study.- 3. Deployment of System Development Methods: Exploring Paradigmatic Mismatches.- 4. The Ontology/Epistemology Dichotomy in Information Systems Development: An Ethnographic Contribution.- 5. Reconciling the Human, Organisational, and Technical Factors of IS Development.- 6. Data Warehouses: A Modelling Perspective.- 7. Anchoring Visions in Organizations.- 8. IT-Enabled Effective and Efficient International Technology Transfer for SMEs.- 9. Using Past Performance to Improve Future Practice: A Framework for Method Evaluation and Improvement.- 10. Psychology of the Crowd as an Important Factor in Business Information Systems.- 11. Organisational Change and IT: Education Support Systems for Innovation.- 12. Architecture of Open Information Systems.- 13. Telework in Slovenia.- 14. Methodology for Business Processes Analysis.- 15. Towards Advanced Visualisation Techniques in CASE: Initial Findings and Suggestions.- 16. Why Many Interfaces Are Needed for a Distributed Object.- 17. Assessment of Information System Security in a Slovenian State Agency.- 18. Information Systems Diagnosis.- 19. A Framework for Selecting Appropriate Requirements Acquisition Techniques.- 20. First Steps Toward Process Improvement for Small-to-Medium Information System Organizations.- 21. Is Class Modelling a Hidden Agenda for the Domain Expert?: A Case Study.- 22. Outsourcing Impact on Security Issues.- 23. SMEA/L: An Approach to Engineering Situational Methods by Matching Project Situations to Existing ISD-Methods.- 24. The Model of Temporal Database with Modal Time.- 25. Specification-Driven Maintenance of Integrity Constraints.- 26. Reflection of Information Systems Supported Work Processes: An Interpretive Analysis of User-Driven Development Meetings.- 27. Sava: Committed to Organizational Learning.- 28. Object Relations in Cooperative Environments: Dealing with the Vocabulary Problem.- 29. Bridging the Gap between Information Modelling and Business Modelling for ISD.- 30. Information Requirement Analysis in Business Processes.- 31. A Multi-National CAI Management Learning Tool.- 32. Information and Communication Systems: Evolving towards Interoperability.- 33. Information System for Management: Random Generators for Job-Shop Scheduling Problems.- 34. Distributed Information Systems for Cooperative Situations.- 35. The Assessment of IS Complexity Based on Genetictaxonomy.- 36. Information Systems Development (ISD) in Complex Settings as Interlocking Spirals of Sense-Making.- 37. Visualization and User Interface Questions about Disability.- 38. BPR and Workflow Management Paradigm in Public Administration Context: New Approaches to Information Systems Analysis and Design.- 39. Maintenance, Enhancement, and Flexibility in Information Systems Development.- 40. Multimedia in Decision Support Systems.- 41. New Marketing.- 42. Validation of Rule-Based Systems Generated by Classification Algorithms.- 43. Object Orientation in System Development: The Case of Norway.- 44. Application of Business Process Reengineering and Information Technology: Experience in Slovenia.- 45. Integration of Internal and External Data for Marketing Management.- 46. Improving Make-or-Buy Decisions and Quality with Risk Evaluation Decision Support for an Enterprise.- 47. The Role of Methods in Strategy Development and Implementation: A Finance Industry Case Study.- 48. Managing a Large Distributed Project on the Web.- 49. Cluster-Based Connection Structure for SDI Documents.- 50. Information Utility Evaluation and Design of MIS.- 51. The Challenge of Human Behaviour Modelling in Information Systems Development.- 52. The Year 2000 Problem in Slovenia: Views of Top Managers and IS Professionals.- 53. Organisational Learning through Internet Technology.- 54. Experiences in the Management of the Large Project ONIX: A Project for Modernising the Slovenian Geographical Information Infrastructure.- 55. Developing a Neural Network Application.- 56. Developing Solutions for Redesign: A Case Study in Tobacco Industry.- 57. Designing an Application for the Distributed Enterprise.- 58. "Soft Trends" in Information Systems Development/Implementation.- 59. Experiences in Teaching Software Engineering.- 60. Quality Control and Enhancement of R+D Activity in the Higher Education in Hungary.- 61. The Monsters and Their Mutation: Are Existing User Interface Still Designed for Users?.- 62. Research and Reality: Combining Theory and Practise.- 63. Modelling the "Information Aspect" of Human Purposeful Activities.- 64. Business Process Reengineering as a Way of Shaping Management Information Needs.- 65. Databases for New Age.- 66. User Oriented Prototyping: Relational Database Design.- 67. The Experience with the Strategic Planning for the Information Society in Romania: A Case Study.- 68. Modelling and Information Requirements of Basic Processes.- 69. Two Aspects of the Information Systems Financial Effectivity.- 70. A Soft Change-Management Approach Applied to Information Systems Development.- 71. A Method for Visual Interactive Modeling and Simulation for Production Process Improvement.- 72. A Management Information System for Classification of Scientific Achievements.
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