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Language, Truth and Ontology als Buch
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Language, Truth and Ontology

'Philosophical Studies Series'. Auflage 1992. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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All except three of the papers in this volume were presented at the colloquium on "L'Ontologie formelle aujourd'hui", Geneva, 3-5 June 1988. The three exceptions, the papers by David Armstrong, Uwe Meixner and Wolfgang Lenzen, were presented at the c … weiterlesen


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Language, Truth and Ontology als Buch


Titel: Language, Truth and Ontology

ISBN: 079231509X
EAN: 9780792315094
'Philosophical Studies Series'.
Auflage 1992.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von K. Mulligan
Springer Netherlands

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All except three of the papers in this volume were presented at the colloquium on "L'Ontologie formelle aujourd'hui", Geneva, 3-5 June 1988. The three exceptions, the papers by David Armstrong, Uwe Meixner and Wolfgang Lenzen, were presented at the colloquium on "Properties", Zinal, June 1-3, 1990. It was, incidentally, at the second of these two colloquia that the European Society for Analytic Philosophy came into being. The fathers of analytic philosophy - Moore and Russell - were in no doubt that ontology or metaphysics as well as the topics oflanguage, truth and logic constituted the core subject-matter of their "analytic realism", 1 for the task of metaphysics as they conceived things was the description of 2 the world. And logic and ontology are indissolubly linked in the system of the grandfather of analytic philosophy, Frege. After the Golden Age of analytic philosophy - in Cambridge and Austria - opposition to realism as well as the "linguistic turn" contributed for a long time to the eclipse of ontology. 3 Thanks in large measure to the work of some of the senior contributors to the present volume - Roderick Chisholm, Herbert Hochberg, David Armstrong and Karel Lambert - ontology and metaphysics now enjoy once again the central position they occupied some eighty years ago in the heyday of analytic philosophy.


The Basic Ontological Categories.
- 1. Introduction.
- 2. The Basic Concepts.
- 3. Individual Things and Events.
- 4. Beginnings and Processes.
- 5. Necessary Substance.- Properties.
- 1. Why We Should Admit Properties.
- 2. Universals vs. Tropes.- On Negative and Disjunctive Properties.- Particulars, Individual Qualities, and Universals.- Characteristica Universalis.
- 1. Preamble.
- 2. From Leibniz to Frege.
- 3. Directly Depicting Diagrams vs. Existential Graphs.
- 4. Some Conditions on a Directly Depicting Language.
- 5. The Oil-Painting Principle.
- 6. Primitives and Definitions.
- 7. Substance.
- 8. Accidents.
- 9. Sub-Atoms (Mutually Dependent Parts of Atoms).
- 10. Boundaries and Boundary Dependence.
- 11. Universals.- Definite Descriptions and the Theory of Objects.
- 1. A New Explanation.
- 2. An Application of the Foregoing Explanation.- Truth Makers, Truth Predicates, and Truth Types.- Worlds and States of Affairs: How Similar Can They Be?.
- 1. Motivation.
- 2. Salmon's Counterexample.
- 3. The Branching Conception.- Was Frege Right about Variable Objects?.- Logical Atomism and Its Ontological Refinement: A Defense.
- 1. Introduction.
- 2. Logical Atomism, What.
- 3. Examples of the Avoidance of Unnecessary Facts.
- 4. Disputed Case I: Negative Propositions.
- 5. Disputed Case II: Universal Generalization.
- 6. Other Higher Order Functors.
- 7. Statistical Generalizations and Probability.
- 8. Laws of Nature and Causality.
- 9. Applied Mathematics, Dispositions, and Others.
- 10. Resolution and Ultimate Facts.
- 11. Concluding Remarks.- Intentionality and Tendency: How to Make Aristotle Up-To-Date.
- 1. Introduction.
- 2. The Problem.
- 3. Aristotle.
- 4. Newtonian Self-Change.
- 5. Intentionality.
- 6. Temporally Extended Entities.
- 7. The Duality of Intentions.
- 8. Formal Ontology Today.
- 9. Summary.- Leibniz on Properties and Individuals.- Index of Names.- Index of Subjects.
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