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Supercash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism

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Praise for SuperCa$h

"A lively and intelligent work."
-Adam Smith, author of Supermoney

"James Altucher is scary smart, and also a font of great and original ideas. So it's no surprise that SuperCa$h is so much fun to read and so devilishly informa … weiterlesen


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Supercash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism als Buch


Titel: Supercash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism
Autor/en: James Altucher

ISBN: 0471745995
EAN: 9780471745990
Sprache: Englisch.

März 2006 - gebunden - 211 Seiten


Praise for SuperCa$h

"A lively and intelligent work."
-Adam Smith, author of Supermoney

"James Altucher is scary smart, and also a font of great and original ideas. So it's no surprise that SuperCa$h is so much fun to read and so devilishly informative. It is equally full of 'holy cow!' moments and 'why-didn't-I-think-of-that?' moments. A true keeper."
-Stephen J. Dubner, coauthor of Freakonomics

"Altucher describes in easy-to-understand terms the strategies used by the smartest managers in the world-those who are running the hottest hedge funds-to show how they are making money today. SuperCa$h is a great primer for those who are looking to trade like the pros. And it helps that Altucher writes in a clear and fun style!"
-John Mauldin, President of Millennium Wave Advisors, LLC, and author of Bull's Eye Investing

As hedge funds have become more mainstream, some of their strategies have become less capable of producing extraordinary returns. In response to this, hedge funds and other sophisticated investors have found new ways to turn cash into supercash in today's tough markets.

In this book, hedge fund manager James Altucher examines new ways-currently utilized by hedge funds and savvy investors-to get beyond the efficiency of today's markets and supersize your returns.


Chapter 1. Hedge Funds are the New Banks.

Chapter 2. Activism.

Chapter 3. Buying Delinquent Charge Card Debt.

Chapter 4. Everything You Wanted to Know About PIPES but Were Afraid to Ask.

Chapter 5. The New New IPO.

Chapter 6. Trade Like a Billionaire.

Chapter 7. Closed End Fund Arbitrage.

Chapter 8. ShortSelling.

Chapter 9. The Finer Things in Life.

Chapter 10. Trend vs. Countertrend.

Chapter 11. The Myth of the Index or "ETFS: Active or Passive?"

Chapter 12. Watch Out!

Chapter 13. So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund?

Chapter 14. Classic Investment Reading & New Media Resources.

Chapter 15. Where to Find the Data?



JAMES ALTUCHER is a partner at the hedge fund firm Formula Capital. He writes for TheStreet.com and the Financial Times and has been a periodic guest on CNBC's Kudlow & Cramer. Previously, he was a partner with the technology venture capital firm 212 Ventures and was CEO and founder of Vaultus, a wireless and software company. He holds a BA in computer science from Cornell and attended graduate school for computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. Altucher is also the author of Trade Like a Hedge Fund and Trade Like Warren Buffett, both published by Wiley.

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