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How to Do Everything with Dreamweaver 8 als Buch

How to Do Everything with Dreamweaver 8

Sprache: Englisch.
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Covering the latest version of this state-of-the-art Web design tool, this step-by-step guide shows beginning to intermediate users how to create and maintain striking Web sites with Dreamweaver. Readers will learn to use all the components, includin … weiterlesen
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How to Do Everything with Dreamweaver 8 als Buch


Titel: How to Do Everything with Dreamweaver 8
Autor/en: Michael Meadhra

ISBN: 0072262389
EAN: 9780072262384
Sprache: Englisch.

23. Mai 2011 - kartoniert - 460 Seiten


Now you can design and build the Web site of your dreams from start to finish with help from How to Do Everything with Dreamweaver 8 . Learn to combine text and images to create striking-looking Web pages, then jazz up your content by adding sound, video, and Flash movies. Web design expert and bestselling author Michael Meadhra provides you with step-by-step examples on all the essentials, plus great advice for using features such as Cascading Style Sheets and integrating with other applications. Clearly defined chapters work equally well if you re a beginner who prefers to learn in a tutorial fashion, or if you want to flip through for quick answers to a specific task or feature.
Master Web page basics, including editing HTML code
Insert and adjust images for backgrounds, links, and more
Format and edit text and paragraphs
Balance and maximize image quality easily
Publish Web documents with file- and site-management tools
Position Web page elements with tables or layers
Create and manipulate tables
Add video, sound, and animated graphics to your site
Use Cascading Style Sheets for text formatting and page layout with layers and divs
Test browser compatibility and conduct site maintenance


Part I: Get to Know DreamweaverChapter 1: Get Started with DreamweaverChapter 2: Define a Site in DreamweaverPart II: Create Basic Web PagesChapter 3: Create a Page with TextChapter 4: Format Text with CBS StylesChapter 5: Add Images and Hyperlinks to Your Web PageChapter 6: Edit HTML Code in DreamweaverPart III: Beyond the BasicsChapter 7: Create and Edit TablesChapter 8: Work with LayersChapter 9: Use Frames and FramesetsChapter 10: Work with FormsChapter 11: Create and Use Dreamweaver Templates and Libraries Part IV: Expand Your HorizonsChapter 12: Extend Dreamweaver's CapabilitiesChapter 13: Work with Rollovers and Other Interactive ElementsChapter 14: Program Dynamic Web PagesPart V: Manage Your Site with DreamweaverChapter 15: Publish Your SiteChapter 16: Maintain Web Sites and Collaborate with Others Chapter 17: Collaborate with Contribute Users


Michael Meadhra (Kentucky) has authored, co-authored, and contributed to more thanthirty books, including the Windows 2000 Professional Bible (IDG Books), StarOffice 5.2 for Dummies (IDG Books), KDE for Dummies (IDG), Peter Norton's Guide to Windows 95, 1998 Ed. (Sams), Learn Windows 98 in aWeekend (Prima), Lotus SmartSuite for Dummies (IDG), Using Windows 3.11 (Que), Using DOS (Que), Internet Explorer 3.0 Unleashed (Sams), Using Your PC, 2nd Ed. (Que), Special Edition, Using Compuserve (Que), Ten Minute Guide to Freelance Graphics 96 for Win95 (Que), and Adobe Web Publishing and Design Unleashed (Sams). He has also contributed chapters to a number of books published by Que, including SE Using Win95, Using Win95, SE Using Windows NT Workstation 4.0, SE Using the Internet, 3rd Ed, and SE Using PowerPoint 97. While a member of the Cobb Group, Michael served as Editor-in-Chief of several newsletters covering topics such as PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Freehand, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Illustrator and Photoshop.

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