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High Performance Computing and Communications als Buch

High Performance Computing and Communications

First International Conference, HPCC 2005, Sorrento, Italy, September 2005, Proceedings. 'Lecture Notes in…
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Welcome to the proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on High P- formance Computing and Communications (HPCC 2005) which was held in Sorrento (Naples), Italy, September 21 23, 2005. Withtherapidgrowthincomputing andcommunicationtechnology,t … weiterlesen


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High Performance Computing and Communications als Buch


Titel: High Performance Computing and Communications

ISBN: 3540290311
EAN: 9783540290315
First International Conference, HPCC 2005, Sorrento, Italy, September 2005, Proceedings.
'Lecture Notes in Computer Science'.
1st ed. 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Beniamino Di Martino, Jack Dongarra, Laurence Tianruo Yang
Springer-Verlag GmbH

12. September 2005 - kartoniert - XXVI


Welcome to the proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on High P- formance Computing and Communications (HPCC 2005) which was held in Sorrento (Naples), Italy, September 21 23, 2005. Withtherapidgrowthincomputing andcommunicationtechnology,thepast decade has witnessed a proliferationofpowerfulparallelanddistributed systems and an ever-increasing demand for the practice of high performance computing and communication(HPCC). HPCChas movedinto the mainstreamof comp- ing and become a key technology in determining future research and devel- ment activities in many academic and industrial branches, especially when the solution of large and complex problems must cope with very tight timing sch- ules.TheHPCC2005conferenceprovidedaforumfor engineersandscientists in academia,industry,andgovernmenttoaddressallresultingprofoundchallenges, and to presentand discuss their new ideas,researchresults, applications and - perience on all aspects of high performance computing and communications. There was a very large number of paper submissions (263), not only from Europe, but also from Asia and the Paci?c, and North and South America. All submissions were reviewed by at least three Program or Technical Committee members or external reviewers. It was extremely di?cult to select the pres- tations for the conference because there were so many excellent and interesting submissions. In order to allocate as many papers as possible and keep the high quality of the conference, we ?nally decided to accept 76 regular papers and 44 shortpapersfororalpresentations.Webelievethatallofthesepapersandtopics not only provided novel ideas, new results, work in progress and state-of-the-art techniques in this ?eld, but also stimulated the future research activities in the area of high performance computing and communications.


