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Japanese and Western Phenomenology als Buch

Japanese and Western Phenomenology

'Contributions to Phenomenology'. 'Contributions To Phenomenology'. Auflage 1993. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (gebunden)
This volume is a selection of essays from the Japanese-American Joint Seminar on Phenomenology held in the suburbs of Sanda-city (Japan) October 24-27, 1989, under the auspices of the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. Florida Atiant... weiterlesen


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Japanese and Western Phenomenology als Buch
Titel: Japanese and Western Phenomenology

ISBN: 0792320751
EAN: 9780792320753
'Contributions to Phenomenology'. 'Contributions To Phenomenology'.
Auflage 1993.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Philip Blosser, Lester Embree, Hiroshi Kojima
Springer Netherlands

31. Januar 1993 - gebunden - 476 Seiten


This volume is a selection of essays from the Japanese-American Joint Seminar on Phenomenology held in the suburbs of Sanda-city (Japan) October 24-27, 1989, under the auspices of the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. Florida Atiantic University and the Phenomenological Association of Japan. Professor Eiichi Shimomisse played a particularly impartant role in the organizational processes. The theme of the conference was "Japanese and Western Phenomenology. " This seminar marks the first attempt to organize, on a comparatively large scale, a cooperative research meeting in phenomenology (perhaps for the first time even in philosophy in general) between Japan and the English speaking West. Eighteen phenomenologists from the United States, Canada, and Australia and about thirty Japanese colleagues attended the meeting. Revised vers ions of aimost all the papers that were read and discussed in the sessions are inc1uded. It was not a trifling affair to setHe upon what language we phenome­ nologists from across the world could use to communicate with each other at this conference. As many of the Japanese scholars had studied in Germany and speak better German than English, the official language of the seminar was defined to inc1ude both German and English. So me of the papers, accordingly, were written and read in German. But now they are all rewritten here in English. Not only these papers, but aH the manuscripts written by Japanese authors were edited both grammaticaHy and stylisticaHy by Professor Blosser.


Preface. I: Japanese and Western Interpretations. 1. Husserl on Time-Analysis and Phenomenological Method; T. Sakakibara. 2. The Proto-Synthesis in the Perceptual Dimension according to Husserl: A Reconstructive Reflection; T. Ogawa. 3. The Ideality of Meaning in Husserl; Y. Okamoto. 4. The Transcendental Reflection of Life without a Transcendental Ego; H. Kojima. 5. The Eidetic Structure of Subjectless, Egoless, and Selfless Transcendental Reflection; B.C. Hopkins. 6. Phenomenological Self-Reflection in Husserl and Fink; Y. Chida. 7. Ideas for Raising the Question of the World within Transcendental Phenomenology: Freiburg, 1930; R. Bruzina. II: Phenomenological Extensions. 8. Humanism and Transcendental Phenomenology; R. Holmes. 9. Self and Time; Y. Yamasaki. 10. Is Scheler's Ethic an Ethic of Virtue; P. Blosser. 11. The View of the Other; Shin-ichi Yuasa. 12. Truth in Drama; B.P. Dauenhauer. 13. The Tragic Voice of the Feminine and its Significance for Phenomenology; M. Sena. 14. Husserl and the Foundations of Geometry; K. Noé. III: Intercultural Considerations. 15. Technology and Cross-Cultural Perception; D. Ihde. 16. Phenomenology of Intercultural Communication; A.R. Smith. 17. Phenomenology of International Images; E.M. Kramer. 18. Phenomenology of Zen; A. Mickunas. 19. The Radicalization of `Seeing': an Attempt to Go beyond Reflection; E. Shimonissé. 20. Comingto a Decision about Metaphysical Principles; M. Lazarin. 21. Conversation on a Plane; L. Embree. IV: Reflections Pertaining to the Human Sciences. 22. Phenomenology and Cognitive Psychology; Shin'ya Noé. 23. The Role of the Phenomenologist in Social Science; J.J. Pilotta. 24. On the Transcendental or Phenomenological Reduction (Epoché) from a Sociological Perspective; Y. Yatani. 25. Role Theory in View of Postmodernism and the `Author Effect'; J.W. Murphy. 26. Phenomenological Reflections on the Philosophy of History; D. Carr. 27. Husserl's Question of History: The Parallelism between his Theory of Association and the Narrative Theory of History; S. Nuki. 28. The Underlying Conception of Science in Dilthey's Introduction to the Human Sciences; R.A. Makkreel. Index of Names. Index of Topics.

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