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America on Notice: Stemming the Tide of Anti-Americanism als Buch

America on Notice: Stemming the Tide of Anti-Americanism

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During the past decade, the image of America in many parts of the world has steadily deteriorated. In this perceptive analysis of the causes of anti-Americanism, Glenn and Carole Schweitzer — coauthors of the acclaimed Superterrorism: Assassins, Mobs … weiterlesen

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America on Notice: Stemming the Tide of Anti-Americanism als Buch


Titel: America on Notice: Stemming the Tide of Anti-Americanism
Autor/en: Glenn E. Schweitzer

ISBN: 1591024285
EAN: 9781591024286
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 2006 - gebunden - 326 Seiten


During the past decade, the image of America in many parts of the world has steadily deteriorated. In this perceptive analysis of the causes of anti-Americanism, Glenn and Carole Schweitzer — coauthors of the acclaimed Superterrorism: Assassins, Mobsters, and Weapons of Mass Destruction — chart a proactive course for change that will create a more positive attitude toward America and deter terrorism, while encouraging international cooperation to solve some of the world's most pressing problems.
The authors begin by showing how and why growing American military and economic power in recent years, coupled with questionable foreign policy choices, have generated negative foreign perceptions of America, especially in Muslim countries. They also address how the growing Muslim populations, with few resources and little room to expand, display increased resentment toward American wealth, while their overcrowded cities have become breeding grounds for hatred directed toward America.
Beyond highlighting key problem areas, the Schweitzers devote most of the book to recommending realistic, doable solutions. They want to see U.S. leadership that gives priority to:
A new emphasis in foreign assistance on job creation and sustainable solutions
Expanded international educational opportunities and the adoption of modern university curricula, particularly in the Muslim world
A change in current U.S. policies that justify military interventions
Greater support of capabilities in the developing countries to control infectious diseases
Modification of the U.S. double standard that allows for the increase in American nuclear weapons capabilities while denying others the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes
A strengthening of the role of the United Nations to prevent and resolve international security crises
More assertive U.S. actions in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a major source of much of the anti-American feeling in the Middle East.
The authors also stress the importance of listening to and considering the views of leaders of other societies, in contrast to simply pronouncing U.S. policies and intentions. Also, they urge more effective support of local television stations to communicate accurate and balanced views of American society, culture, and policies.
Reflecting decades of experience in international relations, this important assessment of America's role in the world will interest everyone concerned with American security and the prospects for global peace.


Introduction; A Fractured International Environment Fosters Anger Toward America; Political Overlays on Crowded Lands with Too Few Resources; Understanding Today and Anticipating Tomorrow; Strengthening Ties with the Developing World; Education and Jobs; Uncorking the Nuclear Genie; Medical Diplomacy; Whiter the United Nations; Roads Maps in Place of Road Kills in the Middle East; Militarisation of the World; Tone-Deaf to the Views of Others; The Road to Security and Peace; Index.


Glenn E. Schweitzer (Arlington, VA) is the director at the U.S. National Academies' Office of Central Europe and Eurasian Affairs and the author of Superterrorism; Technodiplomacy; Borrowed Earth, Borrowed Time; A Faceless Enemy; and Swords into Market Shares, among other books.
Carole D. Schweitzer (Arlington, VA), executive editor of Associations Now magazine, is the coauthor of Superterrorism and A Faceless Enemy, and author of Russian Lessons.


"Want to know what's troubling this world about America - and better yet, some solid sensible ideas for dealing with those problems? This readable book by a practiced and practical team with firsthand, real-world experience will give you the plain truth on how we are now seen and some solid steps to take to do something about it."
- Thomas R. Pickering
Former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
"Glenn Schweitzer has spent a lifetime leading projects around the globe harnessing science to improve human welfare. From the ground truth of these experiences, he and his wife Carol have distilled a coherent view of how the United States can lead the world in a manner befitting our unique heritage - one in which our colleges and universities become as important as the world's armies. In addition to our political leaders, every university president should read it."
- Bruce Alberts
President Emeritus, National Academy of Sciences
"[A] book that should be read by everyone who worries about what is happening to us.
- Richard Stolz
Former Deputy Director for Operations, CIA
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