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Neural Development and Stem Cells

'Contemporary Neuroscience'. Sprache: Englisch.
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Developing the second edition of Neural Development and Stem Cells was neces- tated by the rapid increase in our knowledge of the development of the nervous system. It has become increasingly clear that stem cells are a heterogeneous population that … weiterlesen


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Neural Development and Stem Cells als Buch


Titel: Neural Development and Stem Cells
Autor/en: Mahendra S. Rao

ISBN: 1588294811
EAN: 9781588294814
'Contemporary Neuroscience'.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Mahendra S. Rao, Mohan C. Vemuri, Melissa Carpenter

September 2005 - gebunden - 454 Seiten


Developing the second edition of Neural Development and Stem Cells was neces- tated by the rapid increase in our knowledge of the development of the nervous system. It has become increasingly clear that stem cells are a heterogeneous population that changes extensively during development. Perhaps the most important advance in our understanding of stem cell behavior has been the realization that regionalization of stem cells occurs early in development and this bias toward differentiation in phe- types of neurons or cells characteristic of a particular part of the brain appears to persist even after prolonged culture. We have therefore included additional chapters on olf- tory epithelial stem cells and retinal stem cells, both of which differ in their properties from ventricular zone and subventricular zone-derived neural stem cells. It is also now clear from an analysis of mutants and transgenics where the death or self-renewal pa- way is altered that cell death regulates stem cell number. As a consequence, this second edition includes a separate chapter on cell death that summarizes the important changes in the death pathway that occur as stem cells mature. The existing chapters in the book have also been extensively revised and updated by experts who have generously c- tributed their time and expertise. The chapters have been organized along the lines of our understanding of how the nervous system develops (Fig. 1, on p. vi).


"Defining Neural Stem Cells and Their Role in Normal Development of the Nervous System
Sally Temple

Neural Stem Cells in the Adult Brain: Implications of Their Glial Characteristics
Daniel A. Lim and Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

Cellular and Molecular Properties of Multipotent Neural Stem Cells Throughout Ontogeny
Larysa Halyna Pevny

Multipotent Stem Cells in the Embryonic Nervous System
Ali Jalali, Michael Bonaguidi, Caitilin Hamill, and John A. Kessler

Regulation of Neural Stem Cell Death
Rizwan S. Akhtar and Kevin A. Roth

Neuronal Progenitor Cells of the Mammalian Neonatal Anterior Subventricular Zone
Douglas L. Falls and Marla B. Luskin

Glial Restricted Precursors
Mark Noble and Margot Mayer-Pröschel

PNS Precursor Cells in Development and Cancer
Houman D. Hemmati, Tanya A. Moreno, and Marianne Bronner-Fraser

Stem Cells of the Adult Olfactory Epithelium
James E. Schwob and Woochan Jang

Retinal Stem Cells
Ani V. Das, Jackson James, Sreekumaran Edakkot, and Iqbal Ahmad

Transdifferentiation in the Nervous System
Ying Liu and Mahendra S. Rao

Neural Progenitor Cells of the Adult Human Brain
Steven A. Goldman

Embryonic Stem Cells and Neurogenesis
Robin L. Wesselschmidt and John W. McDonald

Mobilizing of Neural Precursors in the Adult Central Nervous System
Theo D. Palmer and Fred H. Gage

Neural Stem Cells and Transplant Therapy: Intrinsic Programs and Clinical Applications
Jaime Imitola, Yang D. Teng, Vaclav Ourednik, Kook In Park, Richard L. Sidman, and Evan Y. Snyder

Appendix A: Neural Stem Cell Companies
Appendix B: Stem Cells and Transplants
Appendix C: Patents and Stem Cells
Appendix D: Stem Cells and US Federal Guidelines



.,."provides a fascinating insight about an exciting and emereging field of neuroscience." -Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy "This book is a well-balanced amalgamation of background knowledge, as well as valuable information for the scientists working in the dynamic area of stem cell research." -Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy From Reviews of the First Edition...
.,."Mahendra Rao is to be commended on organizing such an outstanding book in one of the most rapidly growing areas of basic and applied neuroscience research...a seminal book that will prove valuable to the neuroscience community over the coming years." -Journal of Molecular Neuroscience
.,."a valuable tool for neurobiologists to unravel this complex field..." -Drug Discovery Today
.,."a surprisingly readable book...also very informative. Any interested clinician that wants a broad overview of the field should consult this text; so should anyone considering research in this exciting and rapidly developing field." -British Journal of Neurosurgery

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