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Common-Sense Classroom Management for Elementary School Teachers als Buch

Common-Sense Classroom Management for Elementary School Teachers

Second. Sprache: Englisch.
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'The organization and layout make it the perfect 'go-to' guide for virtually any problem. This book will revolutionize my management methods' - Amy M. Turkowski, Student Teacher, Clement Avenue School, Racine, WI
'It covers more practical information … weiterlesen
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Common-Sense Classroom Management for Elementary School Teachers als Buch


Titel: Common-Sense Classroom Management for Elementary School Teachers
Autor/en: Jill A. Lindberg, April M. Swick

ISBN: 1412917212
EAN: 9781412917216
Sprache: Englisch.

April 2006 - gebunden - 135 Seiten


'The organization and layout make it the perfect 'go-to' guide for virtually any problem. This book will revolutionize my management methods' - Amy M. Turkowski, Student Teacher, Clement Avenue School, Racine, WI
'It covers more practical information than I've seen compiled anywhere else' - Deborah Gordon, Math Teacher, K-6, Madison School District, Phoenix, AZ
'A great reference no matter how long you have taught' - Katina Keener, Second Grade Teacher, Gloucester County Schools, VA
This revised edition of the authors' best-selling Common-Sense Classroom Management for teachers in K-6 classrooms will be an indispensable resource for new and veteran teachers, as well as their mentors, trainers, and supervisors.
Covering more than 70 best practices for managing the typical school day, the authors use a straightforward format that features five steps or fewer for each strategy, with icons highlighting strategies that have been customized for the youngest learners and for special learners in the inclusive classroom.
With cartoons, resources, and illustrations, this guide will ensure that every school day includes humor and common sense.


Foreword by Christine Kadow
About the Authors
1. Taking Care of Teacher Business
Room Organization
Teacher Desk Organization
Independent Activities While Teacher Works with Small Groups
Reviewing Expectations
Field Trips
Making the Most of Your Paraprofessional Assistant
2. Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere
Classroom Seating
Decorating With Themes
Classroom Monitors and Jobs
Respect in Your Classroom
Teaching Social Skills
Ways to Include All Students in Classroom Participation
Super Student of the Week
Classroom Meetings
Compliment Book
Wall of Fame
3. Communicating With Parents
Parent-Teacher Relationships
Parent Conferences
Using Email With Parents
Using Cell Phones With Parentsl
Classroom Newsletters
4. Helping Parents Teach Children Safe Internet Practices
The Information Superhighway: Basic Information for Parents
Limiting Children to Appropriate Internet Content
More Tips for Safe Traveling
Using the Internet for School Projects
5. Working With Diverse Student and Family Populations
Working With Non-English-Speaking Students
Making Non-English-Speaking Students Comfortable in Your Classroom
Working With Non-English-Speaking Families
Working With Family Members Who May Be Illiterate
6. Dealing With Personal Hygiene Issues
Recognizing That a Problem Exists
Talking to Your Class
Talking With Parents
Providing Personal Care at School
Working With Support Staff
7. With-it-ness
Teacher Behaviors
Planning Ahead and Lesson Expectations
If a Lesson Really Isn't Working
Looks, Gestures, Posture, and Positioning in Room to Convey Expectations
Demeanor and Actions During Lessons to Ensure Student Focus
Modeling Expected Responses
The Challenging Student
8. Transitioning
One Subject to Another
One Subject to Another: Moving Within the Room
Moving for Group Learning Activities
One Classroom to Another
9. Taking Care of Classroom Business
Entering School
Entering the Classroom
Beginning the Day
Homework Collection
Failure to Do Homework
Line Order
Bathroom Procedure
Pencil Sharpening
Gum, Candy, and Other Forbidden Edibles
Classroom Rules
Indoor Recess
Reentering the Classroom After Lunch and Recess
Ending the Day
10. Integrating Into Your School Culture
Becoming Part of the Team
Teacher Buddies and Mentors
To Socialize or Not to Socialize
The Teachers' Room
Ask for Help; Offer to Help
Other Supports for New Teachers
11. Preparing Your Students for Standardized Testing
Before the Test
Testing Day
After the Test
Test-Taking Tips for Students
12. Organizational Time
Desk Cleaning
Non-School-Related Materials
13. Rewards
Academic Rewards
Extra Special Class Time
Extra Art Time and Extra Gym Time
Leisure Time Activities
Lunch With the Teacher
Good News Phone Calls
Extra Classroom Chores
Whole-Class Rewards
Making Arrangements for Non-Reward Earners
Stickers, Stamps, and Other Goodies
Tokens and Play Money
14. Consequences
Identifying Challenging Students
Dealing with Mildly Challenging Behavior
Working with Chronic, Highly Disruptive Behavior
Suggested Readings


Jill A. Lindberg retired from Milwaukee Public Schools in June 2003 and is currently a supervising teacher for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her teaching experience includes six years as a mentor teacher, assisting both general and special education teachers in Milwaukee Public Schools. She has taught students with specific learning disabilities, students with emotional/behavior disabilities, and students with hearing impairment.  She has coauthored five books in the Common-Sense Classroom Management series with educators from the Milwaukee area. She has a degree in exceptional education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Praise for the First Edition: "Wow! What a book! What a joy to read! Applying as many of these strategies as possible to your classroom management plan will result in a much easier and more successful year."
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