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The Growth and Decay of Ice als Buch

The Growth and Decay of Ice

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This book describes in mathematical, physical and biological terms, the growth and decay of ice in water, air, earth and living organisms.


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The Growth and Decay of Ice als Buch
Titel: The Growth and Decay of Ice
Autor/en: G. S. H. Lock

ISBN: 0521021936
EAN: 9780521021937
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von L. C. Bliss, A. C. Clarke

August 2005 - kartoniert - 456 Seiten


This book describes in mathematical, physical and biological terms, the growth and decay of ice in water, air, earth and living organisms.


Preface; Nomenclature; Part I. Introduction: 1. Ice in the heavens; 2. Ice ages; 3. The incidence of ice; 4. The response to ice; Part II. Thermodynamics of Ice: 5. Classical laws and principles; 6. The Gibbs function and phase change; 7. The Gibbs function and chemical potential diffusion in ice, water and water vapour; 8. Metastability and the freezing point; 9. Morphology and microenergetics; 10. Thermal properties; 11. Nucleation interfacial conditions and growth; Part III. The Stefan Problem: 12. The simplified model and its variations; 13. The Neumann solution; 14. Physico-mathematical analysis; 15. Analytic techniques; 16. Numerical techniques; Part IV. Ice and Water: 17. Freezing of solutions and suspensions; 18. Formation of an ice cover; 19. Growth of an ice cover; 20. The effect of natural convection on planar growth; 21. The effect of forced convection on planar growth; 22. Freezing inside cavities and conduits; 23. Freezing on submerged bodies; Part V. Ice and Air: 24. Deposition of water vapour; 25. Accretion; 26. Atmospheric ice; 27. Icing of airborne structures; 28. Icing of waterborne and offshore structures; 29. Icing of land-based structures and equipment; Part VI. Ice and earth: 30. Surface energy exchange; 31. Freezing on the Earth; 32. The pore system: its architecture, hydrodynamics and thermodynamics; 33. Freezing in the Earth; Part VII. Ice and Life: 34. Water in the biosphere; 35. Freezing of biofluids; 36. The cell freezing of unicellular organisms; 37. Freezing in plants; 38. Freezing in animals; 39. Freezing of foods; Part VIII. Decay of Ice: 40. Reversibility and symmetry; 41. Melting of single ice crystals; 42. Melting of polycrystalline ice; 43. Decay of an ice cover; 44. Ablation of atmospheric and structural icing; 45. Thawing of soil; 46. Thawing of organisms; Notes; Selected bibliography; Index.


..."anyone who is interested in the way a solid interacts with its melt, in theory and in practice, should read the appropriate chapters of this book, and the section on periglacial processes is a well-written and up-to-date review. Moreover, the writing and presentation are mostly to a good standard, so anyone needing an introduction to a particular aspect of ice thermodynamics would do well to start with this book." Richard C. A. Hindmarsh, Geological Magazine

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