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Healthy Eating for Life for Children

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Strong new series with good imprimatur and promotional potential; growing healthy cooking subject area for General Interest product line
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Healthy Eating for Life for Children als Buch


Titel: Healthy Eating for Life for Children
Autor/en: Neal Barnard M. D. Amy Lanou, Jennifer Raymond

ISBN: 0471436216
EAN: 9780471436218
Sprache: Englisch.

Februar 2002 - kartoniert - 258 Seiten


Strong new series with good imprimatur and promotional potential; growing healthy cooking subject area for General Interest product line


List of Recipes. Preface. Part I: Essentials. 1. Healthy Eating Basics. The Shift to Plant-Based Diets. 2. Nutrients and Where to Find Them. Protein. Complex Carbohydrates. Fats and Essential Fatty Acids. Fiber. Calcium. Iron. Zinc. Vitamins. What about Meat, Dairy, and Eggs? The Safety of Vegan Diets. Getting Started. Part II: Making It Work for You. 3. Starting Life Well: Nutrition in Pregnancy. A Healthy Pregnancy-A Good Place to Start. Exercise in Pregnancy. Eating for Two. Meal Planning. Meeting Nutrient Needs. Special Concerns. Keeping Your Body Toxin-Free. 4. Worry-Free Breastfeeding. The Perfect Food for Babies. Benefits for Mothers. How Much and How Often? Complete Nutrition for Breastfed Babies. If You Need a Formula. Establishing a Schedule. Preventing Colic. When to Wean. Mother's Food Choices Matter. 5. The Transition to Solid Foods. How to Begin. Beyond Cereal. Adding More Foods. Finger Foods. Choosing Healthy Foods. Supplements for a Growing Baby. Diet by the First Birthday. 6. Feeding Toddlers. It's Easy to Get Complete Nutrition. A Closer Look at Your Baby's Food. The Whole Grain Group. The Vegetable Group. The Legume Group. The Fruit Group. If Your Toddler Won't Eat Vegetables. Drinks for Toddlers. Toddlers and Sweets. Encouraging Healthy Eating. If Your Extended Family Doesn't Understand Good Nutrition. 7. Growing Kids. Balanced Nutrition for Grade School Children. Healthy Snacking Habits. Choosing Whole Foods. "Where Does My Food Come From?" Building Responsible Health Choices. 8. The Teen Years. Meal Planning Guidelines for Adolescents. Diet and Puberty. Setting the Stage for Good Adult Health. Helping Your Child Stick with It. Part III: Lifelong Health. 9. Food and Common Health Problems. Fighting Infections. Allergies. Cow's Milk Intolerance. Recurrent Ear Infections. Asthma. Type 1 Diabetes. 10. Feeding the Mind. Breastfeeding and Cognitive Development. Breakfast and Learning in Children. Nutrition for Hyperactivity and Attention Problems. Autism. 11. Healthy Eating for the Young Athlete. Energy from Carbohydrate-Rich Foods. Plant Protein Builds a Healthy Body. Keeping Cool. Young Bodies and Sports. 12. Nurturing a Healthy Body Image. Talking with Your Child. 13. Achieving a Healthy Weight and Fitness Level. The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Weight. What Is a Healthy Weight? Food Choices for a Fit Body. Key Steps to Fitness. What if My Child Is Overweight? Staying Clear of the Food Fight. The Problem with Dieting. 14. Eating Disorders: A Guide for Parents. The Unhealthy Habits. The Dangers of Eating Disorders. Anorexia Nervosa. Bulimia Nervosa. Binge-Eating Disorder. Activity Disorders. Beyond Definitions. If Your Child Has an Eating Disorder. Finding Appropriate Treatment. A Few Things to Avoid. What Can We Expect during Recovery? 15. Putting it All Together. 16. Cooking Tips and Techniques. Planning a Menu. A Sample Menu Plan. Making a Shopping List. Stocking Up. Meal Preparation Timesavers. 17. Menus for A Week. 18. The Recipes. Breakfasts. Grains and Pastas. Sandwiches and Wraps. Salads. Dips, Dressings, and Sauces. Soups and Stews. Entrees. Vegetables. Breads and Desserts. Beverages. Glossary. Resources. References. Index.


The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM; web site: pcrm.org) is an international nonprofit organization of physicians, health care professionals, and laypersons promoting preventive medicine through innovative programs. PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., is a popular speaker and the author of Foods That Fight Pain; Eat Right, Live Longer; Food for Life; and other books on preventive medicine. PCRM promotes preventive medicine through their publication Good Medicine and through innovative programs, including the Cancer Project. PCRM's clinical research studies are breaking new ground in diabetes, obesity, pain management, and other serious conditions. AMY LANOU, Ph.D., is Nutrition Director of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She received her doctoral degree in human nutrition from Cornell University.
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