Keynote Speech.- Alternative Approaches to High-Performance Metacomputing.- The EGEE Project - A Multidisciplinary, Production-Level Grid.- Grid and High Performance Computing: Opportunities for Bioinformatics Research.- Track
1: Network Protocols, Routing, Algorithms.- On Multicast Communications with Minimum Resources.- A New Seamless Handoff Mechanism for Wired and Wireless Coexistence Networks.- Approaches to Alternate Path Routing for Short Duration Flow in MPLS Network.- An Elaboration on Dynamically Re-configurable Communication Protocols Using Key Identifiers.- Optimal Broadcast for Fully Connected Networks.- Cost Model Based Configuration Management Policy in OBS Networks.- Analytical Modeling and Comparison of AQM-Based Congestion Control Mechanisms.- Spatial and Traffic-Aware Routing (STAR) for Vehicular Systems.- Adaptive Control Architecture for Active Networks.- A Study on Bandwidth Guarantee Method of Subscriber Based DiffServ in Access Network.- Least Cost Multicast Loop Algorithm for Local Computer Network.- AB-Cap: A Fast Approach to Available Bandwidth Estimation.- An Integrated QoS Multicast Routing Algorithm Based on Tabu Search in IP/DWDM Optical Internet.- On Estimation for Reducing Multicast Delay Variation.- Track
2: Languages and Compilers for HPC.- Garbage Collection in a Causal Message Logging Protocol.- Searching an Optimal History Size for History-Based Page Prefetching on Software DSM Systems.- Self-optimizing MPI Applications: A Simulation-Based Approach.- Track
3: Parallel/Distributed System Architectures.- Efficient SIMD Numerical Interpolation.- A Threshold-Based Matching Algorithm for Photonic Clos Network Switches.- CSAR-2: A Case Study of Parallel File System Dependability Analysis.- Rotational Lease: Providing High Availability in a Shared Storage File System.- A New Hybrid Architecture for Optical Burst Switching Networks.- Track
4: Embedded Systems.- A Productive Duplication-Based Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Computing Systems.- Memory Subsystem Characterization in a 16-Core Snoop-Based Chip-Multiprocessor Architecture.- Factory: An Object-Oriented Parallel Programming Substrate for Deep Multiprocessors.- Track
5: Parallel/Distributed Algorithms.- Convergence of the Discrete FGDLS Algorithm.- P-CBF: A Parallel Cell-Based Filtering Scheme Using a Horizontal Partitioning Technique.- Adjusting the Cluster Size Based on the Distance from the Sink,.- An Efficient Distributed Search Method.- Practical Integer Sorting on Shared Memory.- On Algorithm for the Delay- and Delay Variation-Bounded Multicast Trees Based on Estimation.- Track
6: Wireless and Mobile Computing.- Synchronization-Based Power-Saving Protocols Based on IEEE 802.11.- An Energy-Efficient Uni-scheduling Based on S-MAC in Wireless Sensor Network.- Delay Threshold-Based Priority Queueing Packet Scheduling for Integrated Services in Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System.- Call Admission Control Using Grouping and Differentiated Handoff Region for Next Generation Wireless Networks.- A Cluster-Based QoS Multipath Routing Protocol for Large-Scale MANET.- A MEP (Mobile Electronic Payment) and IntCA Protocol Design.- Enhancing Connectivity Based on the Thresholds in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Call Admission Control for IEEE 802.11e WLAN Using Soft QoS.- Overlay Multicast Routing Architecture in Mobile Wireless Network.- Real-Time Measurement Based Bandwidth Allocation Scheme in Cellular Networks.- Track
7: Web Services and Internet Computing.- A Hybrid Web Server Architecture for Secure e-Business Web Applications.- An Efficient Scheme for Fault-Tolerant Web Page Access in Wireless Mobile Environment Based on Mobile Agents.- Class-Based Latency Assurances for Web Servers.- Workflow Pattern Analysis in Web Services Orchestration: The BPEL4WS Example.- An Effective and Dynamically Extensible DRM Web Platform.- Track
8: Peer-to-Peer Computing.- JXTPIA: A JXTA-Based P2P Network Interface and Architecture for Grid Computing.- A Community-Based Trust Model for P2P Networks.- Enabling the P2P JXTA Platform for High-Performance Networking Grid Infrastructures.- Efficient Message Flooding on DHT Network.- An IP Routing Inspired Information Search Scheme for Semantic Overlay Networks.- Track
9: Grid and Cluster Computing.- Transactional Cluster Computing.- CPOC: Effective Static Task Scheduling for Grid Computing.- Improving Scheduling Decisions by Using Knowledge About Parallel Applications Resource Usage.- An Evaluation Methodology for Computational Grids.- SLA Negotiation Protocol for Grid-Based Workflows.- Track
10: Reliability, Fault-Tolerance, and Security.- Securing the MPLS Control Plane.- A Novel Arithmetic Unit over GF(2 m ) for Low Cost Cryptographic Applications.- A New Parity Space Approach to Fault Detection for General Systems.- Differential Power Analysis on Block Cipher ARIA.- A CRT-Based RSA Countermeasure Against Physical Cryptanalysis.- The Approach of Transmission Scheme in Wireless Cipher Communication.- A New Digit-Serial Systolic Mulitplier for High Performance GF(2 m ) Applications.- A Survivability Model for Cluster System Under DoS Attacks.- Track
