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Optical Properties of Low Dimensional Silicon Structures als Buch
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Optical Properties of Low Dimensional Silicon Structures

'NATO Science Series E'. Auflage 1993. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Meylan, France, March 1-3, 1993


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Optical Properties of Low Dimensional Silicon Structures als Buch


Titel: Optical Properties of Low Dimensional Silicon Structures

ISBN: 0792324463
EAN: 9780792324461
'NATO Science Series E'.
Auflage 1993.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von B. Bensahel, Leigh T. Canham, Stefano Ossicini
Springer Netherlands

31. August 1993 - gebunden - 256 Seiten


The workshop on "Optical Properties of Low Dimensional Silicon sL Structures" was held in Meylan, France on March, I yd, 1993. The workshop took place inside the facilities of France Telecom- CNET. Around 45 leading scientists working on this rapidly moving field were in attendance. Principal support was provided by the Advanced Research Workshop Program of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). French Delegation a l'Armement and CNET gave also a small financial grant, the organisational part being undertaken by the SEE and CNET. There is currently intense research activity worldwide devoted to the optical properties of low dimensional silicon structures. This follow the recent discovery of efficient visible photoluminescence (PL) from highly porous silicon. This workshop was intended to bring together all the leading European scientists and laboratories in order to reveal the state of the art and to open new research fields on this subject. A large number of invited talks took place (12) together with regular contribution (20). The speakers were asked to leave nearly 1/3 of the time to the discussion with the audience, and that promoted both formal and informal discussions between the participants.


Preface. Microporous silicon: formation mechanism and preparation method; V. Lehmann. Electrochemical and chemical behaviour of porous silicon layers: the role of the material wettability and its high specific surface area; A. Halimaoui. Fabrication of Si nanostructures for light emission study; H.I. Liu, D.K. Biegelsen, N.M. Johnson, F.A. Ponce, N.I. Maluf, R.F.W. Pease. Light emission from porous silicon and other self-organised low dimensional systems; B. Hamilton, S. Gardelis. Preparation and properties of thin siloxene films on silicon; M. Rosenbauer, M.S. Brandt, H.D. Fuchs, A. Höpner, A. Breitschweddt, M. Stutzmann. Modelling of porous structures formation during electrochemical treatment of materials; V.P. Parkhutik, J.M. Martinez-Duart, J.M. Albella. Electronic charge trapping effects in porous silicon; L. Pavesi, L. Calliari, E. Zanghellini, G. Mariotto, M. Anderle, O. Bisi. Mechanical, optical and electrical properties of porous silicon prepared under clean conditions; Y. Diawara, J.F. Currie, A. Yelon. The influence of microelectronic processing steps on the properties of porous silicon layers; H. Münder, M.G. Berger, St. Frohnhoff, M. Thönissen, H. Lüth, W. Theiß, L. Küpper. Progress towards understanding and exploiting the luminescent properties of highly porous silicon; L.T. Canham. `White' photoluminescence from electrochemically attacked silicon; A. Cameron, X. Chen, C. Trager Cowan, D. Uttamchandani, K.P. O'Donnell. Electrochemical investigation of the electroluminescent properties of porous silicon; F. Muller, R. Herino, M. Ligeon, S. Billat, F. Gaspard, R. Romestain, J.C. Vial, A. Bsiesy. Phenomenological properties of the fast (blue) and slow (red) components in the photoluminescence of porous silicon;J.C. Vial, I. Mihalcescu. Electroluminescence from porous silicon; F. Kozlowski, P. Steiner, W. Lang. Optoelectronic properties of porous silicon; N. Koshida. Voltage-tunable electroluminescence of porous silicon; A. Bsiesy, F. Muller, M. Ligeon, F. Gaspard, R. Hérino, R. Romestain, J.C. Vial. Studies of porous silicon by electron microscopy; A.G. Cullis. Scanning probe microscopies of luminescent porous silicon layers; Ph. Dumas, M. Gu, C. Syrykh, F. Salvan, J.K. Gimzewski, O. Vatel, A. Hallimaoui. In-situ combined infrared and photoluminescence investigation of porous silicon during its etching; V.M. Dubin, F. Ozanam, J.-N. Chazalviel. Near surface states in Si and their possible role in the luminescence of porous silicon; D. Bois, J.M. Debever. Porous electroluminescence mechanisms and defect analysis; J.F. Harvey, E.H. Poindexter, D.C. Morton, F.C. Rong, R.A. Lux, R. Tsu. Defect and structure analysis of n+ and p+-type porous silicon by the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance technique; H.J. von Bardeleben, D. Stievenard, A. Grosman, C. Ortega, J. Siejka. Photoluminescence and optically detected magnetic resonance investigations on porous silicon; A. Kux, D.M. Hofmann. Effects of the reduction of dielectric constant in nanoscale silicon; R. Tsu, D. Babic. Quantum effects in porous silicon; M. Voos, D. Delalande. Electronic properties of low dimensional silicon structures; S. Ossicini, A. Fasolino, F. Bernardini. Role of silicon molecules and crystallites in the luminescence of porous silicon; C. Delerue, G. Allan, M. Lannoo. Localisation of excitons on a quantum wire of fluctuating width; K.P. O'Donnell, F. Yang, E.J. Austin. Index.
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