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Practical Perforce als Buch

Practical Perforce

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When developers build software, they're able to keep track of all the different versions and all the components they use with software configuration management (SCM) systems. One of the more popular SCM products is Perforce.
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Practical Perforce als Buch
Titel: Practical Perforce
Autor/en: Laura Wingerd

ISBN: 0596101856
EAN: 9780596101855
Sprache: Englisch.

November 2005 - kartoniert - 336 Seiten


When developers build software, they're able to keep track of all the different versions and all the components they use with software configuration management (SCM) systems. One of the more popular SCM products is Perforce.
Authored by Perforce's own VP of product technology, Practical Perforce is the ideal complement to the existing product manual, focusing less on the 'how" and more on the "why" and "when." The book is not only a helpful introduction to Perforce,
it's an enlightening resource for those already familiar with this versatile SCM product. Whether you're a programmer, product manager, or build engineer, you stand to benefit from the many insider tips and ideas presented in this convenient guide.
Practical Perforce is divided into two main parts. Part I offers a whirlwind technical tour, complete with careful descriptions of basic and advanced Perforce commands designed to give you a baseline knowledge. Part II describes the big picture-using Perforce in a collaborative software development. It outlines recommended best practices and quickly shows how to implement them with the Perforce operations introduced in Part I. Throughout the book, you'll learn how to maximize Perforce so it completes tasks like these in the most efficient manner possible:
* Keep track of changes as you conduct concurrent parallel work on files
* Log activity
* Generate reports on who did what when
* Compare, merge and branch files
* Store files and file configurations
* Restore lost bug fixes
Recognizing the pitfalls and practices of an SCM system like Perforce is absolutely essential to producing good software. Now, with Practical Perforce, you have the edge you need to ensure success.


Preface 1. Files in the Depot The Perforce Filespec Syntax Browsing Depot Files File Types at a Glance 2. Working with Files An Overview Creating a Workspace Synchronizing a Workspace Local Syntax,Wildcard Expansion,and Special Characters Working with Local Files Working with Pending Changelists and Submitting Files Removing and Restoring Files Useful Recipes 3. Resolving and Merging Files Resolving:When,What,and How How Perforce Merges Text Files Reconciling Structural Changes Tips for Smoother Collaboration The Arcana of Merging 4. Branching and Integration The Classic Case for a Branch Creating Branches Integrating Changes from Branch to Branch Reconciling Structural Changes The Arcana of Integration 5. Labels and Jobs Saving Important Configurations Using Labels Using Jobs Jobs as Changelist Markers 6. Controlling and Automating Activity Depot and File Access Accessing Files in Other Domains Saving and Restoring Specs Change Notification and Change Monitoring Scripting Tips Behind-the-Scenes Version Control 7. How Software Evolves The Story of Ace Engineering The Mainline Model Ace Engineering Revisited Containerizing 8. Basic Codeline Management Organizing Your Depot General Care and Feeding of Codelines Nightly Builds Is Bug X Fixed in Codeline Y? 9. Release Codelines Creating a Release Codeline Working in a Release Codeline Integrating Changes into the Mainline Making a Release Distributing Releases Breaking the Rules Retiring a Release Codeline Task Branches and Patch Branches 10. Development Codelines Creating a Development Codeline Working in a Development Codeline Keeping a Development Codeline Up to Date Working with Third-Party Software Delivering Completed Development Work The Soft Codelines 11. Staging Streams and Web Content Staging Web Content Visual Content Development Bug Fixes and Staging Streams Major Web Development A. Setting Up a Perforce Test Environment B. Perforce Terminology and P4 Commands Bibliography Glossary Index


Laura Wingerd formed her early opinions of software configuration
management during a decade of wrangling builds and source code for the
Sybase and Ingres database products. She joined Perforce Software the day
the company moved out of its founder's garage and has since acquired quite a
bit of SCM expertise from the very Perforce customers she purports to
advise. Every now and then, she comes up with an idea of her own and spews
forth in a white paper or a speaking engagement. Laura is currently vice
president of product technology at Perforce Software, dividing her time
between promoting sound
SCM practices and investigating new and better ways to put Perforce to use.


"Wie alle Systeme ähnlicher Art ermöglicht Perforce das gleichzeitige Arbeiten mehrerer Personen an den gleichen Dokumenten und dementsprechend die Rückverfolgung von Änderungen, das Loggen von Aktivitäten, Erstellen von Reports, das Vergleichen, Ändern und Zusammenführen von Dateien. All diesen Themen widmet sich Laura Wingerd. [...] Dabei folgt die Autorin einem sachlichen Ansatz und verzettelt sich nicht in langen Begründungen. Practical Perforce ist weniger ein Lehrbuch über den optimalen Softwareentwicklungsprozess. Vielmehr ist es ein detailliertes Handbuch zur Software, die diesen Prozess unterstützt. Für den Perforce-Nutzer eine gute Wahl." - dotnetpro, Ausgabe 3/2007
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