11: Performance Evaluation and Measurements.- A Loop-Aware Search Strategy for Automated Performance Analysis.- Optimization of Nonblocking MPI-I/O to a Remote Parallel Virtual File System Using a Circular Buffer.- Performance Analysis of Shared-Memory Parallel Applications Using Performance Properties.- On the Effectiveness of IEEE 802.11e QoS Support in Wireless LAN: A Performance Analysis.- Trace-Based Parallel Performance Overhead Compensation.- Reducing Memory Sharing Overheads in Distributed JVMs.- Analysis of High Performance Communication and Computation Solutions for Parallel and Distributed Simulation.- An Analytical Study on the Interdeparture-Time Distribution for Different Multimedia Source Models in a Packet Switched Network.- Performance Analysis Depend on OODB Instance Based on ebXML.- Performance Visualization of Web Services Using J-OCM and SCIRun/TAU.- Track
12: Tools and Environments for Software Development.- A Metadata Model and Information System for the Management of Resources in a Grid-Based PSE Toolkit.- Classification and Implementations of Workflow-Oriented Grid Portals.- YACO: A User Conducted Visualization Tool for Supporting Cache Optimization.- DEE: A Distributed Fault Tolerant Workflow Enactment Engine for Grid Computing.- An OpenMP Skeleton for the A* Heuristic Search.- Track
13: Distributed Systems and Applications.- A Proposal and Evaluation of Multi-class Optical Path Protection Scheme for Reliable Computing.- Lazy Home-Based Protocol: Combining Homeless and Home-Based Distributed Shared Memory Protocols.- Grid Enablement of the Danish Eulerian Air Pollution Model.- Towards a Bayesian Statistical Model for the Classification of the Causes of Data Loss.- Parallel Branch and Bound Algorithms on Internet Connected Workstations.- Track
14: High-Performance Scientific and Engineering Computing.- Parallel Divide-and-Conquer Phylogeny Reconstruction by Maximum Likelihood.- Parallel Blocked Algorithm for Solving the Algebraic Path Problem on a Matrix Processor.- A Parallel Distance-2 Graph Coloring Algorithm for Distributed Memory Computers.- Fast Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication by Exploiting Variable Block Structure.- Parallel Transferable Uniform Multi-round Algorithm for Achieving Minimum Application Turnaround Times for Divisible Workload.- Application of Parallel Adaptive Computing Technique to Polysilicon Thin-Film Transistor Simulation.- A Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Global Optimization Based on Seed-Growth Techniques.- Track
15: Database Applications and Data Mining.- Exploiting Efficient Parallelism for Mining Rules in Time Series Data.- A Coarse Grained Parallel Algorithm for Closest Larger Ancestors in Trees with Applications to Single Link Clustering.- High Performance Subgraph Mining in Molecular Compounds.- Exploring Regression for Mining User Moving Patterns in a Mobile Computing System.- A System Supporting Nested Transactions in DRTDBSs.- Efficient Cluster Management Software Supporting High-Availability for Cluster DBMS.- Distributed Query Optimization in the Stack-Based Approach.- Track
16: Biological/Molecular Computing.- Parallelization of Multiple Genome Alignment.- Track
17: Special Session on HPSRF.- Detonation Structure Simulation with AMROC.- Scalable Photon Monte Carlo Algorithms and Software for the Solution of Radiative Heat Transfer Problems.- A Multi-scale Computational Approach for Nanoparticle Growth in Combustion Environments.- A Scalable Scientific Database for Chemistry Calculations in Reacting Flow Simulations.- The Impact of Different Stiff ODE Solvers in Parallel Simulation of Diesel Combustion.- FAST-EVP: An Engine Simulation Tool.- Track
18: Pervasive Computing and Communications.- A Mobile Communication Simulation System for Urban Space with User Behavior Scenarios.- Distributing Multiple Home Agents in MIPv6 Networks.- Dynamically Adaptable User Interface Generation for Heterogeneous Computing Devices.- A Communication Broker for Nomadic Computing Systems.- Adaptive Buffering-Based on Handoff Prediction for Wireless Internet Continuous Services.- A Scalable Framework for the Support of Advanced Edge Services.- A Novel Resource Dissemination and Discovery Model for Pervasive Environments Using Mobile Agents.- A SMS Based Ubiquitous Home Care System.- A Lightweight Platform for Integration of Mobile Devices into Pervasive Grids.- High-Performance and Interoperable Security Services for Mobile Environments.- Distributed Systems to Support Efficient Adaptation for Ubiquitous Web.- Track
19: Special Session on LMS.- Call Tracking Management Using Caching Scheme in IMT-2000 Networks.- Correction of Building Height Effect Using LIDAR and GPS.- Minimum Interference Path Selection Based on Maximum Degree of Sharing.- The Effect of the QoS Satisfaction on the Handoff for Real-Time Traffic in Cellular Network.

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