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Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy als Buch

Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy

New. Sprache: Englisch.
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This handbook will offer breadth, depth, and timeliness of the key topics in closeness and intimacy and should appeal to active researchers in the area from a variety of disciplines including social, clinical, and developmental psychology, family stu … weiterlesen


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Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy als Buch


Titel: Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy

ISBN: 0805842845
EAN: 9780805842845
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Debra J. Mashek, Arthur Aron

Februar 2004 - gebunden - 464 Seiten


This handbook will offer breadth, depth, and timeliness of the key topics in closeness and intimacy and should appeal to active researchers in the area from a variety of disciplines including social, clinical, and developmental psychology, family studies, and communications.


Contents: Preface. D.J. Mashek, A.P. Aron, Introduction. Part I: What Are Closeness and Intimacy? B. Fehr, A Prototype Model of Intimacy Interactions in Same-Sex Friendships. A.P. Aron, D.J. Mashek, E.N. Aron, Closeness as Including Other in the Self. K.J. Prager, L.J. Roberts, Deep Intimate Connection: Self and Intimacy in Couple Relationships. J-P. Laurenceau, L.M. Rivera, A.R. Schaffer, P.R. Pietromonaco, Intimacy as an Interpersonal Process: Current Status and Future Directions. Part II: How Can Closeness and Intimacy Be Measured? E. Berscheid, M. Snyder, A.M. Omoto, Measuring Closeness: The Relationship Closeness Inventory (RCI) Revisited. C.R. Agnew, T.J. Loving, B. Le, W. Goodfriend, Thinking Close: Measuring Relational Closeness as Perceived Self-Other Inclusion. E.F. Kouneski, D.H. Olson, A Practical Look at Intimacy: ENRICH Couple Typology. Part III: What Are the General Processes of Closeness and Intimacy? C.E. Rusbult, M. Kumashiro, M.K. Coolsen, J.L. Kirchner, Interdependence, Closeness, and Relationships. N.L. Collins, B.C. Feeney, An Attachment Theory Perspective on Closeness and Intimacy. K.D. Vohs, R.F. Baumeister, Sexual Passion, Intimacy, and Gender. H.T. Reis, M.S. Clark, J.G. Holmes, Perceived Partner Responsiveness as an Organizing Construct in the Study of Intimacy and Closeness. Part IV: What Individual Differences Play a Role in Closeness and Intimacy? S.E. Cross, J.S. Gore, The Relational Self-Construal and Closeness. C.A. Sanderson, The Link Between the Pursuit of Intimacy Goals and Satisfaction in Close Relationships: An Examination of the Underlying Processes. E.N. Aron, The Impact of Adult Temperament on Closeness and Intimacy. Part V: What Situational Factors Play a Role in Closeness and Intimacy? X.B. Arriaga, W. Goodfriend, A. Lohmann, Beyond the Individual: Concomitants of Closeness in the Social and Physical Environment. C.B. Wortman, K. Wolff, G.A. Bonanno, Loss of an Intimate Partner Through Death. G. Adams, S.L. Anderson, J.K. Adonu, The Cultural Grounding of Closeness and Intimacy. Part VI: Is There a Dark Side to Closeness and Intimacy? D.J. Mashek, M.D. Sherman, Desiring Less Closeness With Intimate Others. W. Ickes, J. Hutchison, D.J. Mashek, Closeness as Intersubjectivity: Social Absorption and Social Individuation. R.W. Firestone, L. Firestone, Methods for Overcoming the Fear of Intimacy. R.S. Edelstein, P.R. Shaver, Avoidant Attachment: Exploration of an Oxymoron. A.P. Aron, D.J. Mashek, Conclusion.


"Mashek and Aron have assembled a book that summarizes the central relationship processes of closeness and intimacy. Not only do the contributors offer an overview of a theoretical framework on closeness and intimacy, each chapter contains a plethora of new ideas, new applications, and previously unstated theoretical conntections...highly recommended to anyone interested in the topic." -Metapsychology "... a rich compendium with a wealth of fresh insights, new theoretical connections, and practical implications. I wholeheartedly recommend it...a superb set of contributors, a veritable who's who of the area..." -Daniel Perlman, Ph.D. University of British Columbia, Canada "...a 'must have' volume in most researchers' libraries and useful for graduate classes..." -Sandra Petronio, Ph.D. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis "This work serves not only as an authoritative reference for researchers in social and clinical psychology, but also as a treasure trove of useful facts for relationship therapists." -Neal Roese, Ph.D. Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign "I personally would purchase it, would advise my colleagues and library to do so, and if I were teaching a graduate seminar on closeness and intimacy, I would adopt the handbook." -Dr. Mark Fine University of Missouri-Columbia
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