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The Sage Handbook of Political Advertising als Buch

The Sage Handbook of Political Advertising

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The contributors to this Handbook examine the differences as well as the similarities of political advertising among the electoral processes of democracies globally. For each country or region, chapter authors provide an overview of research on polit … weiterlesen


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The Sage Handbook of Political Advertising als Buch


Titel: The Sage Handbook of Political Advertising
Autor/en: Lynda Lee Kaid, Christina Holtz-Bacha

ISBN: 1412917956
EAN: 9781412917957
Sprache: Englisch.

Juni 2006 - gebunden - 492 Seiten


The contributors to this Handbook examine the differences as well as the similarities of political advertising among the electoral processes of democracies globally. For each country or region, chapter authors provide an overview of research on political advertising and address political advertising history, political and regulatory systems related to political advertising, the effects of media system structures and the effects of new technologies on political advertising. The editors provide overview and comparative chapters and address the effects of political advertising on the voters and the systems of which it is a part.


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Part I. An International Context for Political Advertising
1. Political Advertising in International Comparison - Christina Holtz-Bacha and Lynda Lee Kaid
2. Methodologies for the Study of Political Advertising - Anne Johnston
Part II. Political Advertising in Commercial Broadcasting Systems
3. Political Advertising in the United States - Lynda Lee Kaid
Part III. Political Advertising in Public Television Systems
4. Political Advertising in the United Kingdom - Margaret Scammell and Ana Inés Langer
5. Election Broadcasts in France - Lynda Lee Kaid and Nathalie Gagnère
6. Political Advertising in Spain and Portugal - Colleen Connolly-Ahern and Julio César Herrero
7. From Electoral Propaganda to Political Advertising in Israel - Dan Caspi and Baruch Leshem
8. Political Advertising and Democracy in Brazil - Mauro P. Porto
9. Political Advertising in Chile - Markus Moke
Part IV. Dual Systems of Public and Commercial Political Advertising
10. Political Advertising in Germany - Christina Holtz-Bacha
11. Political Advertising on Television in the Nordic and Baltic States - Tom Moring
12. Polispots in Greece: Between Partisanship and Media Logic - Athanassios N. Samaras and Stylianos Papathanassopoulos
13. Sure to Come, But Temporarily Delayed: The Netherlands in Search of the Political Ad - Kees Brants
14. TV Political Advertising in Italy: When Politicians Are Afraid - Gianpietro Mazzoleni
15. Political Advertising in Mexico - José-Carlos Lozano
16. Political Advertising in Australia and New Zealand - Julianne Stewart
17. Political Advertising in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan - Jinyoung Tak
Part V. Political Advertising Developments in Evolving Democracies
18. A Spiral of Post-Soviet Cynicism: The First Decade of Political Advertising in Russia - Sarah Oates
19. Political Communication and Advertising in Poland - Wojciech Cwalina and Andrzej Falkowski
20. Political Advertising in Hungarian Electoral Communications - Jolán Róka
21. Fifteen Years of Televised Political Advertising Developments in Bulgaria - Lilia Raycheva
22. Political Advertising in a "New" Democracy: The Czech Republic - Jan Jirák and Otakar soltys
23. Persuading Voters and Political Advertising in Turkey - Baki Can
24. Political Advertising in Emerging Democracies: The Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia - Lars Willnat and Annette Aw
25. Deficient Democracies, Media Pluralism, and Political Advertising in West Africa - Frank Wittmann and Baba Thiam
26. Political Advertising in South Africa - Ruth Teer-Tomaselli
Part VI. Comparisons and Conclusions
27. Television Advertising and Democratic Systems Around the World: A Comparison of Videostyle Content and Effects - Lynda Lee Kaid and Christina Holtz-Bacha
About the Authors


Lynda Lee Kaid (Ph.D., M.S., B.A., Southern Illinois University) is Professor of Telecommunications and Senior Associate Dean of the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. She previously served as the Director of the Political Communication Center and supervised the Political Commercial Archive at the University of Oklahoma. Her research specialties include political advertising and news coverage of political events. A Fulbright Scholar, she has also done work on political television in several Western European countries. She is the author/editor of 14 books, including the Handbook of Political Communication Research, Videostyle in Presidential Campaigns, The Electronic Election, New Perspectives on Political Advertising, Mediated Politics in Two Cultures, Political Advertising in Western Democracies (SAGE, 1995), and Political Campaign Communication: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature. She has received over $1 million in external grant funds for her research efforts, including support from the U. S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Science Foundation. She is a former chair of the Political Communication Divisions of ICA and NCA and has also served in leadership roles the American Political Science Association and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.


"The new work includes substantial information on the state of political advertising in developing democratic countries in eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. It would be useful as a beginning reference for individuals looking for background information on political advertising in various countries."
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