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Origen -- Cosmology and Ontology of Time als Buch

Origen -- Cosmology and Ontology of Time

Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (gebunden)
An exposition challenging inveterate verdicts ingrained in the historical / theological mindset about Origen, who is shown to have produced a sheerly new theory of Time, the Christian one. Claims attributing the tenet of a 'beginningless world' to hi... weiterlesen


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Origen -- Cosmology and Ontology of Time als Buch
Titel: Origen -- Cosmology and Ontology of Time
Autor/en: Panayiotis Tzamalikos

ISBN: 9004147284
EAN: 9789004147287
Sprache: Englisch.

Dezember 2005 - gebunden - 417 Seiten


An exposition challenging inveterate verdicts ingrained in the historical / theological mindset about Origen, who is shown to have produced a sheerly new theory of Time, the Christian one. Claims attributing the tenet of a 'beginningless world' to him are disproved. The author challenges the widespread impression about this theology being bowled head over heels by its encounter with Platonism or Neoplatonism, casting new light on Origen's grasp of the relation between Hellenism, Hebrew thought and Christianity.


Preface, Abbreviations, Introduction; Chapter 1: God, Creation and Time, [LAMBDA]1. God and Time, [LAMBDA]2. The Providential Creation, [LAMBDA]3. The Fall and Creation of the World, The conception of the world The notions of not seen and invisible, God is incorporeal, The world is material, The world as a 'downfall', [LAMBDA]4. 'Beginningless world': a myth reconsidered [LAMBDA]5. God the Logos and World, The 'place' of the Logos, World and Time Conclusion; Chapter 2: The Ontology of Time, [LAMBDA]1. Time proper, The background Time as extension, Time is a dimension, Time is a creature, Time is a continuum, Time and the notion of Infinite, Relativity and Time, Origen's influence on his successors, Conclusion, [LAMBDA]2. Prolongation of Time, The cause of consummation, The end of aeon and Judgement, The outcome of Judgement, [LAMBDA]3. Time and Causality, Categorizing motion, Free moral action as motion, Trial of motion in time, The notions of 'fastness' and 'slowness', God and creaturely freedom, The conception of causality, Natural causality, Causality in rational action Existential causality, The notion of pre-existent causes, Time as the extension of freedom, Causality between time and timelessness, Timeless causality?, Conclusion; Chapter 3: Time and Histroy, [LAMBDA]1. Human being throughout an aeon, Origen and the doctrine of transmigration, Distinction between soul and spirit, Human being throughout an aeon, Conclusion, [LAMBDA]2. Time and the Incarnation of Christ, The perpetual advent of the Logos, The consummation of aeons, The uniquness of the Incarnation of Christ, Incarnation and Time, The eternal gospel, The 'intelligible crucifixion' of Christ, Conclusion, [LAMBDA]3. Prophecy and History, [LAMBDA]4. The kairoi in God's action, The notion of kairos in man's action Kairos and the character of Time, Conclusion; Chapter 4: The Notion of Eternal, [LAMBDA]1. Eternal life Eternal life as an end Eternal life as contemplation, Eternal life and Greek thought, [LAMBDA]2. Eternal life and the notion of Infinite [LAMBDA]3. Eternal life and freedom Eternal life as a mutable state of action, [LAMBDA]4. Eternal death, Conclusion; Chapter 5: ESCHATOLOGY, [LAMBDA]1. The eventual extinction of evil, [LAMBDA]2. Universal perfection, [LAMBDA]3. The Ultimate End, The notion of 'after' the eternal life, The 'perfection of resurrection', The end of Time, Dissolution of corporeality into non-being, [LAMBDA]4. The raison d'etre of Time Conclusion, Bibliography, Indices, Index of English terms and names, Index of Greek terms and names, Index of Scriptural citations.


Panayiotis Tzamalikos is Professor of Philosophy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied at this University (MSc, MPhil) and at the University of Glasgow, Scotland (Ph.D., in the Faculty of Divinity). He is the author of seven books, and several articles among which, Origen: The Source of Augustine's Theory of Time, Origen and the Stoic View of Time, Creation ex nihilo in Origen, and The Autonomy of the Stoic View of Time.


"'Professor Panayotis Tzamalikos has become a recognised authority on Origen's understanding of Time. This erudite and closely argued new study sheds further light on a pivotal theme in Origen's thought, uncovering generalised misapprehensions about 'Platonism' and 'Greek views' of complex issues. A fine achievement.' George Newlands, (Professor of Divinity, University of Glasgow)."

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