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AppleScript: The Definitive Guide als Buch

AppleScript: The Definitive Guide

Sprache: Englisch.
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Mac users everywhere--even those who know nothing about programming--are discovering the value of the latest version of AppleScript, Apple's vastly improved scripting language for Mac OS X Tiger. And with this new edition of the top-selling AppleScri … weiterlesen
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AppleScript: The Definitive Guide als Buch


Titel: AppleScript: The Definitive Guide
Autor/en: Matt Neuburg

ISBN: 0596102119
EAN: 9780596102111
Sprache: Englisch.

Januar 2006 - kartoniert - 565 Seiten


Mac users everywhere--even those who know nothing about programming--are discovering the value of the latest version of AppleScript, Apple's vastly improved scripting language for Mac OS X Tiger. And with this new edition of the top-selling AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, anyone, regardless of your level of experience, can learn to use AppleScript to make your Mac time more efficient and more enjoyable by automating repetitive tasks, customizing applications, and even controlling complex workflows.
Fully revised and updated--and with more and better examples than ever--AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition explores AppleScript 1.10 from the ground up. You will learn how AppleScript works and how to use it in a variety of contexts: in everyday scripts to process automation, in CGI scripts for developing applications in Cocoa, or in combination with other scripting languages like Perl and Ruby.
AppleScript has shipped with every Mac since System 7 in 1991, and its ease of use and English-friendly dialect are highly appealing to most Mac fans. Novices, developers, and everyone in between who wants to know how, where, and why to use AppleScript will find AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition to be the most complete source on the subject available. It's as perfect for beginners who want to write their first script as it is for experienced users who need a definitive reference close at hand.
AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition begins with a relevant and useful AppleScript overview and then gets quickly to the language itself; when you have a good handle on that, you get to see AppleScript in action, and learn how to put it into action for you. An entirely new chapter shows developers how to make your Mac applications scriptable, and how to give them that Mac OS X look and feel with AppleScript Studio. Thorough appendixes deliver additional tools and resources you won't find anywhere else. Reviewed and approved by Apple, this indispensable guide carries the ADC (Apple Developer Connection) logo.


Part I. AppleScript Overview
1. Why to Use AppleScript
The Nature and Purpose of AppleScript
Is This Application Scriptable?
Calculation and Repetition
Combining Specialties
2. Where to Use AppleScript
Script Editor
Internally Scriptable Application
Script Runner
Automatic Location
3. Basic Concepts
Apple Events
The Open Scripting Architecture
Compiling and Decompiling
Compiled Script Files
Script Text File
Applet and Droplet
Scripting Addition
Missing External Referents
Modes of Scriptability
Part II. The AppleScript Language
4. Introducing the Language
A Little Language
Extensibility and Its Perils
The "English-likeness" Monster
The Learning Curve
5. Syntactic Ground of Being
Abbreviations and Synonyms
6. A Map of the World
Scope Blocks
Levels and Nesting
The Top Level
Code and the Run Handler
7. Variables
Assignment and Retrieval
Declaration and Definition of Variables
Variable Names
8. Script Objects
Script Object Definition
Run Handler
Script Properties
Script Objects as Values
Top-Level Entities
Compiled Script Files as Script Objects
9. Handlers
Handler Definition
Returned Value
Handlers as Values
Pass by Reference
Syntax of Defining and Calling a Handler
Event Handlers
The Run Handler
Power Handler Tricks
10. Scope
Regions of Scope
Kinds of Variable
Scope of Top-Level Entities
Scope of Locals
Scope of Globals
Scope of Undeclared Variables
Declare Your Variabl


Matt Neuburg started programming computers in 1968, when he was 14 years old, as a member of a literally underground high school club, which met once a week to do timesharing on a bank of PDP-10s by way of primitive teletype machines. He also occasionally used Princeton University's IBM-360/67, but gave it up in frustration when one day he dropped his punch cards. He majored in Greek at Swarthmore College, and received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1981, writing his doctoral dissertation (about Aeschylus) on a mainframe. He proceeded to teach Classical languages, literature, and culture at many well-known institutions of higher learning, most of which now disavow knowledge of his existence, and to publish numerous scholarly articles unlikely to interest anyone. Meanwhile he obtained an Apple IIc and became hopelessly hooked on computers again, migrating to a Macintosh in 1990. He wrote some educational and utility freeware, became an early regular contributor to the online journal TidBITS, and in 1995 left academe to edit MacTech Magazine. He is also the author of Frontier: The Definitive Guide and REALbasic: The Definitive Guide. In August 1996 he became a freelancer, which means he has been looking for work ever since. He is the author of Frontier: The Definitive Guide and REALbasic: The Definitive Guide, both for O'Reilly & Associates.


"Haben Sie sich schon mal gefragt, wie Sie Ihren Mac dazu bringen, nur für Sie zu ackern? Speziell jene alltäglichen Routinen, für die er eigentlich zusammengelötet wurde? Wenn Sie Ihre Wünsche in Mac-Befehle umsetzen wollen, ist AppleScript Ihr bester Freund [...]. Überwinden Sie also Ihren Respekt vor dem grimmig blickenden Hund, denn AppleScript - The Definitive Guide könnte ganz schnell Ihr treuester Begleiter werden." - Mac Life, November 2006

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