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Elements of Queueing Theory

Palm-Martingale Calculus and Stochastic Recurrences. 2. Auflage. 2003. 24 Abbildungen. Book. Sprachen:…
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Presenting the mathematical foundations of the theory of stationary queuing systems, the Palm theory and the Loynes theory, this extensively revised second edition adds substantial material - mainly exercises and their solutions - to a classic refere … weiterlesen
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Elements of Queueing Theory als Buch


Titel: Elements of Queueing Theory
Autor/en: Francois Baccelli, Pierre Bremaud

ISBN: 3540660887
EAN: 9783540660880
Palm-Martingale Calculus and Stochastic Recurrences.
2. Auflage. 2003.
24 Abbildungen.
Sprachen: Deutsch Englisch.
Springer-Verlag GmbH

10. Dezember 2002 - gebunden - 334 Seiten


This fundamental exposition of queueing theory, written by leading researchers, answers the need for a mathematically sound reference work on the subject and has become the standard reference. The thoroughly revised second edition contains a substantial number of exercises and their solutions, which makes the book suitable as a textbook.


The Palm Calculus of Point Processes.
Stationarity and Coupling.
Stochastic Ordering of Queues.


From the reviews:

No doubt this textbook will further convince the queueing modeller of the essential importance of point processes and martingale technology.

Paul Embrechts. Short Book Reviews , December 2003

"This book is intended for graduate students and researchers in queuing theory and applied probability. ... Overall this is a well-written text that provides an interesting alternative to more classical approaches. ... The results on stability and other qualitative properties of queues provided by this framework are very general and show the power of this modern approach." (Charles Knessl, SIAM Reviews, Vol. 47 (4), 2005)

"The mathematical treatment in the book is careful and thorough enough that it can be understood by anyone with a reasonable preparation in measure-theoretic probability. ... A particularly useful feature ... is the addition of exercises and problems ... . The strength of this book is the careful and rigorous treatment of the framework and of the mathematical tools that unify and derive classical results and formulae for a number of queuing networks. It can definitely be used as a text at an advanced level." (S. Ramakrishnan, Sankhya, Vol. 66 (2), 2004)

"No doubt this textbook will further convince the queuing modeller of the essential importance of point process and martingale technology. Besides providing an elegant and broad theoretical foundation, the general results obtained allow for straightforward explicit calculations ... . The theory presented is non-trivial ... those who master it will be in the possession of a powerful tool with considerable potential for applied work. ... I take pleasure in recommending this text very highly." (P.A.L. Embrechts, Short Book Reviews, Vol. 23 (3), 2003)

"I am convinced that this second edition will be welcomed in the same way by those who need a source for (comparable) easy access to point process methodology. It is well written, a clear presentation of the topics ... . I find its first edition useful as a reference and a source for new material. And in my view the second edition is clearly an enhanced revision of it. ... the book will be welcomed by everyone interested in the field." (Hans Daduna, Statistical Papers, Vol. 44 (3), 2003)
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