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Self-Assembled Nanostructures als Buch

Self-Assembled Nanostructures

'Nanostructure Science and Technology'. Auflage 2003. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Nanostructures refer to materials that have relevant dimensions on the nanometer length scales and reside in the mesoscopic regime between isolated atoms and molecules in bulk matter. These materials have unique physical properties that are distinctl… weiterlesen
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Self-Assembled Nanostructures als Buch


Titel: Self-Assembled Nanostructures
Autor/en: Gang-Yu Liu, Jin Zhang, Jun Liu, Shaowei Chen, Zhong-Lin Wang

ISBN: 0306472996
EAN: 9780306472992
'Nanostructure Science and Technology'.
Auflage 2003.
Sprache: Englisch.
Springer US

31. Oktober 2002 - gebunden - 338 Seiten


Nanostructures refer to materials that have relevant dimensions on the nanometer length scales and reside in the mesoscopic regime between isolated atoms and molecules in bulk matter. These materials have unique physical properties that are distinctly different from bulk materials. Self-Assembled Nanostructures provides systematic coverage of basic nanomaterials science including materials assembly and synthesis, characterization, and application. Suitable for both beginners and experts, it balances the chemistry aspects of nanomaterials with physical principles. It also highlights nanomaterial-based architectures including assembled or self-assembled systems. Filled with in-depth discussion of important applications of nano-architectures as well as potential applications ranging from physical to chemical and biological systems, Self-Assembled Nanostructures is the essential reference or text for scientists involved with nanostructures.


1: Introduction. 2: Synthetic Self-Assembled Materials: Principles and Practice. 2.1. Microscopic and Macroscopic Interactions. 2.2. Surfactants and Amphiphilic Molecules. 2.3. Transition from Dispersed State to Condensed State: The Beginning Point of Self-Assembly. 2.4. Packing Geometry: Attaining the Desired Self-Assembled Structures. 2.5. Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Nanostructures. 2.6. Co-Assembly of Liquid Crystalline Structures and Inorganic Materials. 2.7. Intelligent Nanoscale Materials. 2.8. References. 3: Examples of Nanoscale Materials in Nature. 3.1. Multiscale Ordering and Function in Biological Nanoscale Materials. 3.2. Hierarchical Ordering in Natural Nanoscale Materials. 3.3. Multifunction of the Organic Phase in Biological Nanoscale Materials. 3.4. References. 4: Nanocrystal Self-assembly. 4.1. Nanocrystals. 4.2. Shapes of Polyhedral Nanocrystals. 4.3. Self-assembly of Nanocrystals. 4.4. Solution-phase Self-assembly of Particles. 4.5. Technical Aspects of Self-assembling. 4.6. Properties of Nanocrystal Self-assembly. 4.7. Template Assisted Self-assembly. 4.8. Summary. 4.9. References. 5: Structural Characterization of Nanoarchitectures. 5.1. X-ray Diffraction. 5.2. Scanning Probe Microscopy. 5.3. Scanning Electron Microscopy. 5.4. Transmission Electron Microscopy. 5.5. Summary. 5.6. References. 6: Fabrication of Nanoarchitectures Using Lithographic Techniques. 6.1. Fabrication Techniques and Nanolithography. 6.2. X-ray, Electron and Ion Beam Lithography. 6.3. Nanoparticle Lithography. 6.4. Scanning Probe Lithography. 6.5. Concluding Remarks. 6.6. References. 7: Chemical and Photochemical Reactivities of Nano-architectures. 7.1. Redox Potentials of Nanomaterials. 7.2. Photochemical and Chemical Reactions. 7.3. Photoelectrochemical Reactions. 7.4. Photocatalysis and Environmental Applications. 7.5. Molecular Recognition and Surface Specific Interaction. 7.6. References. 8: Optical, Electronic, and Dynamic Properties of Semiconductor Nnaomaterials. 8.1. Energy Levels and Density of States in Reduced Dimension Systems. 8.2. Electronic Structure and Electronic Properties. 8.3. Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanomaterials. 8.4. Applications of Optical Properties. 8.5. Charge Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanoparticles. 8.6. References. 9: Optical, Electronic, and Dynamic Properties of Metal Nanomaterials. 9.1. Static Absorption Properties of Metal Nanoparticles and Assemblies. 9.2. Emission of Metal Particles. 9.3. Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS). 9.4. Spectral Line Widths and Electronic Dephasing. 9.5. Electronic Relaxation Dynamics. 9.6. Electron-Phonon Interaction. 9.7. Single Particle Spectroscopy of Metal Nanoparticles. 9.8. Applications of Metal Nanoparticles. 9.9. References. 10: Electrochemical Properties of Nanoparticle Assemblies. 10.1. Introduction.


"Self-Assembled Nanostructures is an excellent introductory-level book that provides a systematic coverage of all basic principles of self-assembly science and technology but it also provides an indepth discussion of many fundamental aspects. The volume is therefore intended as an appropriate and useful reference source for both beginners and expert scientists working in this fascinating research area. The volume was written by five prominent scientists who have made substantial contributions to the field."
(G. Carotenuto, ITMC - National Research Council Naples, Italy)
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