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Plant Metabolomics

Auflage 2006. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Metabolomics - which deals with all metabolites of an organism - is a rapidly-emerging sector of post-genome research fields. It plays significant roles in a variety of fields from medicine to agriculture and holds a fundamental position in functiona... weiterlesen


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Plant Metabolomics als Buch
Titel: Plant Metabolomics

ISBN: 3540297812
EAN: 9783540297819
Auflage 2006.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Richard A. Dixon, Kazuki Saito, Lothar Willmitzer
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

2. März 2006 - gebunden - 372 Seiten


Metabolomics - which deals with all metabolites of an organism - is a rapidly-emerging sector of post-genome research fields. It plays significant roles in a variety of fields from medicine to agriculture and holds a fundamental position in functional genomics studies and their application in plant biotechnology. This volume comprehensively covers plant metabolomics for the first time. The chapters offer cutting-edge information on analytical technology, bioinformatics and applications. They were all written by leading researchers who have been directly involved in plant metabolomics research throughout the world. Up-to-date information and future developments are described, thereby producing a volume which is a landmark of plant metabolomics research and a beneficial guideline to graduate students and researchers in academia, industry, and technology transfer organizations in all plant science fields.


Section I Analytical Technology I.1 Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry J. Kopka 1 Introduction 2 GC-MS Profiling Technology in a Nutshell 3 Short Excursion into Nomenclature and Definitions 4 Present Challenges of GC-MS Profiling References I.2 Current Status and Forward Looking Thoughts on LC/MS Metabolomics L.W. Sumner 1 Introduction 2 Chromatography Theory 3 Limitations of Current Metabolic Profiling Approaches and Proposed Solutions to Advance Metabolomics 4 Future Directions and Forward-Looking Thoughts References I.3 Plant Metabolomics Strategies Based upon Quadrupole Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry(QTOF-MS) H.A. Verhoeven, C.H. Ric de Vos, R.J. Bino, and R.D. Hall 1 Introduction 2 The Technology 3 Data Analysis 4 Application of QTOF MS-based Plant Metabolomics Analyses 5 Conclusions and Future Prospects References I.4 Capillary HPLC T. Ikegami, E. Fukusaki, and N. Tanaka 1 Introduction 2 Monolithic Silica Columns for Micro HPLC 3 Applications of Monolithic Silica Columns to Metabolomics 4 Two-Dimensional HPLC 5 Combination of Reversed Phase HPLC and Other Separation Modes 6 Outlook References I.5 Capillary HPLC Coupled to Electrospray Ionization Quadrupole Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry S. Clemens, C. Boettcher, M. Franz, E. Willscher, E. v. Roepenack-Lahaye, and D. Scheel 1 Introduction 2 Extraction, Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry 3 Potential and Limitations 4 Conclusions and Outlook References I.6 NMR Spectroscopy in Plant Metabolomics J.L. Ward and M.H. Beale 1 Introduction 2 High-throughput Screening by 1D 1H-NMR 3 Data Analysis 4 Two-dimensional NMR 5 Stable Isotope Labelling 6 Hyphenated NMR 7 Discussion: Applying NMR to Plant Metabolomics References I.7 Hetero-nuclear NMR-based Metabolomics J. Kikuchi and T. Hirayama 1 Introduction 2 Historical Aspects of NMR Studies of Plant Metabolism 3 1H-NMR-based Metabolomics 4 Use of Stable Isotope Labeling Technique to Enable Monitoring of the Dynamic Movement of Metabolites 5 Approach for Hetero-nuclear NMR-based Metabolomics 6 Prospects for the Future References Section II Bioinformatics II.1 Bioinformatics Approaches to Integrate Metabolomics and Other Systems Biology Data. B. Mehrotra and P. Mendes 1 Introduction 2 Databases 3 Data Visualization 4 Data Analysis 5 Conclusion References II.2 Chemometrics in Metabolomics - An Introduction J. Trygg, J. Gullberg, A.I. Johansson, P. Jonsson, and T. Moritz 1 Introduction 2 Theory and Methods 3 Example: Metabolomics Study on Arabidopsis Mutants 4 Summary and Future Prospectives References II.3 Map Editor for the Atomic Reconstruction of Metabolism (ARM) M. Arita, Y. Fujiwara, and Y. Nakanishi 1 Introduction 2 Definition of Metabolic Information 3 Metabolic Map Editor 4 Applications 5 Conclusions References II.4 AraCyc: Overview of an Arabidopsis Metabolism Database and its Applications for Plant Research S.Y. Rhee, P. Zhang, and H. Foerster 1 Introduction 2 Database Content 3 Search, Browse, and Analyze Functionalities 4 Applications of AraCyc 5 Current Issues and Future Directions 6 Conclusions References II.5 Kappa-View: A Tool for Integrating Transcriptomic
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