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Waves Called Solitons als Buch

Waves Called Solitons

Concepts and Experiments. 'Advanced Texts in Physics'. 3rd ed. 1999. Corr. 2nd printing 2003. Book.…
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Dieses Buch beschreibt in einer auch für Anfänger gut zugänglichen Form Solitonen, wie sie tatsächlich in Physik und Chemie auftreten. Der Autor gibt auch Anleitungen zu einfachen Experimenten. Das Buch ist geeignet für Studenten in Physik, Chemie u … weiterlesen
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Waves Called Solitons als Buch


Titel: Waves Called Solitons
Autor/en: Michel Remoissenet

ISBN: 3540659196
EAN: 9783540659198
Concepts and Experiments.
'Advanced Texts in Physics'.
3rd ed. 1999. Corr. 2nd printing 2003.
Sprache: Englisch.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

21. Mai 2003 - gebunden - 364 Seiten


Written for an interdisciplinary readership of physicists, engineers, and chemists, this book is a practical guide to the fascinating world of solitons. These waves of large amplitude propagate over long distances without dispersing and therefore show one of the most striking aspects of nonlinearity. The author addresses students, practitioners, and researchers, approaching the subject from the standpoint of applications in optics, hydrodynamics, and electrical and chemical engineering. The book also encourages readers to perform their own experiments. Since the printing of the second edition of this book, there has been a large growth in the literature on nonlinear waves and so has the wide applicability of the subject to the physical, chemical and biological sciences. This third edition has been thoroughly revised. Some of the topics are brought up to date with pertinent references. Furthermore, the book now includes a completely new chapter on solitary waves in diffuse systems.


1 Basic Concepts and the Discovery of Solitons.
2 Linear Waves in Electrical Transmission Lines.
3 Solitons in Nonlinear Transmission Lines.
4 More on Transmission-Line Solitons.
5 Hydrodynamic Solitons.
6 Mechanical Solitons.
7 Fluxons in Josephson Transmission Lines.
8 Solitons in Optical Fibers.
9 The Soliton Concept in Lattice Dynamics.
10 A Look at Some Remarkable Mathematical Techniques.
11 Diffusive solitons.


From the reviews
"In Waves Called Solitons, Michel Remoissenet stays focused on helping the reader understand what solitary waves are, to see how they maintain their integrity as they interact with one another, and to appreciate the roles that these coherent lumps of energy and information play in diverse areas of engineering, physical science, and biology. (...) this book will serve as the basic text for such an undergraduate course, introducing students to the emergence and dynamics of coherent states. I recommend it most highly." (A. Scott, SIAM Review, 2000)
"The revisions and enlargements present in the current edition make the text an even more motivating introduction to the subject of solitons." (Zentralblatt für Mathematik, 2000)
"Unquestionably one of the most exciting introductory books to the world of Solitons. Remoissenet uses a clear presentation based on simple and pedagogical explanations motivated by a great number of experiments ... Without a doubt, this book succeeds to introduce this important field in a simple way." (PHYSICALIA)
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