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Issues in Palliative Care Research als Buch

Issues in Palliative Care Research

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Palliative care is rapidly evolving as a multidimensional therapeutic model devoted to improving the quality of life of all patientswith life-threatening illness. Symptom control, management of psychosocial and spiritual concerns, decision making con … weiterlesen


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Issues in Palliative Care Research als Buch


Titel: Issues in Palliative Care Research

ISBN: 0195130650
EAN: 9780195130652
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Russell K. Portenoy, Eduardo Bruera

Januar 2003 - gebunden - 432 Seiten


Palliative care is rapidly evolving as a multidimensional therapeutic model devoted to improving the quality of life of all patientswith life-threatening illness. Symptom control, management of psychosocial and spiritual concerns, decision making consistent with values and goals, and care of the imminently dying that is appropriate and sensitive to the unique needs of the individual and the family--these are among the critical issues addressed through pallaitive care. As this discipline has evolved, the need for research in all these areas has become widely acknowledged. Issues in Palliative Care Research describes both the progress that already has been made in the investigation of these issues and the methodologic elements that must be addressed in future studies. The perspective is broad and the overriding goal is to inform about the state of the art in these rapidly evolving areas of research.


PART I: PAIN RESEARCH; 1. Methodological issues in the design of analgesic clinical trials; PART II: RESEARCH IN ANOREXIA AND GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS; 2. Methodological issues regarding cancer anorexia/cachexia trials; 3. Assessment of novel therapies for constipation: focus on opioid analgesics; 4. Measurement of constipation; 5. Clinical trials of antiemetics in the palliative care setting: research issues; PART III: RESEARCH IN RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS; 6. Multidimensional assessment of dyspnea; 7. Research into nonpharmacological intervention for respiratory problems in palliative care; PART IV: RESEARCH IN FATIGUE/ASTHENIA; 8. Studying nonpharmacological interventions for fatigue; 9. Evaluating the relationship of fatigue to depression and anxiety in cancer patients; 10. Fatigue in medical illness: research issues; 11. Methodological considerations in the treatment of fatigue; PART V: NEUROPSYCHIATRIC AND PSYCHOSOCIAL RESEARCH; 12. Depression in the terminally ill: prevalence and measurement issues; 13. Issues in measuring family care needs and satisfaction; PART VI: QUALITY-OF-LIFE RESEARCH; 14. Usefulness of utility in making decisions about palliative care; 15. Assessing quality of life in palliative care; 16. Assessing decision-making capacity in the setting of palliative care research; PART VII: RESEARCH ISSUES IN END-OF-LIFE CARE AND ETHICAL DECISION MAKING; 17. Research in advance care planning; 18. Research to improve end-of-life care in the United States: toward a more Behavioural and ecological paradigm; 19. Studying desire for death: methodological issues in end-of-life research; PART VIII: RESEARCH IN PRACTICE CHANGE; 20. Changing palliative care practice in academic medical centres; 21. Changing pain management practices in hospitals and cancer centres; PART IX: RESEARCH ISSUES IN SPECIAL POPULATIONS; 22. Current status of symptom measurement in children; 23. Research in paediatric palliative care; 24. Palliative care research in Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency System: clinical trials of symptomatic therapies


It is a book that should appeal not only to palliative care researchers, but also to palliative care clinicians and advanced palliative care trainees alike. This reviewer will be adding this book to the must read list of readings for his program's palliative care residents (registrars) and fellows. Palliative Medicine, 18 This is a state-of-the-art review of research in palliative care, describing what has been achieved so far and defining the methodological issues yet to be resolved... Anyone involved in palliative care research will find this book both interesting andstimulating. Anyone initiating a research project in palliative care would be well advised to check with this volume to see what lessons have been learned by experienced researchers who have gone before them. IAHPC website

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