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Handbook of Party Politics

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'This thoughtful and wide-ranging review of parties and party research contains contributions from many of the foremost party scholars and is a must for all library shelves'
- Richard Luther, Keele University

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Handbook of Party Politics als Buch


Titel: Handbook of Party Politics

ISBN: 0761943145
EAN: 9780761943143
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von William J. Crotty, Richard S. Katz

Januar 2006 - gebunden - 550 Seiten


'This thoughtful and wide-ranging review of parties and party research contains contributions from many of the foremost party scholars and is a must for all library shelves'
- Richard Luther, Keele University

'The study of political parties has never been livelier and this genuinely international Handbook - theoretically rich, comparatively informed, and focused on important questions - defines the field. This volume is both an indispensable summary of what we know and the starting point for future research'
- R K Carty, University of British Columbia

'Political parties are ubiquitous, but their forms and functions vary greatly from regime to regime, from continent to continent, and from era to era. The Handbook of Party Politics captures this variation and richness in impressive ways. The editors have assembled an excellent team, and the scope of the volume is vast and intriguing'
- Kaare Strom, University of California, San Diego

Political parties are indispensable to democracy and a central subject of research and study in political science around the world. This major new handbook is the first to comprehensively map the state-of-the-art in contemporary party politics scholarship.

The Handbook is designed to:
- provide an invaluable survey of the major theories and approaches in this dynamic area of study and research
- give students and researchers a concise 'road map' to the core literatures in all the sub-fields of party related theorizing and research
- identify the theories, approaches and topics that define the current 'cutting edge' of the field.

The Handbook is comparative in overall approach but also addresses some topics to be addressed in nationally or regionally specific ways. The resulting collaboration has brought together the world's leading party theorists to provide an unrivalled resource on the role of parties in the pressing contemporary problems of institutional design and democratic governance today.


Introduction - Richard S Katz and William Crotty
What is a Political Party? - John Kenneth White
The Nineteenth-Century Origins of Modern Political Parties - Susan E Scarrow
The Unwanted Emergence of Party-Based Politics
Party Origins and Evolution in the United States - William Crotty
Party in Democratic Theory - Richard S Katz
Political Parties and Deliberative Democracy? - James Johnson
Party Systems and Party System Types - Steven Wolinetz
Political Parties as Mechanisms of Social Choice - Marjorie Randon Hershey
Recruitment - Pippa Norris
Candidate Selection - Reuven Y Hazan and Gideon Rahat
Methods and Consequences
Political Parties in a Changing Campaign Environment - David M Farrell
On the Cusp of Change - John Green
Party Finance in the United States
Political Parties, American Campaigns, and Effects on Outcomes - Brian J Brox and Daron R. Shaw
Parties and Government - Hans Keman
Features of Governing in Representative Democracies
Parties into Government - Lieven de Winter and Patrick Dumont
Still Many Puzzles
Party Patronage and Colonization of the State - Wolfgang C M[um]uller
Exceptionalism in the United States - Nicol C Rae
Party System Institutionalization and Party System Theory After the Third Wave of Democratization - Scott Mainwaring and Mariano Torcal
Party Politics in Post-Communist Transitions - Zsolt Enyedi
Party, Ethnicity and Democratization in Africa - Shaheen Mozaffar
Party Models - Andr[ac]e Krouwel
American Exceptionalism - Alan Ware
Movement Parties - Herbert Kitschelt
Political Parties as Multi-Level Organizations - Kris Deschouwer
Party Membership and Participation - Knut Heidar
Electoral Mobilization in the United States - James W Endersby, John R Petrocik and Daron R Shaw
Professional Staff in Political Parties - Paul Webb and Robin Kolodny
Party Crashers? The Relationship Between Political Consultants and Political Parties - David A Dulio
Party and Social Structure - Peter M Siavelis
Cleavages - Peter Mair
Political Parties and Social Capital, Political Parties or Social Capital - Eric M Uslaner
Political Parties and Social Structure in the Developing World - Vicky Randall
Political Parties and Other Organizations - Thomas Poguntke
Clientelism and Party Politics - Jonathan Hopkin
Party as a Carrier of Ideas - Francesca Vassallo and Clyde Wilcox
Identifying Dimensions and Locating Parties - Ian Budge
Methodological and Conceptual Problems
Party Law - Wolfgang C M[um]uller and Ulrich Sieberer
Regulation of Party Finance - Karl-Heinz Nassmacher
Legal Regulation and Protection of American Parties - Daniel H Lowenstein
Party States and State Parties - Paul G Lewis
The International Role of Political Parties - Kay Lawson
European Union and Political Parties - Robert Ladrech
Party Transformations - William Crotty
The United States and Western Europe
Parties in the Media Age - Holli A Semetko
Cyber Parties - Helen Margetts

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