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Psychiatry for Neurologists

von Jeste
'Current Clinical Neurology'. Auflage 2006. Sprache: Englisch.
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A panel of international psychiatrists, neurologists, clinical psychologists, and neuropsychiatrists review for the clinical neurologist those aspects of psychiatry that impact the management of neurological disorders. On the one hand, the authors il... weiterlesen


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Psychiatry for Neurologists als Buch
Titel: Psychiatry for Neurologists
Autor/en: Jeste

ISBN: 1588294838
EAN: 9781588294838
'Current Clinical Neurology'.
Auflage 2006.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Dilip V. Jeste, Joseph H. Friedman

1. Oktober 2005 - gebunden - 427 Seiten


A panel of international psychiatrists, neurologists, clinical psychologists, and neuropsychiatrists review for the clinical neurologist those aspects of psychiatry that impact the management of neurological disorders. On the one hand, the authors illuminate the neurological aspects of such psychiatric disorders as depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, hysteria, catatonia, addictions, and personality disorders. On the other hand, they also explain in detail the psychiatric evaluation of the neurological patient and discuss the behavioral aspects of the major neurological disorders, including psychiatric complications of dementia and stroke, neuromuscular disorders, the psychiatric aspects of Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, Huntington's disease, Tourette's syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. Comprehensive and timely, Psychiatry for Neurologists helps to close the artificial gap separating neurology and psychiatry so that neurologists feel comfortable managing the psychiatric aspects of the neurological disorders they treat.


Part I. Introduction

Historical Interfaces Between American Neurology and Psychiatry
Christopher G. Goetz

The Evolution of Psychiatry and Neurology: Two Disciplines Divided by a Common Goal?
François Boller and Gianfranco Dalla Barba

Part II. Evaluation

Psychiatric Evaluation of the Neurological Patient
Stephen Salloway, Colin Harrington, and Sandra Jacobson

Part III. Major Psychiatric Disorders

An Overview of Depression
Irene Hegeman Richard and Jeffrey M. Lyness

Anxiety Disorders
Julie Loebach Wetherell, Ariel J. Lang, and Murray B. Stein

David P. Folsom, Adam S. Fleisher, and Colin A. Depp

Hysteria in Neurological Practice: The Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders
Fred Ovsiew

Catatonia: Clinical Features, Differential Diagnosis, and Treatment
Patricia I. Rosebush and Michael F. Mazurek. Addictions, David W. Oslin

Personality Disorders
Marc E. Agronin

Part IV. Psychiatry of Major Neurological Disorders

Psychiatric Complications in Dementia
Daniel Weintraub and Anton P. Porsteinsson

Psychiatric Complications of Strokes
Sergio E. Starkstein and Robert G. Robinson

Neuromuscular Disorders
Jeffrey Allen Cohen and Renee Marie Vebell

Psychiatric Aspects of Parkinson's Disease
Laura Marsh and Joseph H. Friedman

Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis
David C. Mohr and Darcy Cox

W. Curt LaFrance, Jr. and Andres M. Kanner

Tourette's Syndrome
Cathy Budman and Roger Kurlan

Huntington's Disease
Karen E. Anderson and Karen S. Marder

Psychiatry of the Cerebellum
Russell L. Margolis

Part V. Other Topics

Childhood Disorders
Dorothy E. Stubbe

Geriatric Disorders
Colin A. Depp and JodyCorey-Bloom

Christopher Christodoulou, William S. MacAllister, and Lauren B. Krupp

John C. M. Brust

Psychopharmacology: A Pharmacodynamic Approach
Christian Dolder and Beatriz Luna

Electroconvulsive Therapy
Eric J. Christopher and Warren D. Taylor

Neurosurgical Treatments for Psychiatric Indications
Lawrence T. Park, Darin D. Dougherty, and Scott L. Rauch

Psychotherapy for Psychiatric Disorders
John R. McQuaid and Laura Campbell-Sills

Psychiatric Emergencies and Crisis Management in a Neurological Practice
Sanjay Gupta

Informed Consent and Competency: Legal and Ethical Issues
David Naimark, Laura Dunn, Ansar Haroun, and Grant Morris



" eminently useful volume for contemporary practitioners." -Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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