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Plant Surface Microbiology

Auflage 2004. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Most plants rely on the co-existence with microorganisms: both groups benefit from these symbioses. It has been shown that a large number of specific genes in plants and microorganisms are only activated during these interactions. Of course, various … weiterlesen


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Plant Surface Microbiology als Buch


Titel: Plant Surface Microbiology

ISBN: 354000923X
EAN: 9783540009238
Auflage 2004.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Lynette Abbott, Rüdiger Hampp, Ajit Varma
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

24. März 2004 - gebunden - 664 Seiten


Most plants rely on the co-existence with microorganisms: both groups benefit from these symbioses. It has been shown that a large number of specific genes in plants and microorganisms are only activated during these interactions. Of course, various microbes also act as pathogens.
Interactions between plants and microorganisms are often located on plant surfaces, such as leaf cuticles, seeds and mainly on the roots. The communication between plants and microbes is the main topic treated in "Plant Surface Microbiology", such as the signaling within a symbiosis, the molecular differences between symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms, the role of microorganisms in the development of plants or in plant protection against deleterious agents. Further contributions are devoted to: the analysis of bacterial communities in the rhizosphere; microbial population genetics; aspects of mycorrhizal symbiosis; functional genomic approaches and the use of microorganisms as bio-indicator of soil disturbance.


Introduction 1 State of the Art
A Varma, L.K. Abbott, D. Werner and R. Hampp Section A 2 Root Colonization Following Seed Inoculation
T.F.C. Chin-A-Woeng and B. J. J. Lugtenberg 3 Methanogenic Microbial Communities Associated with Aquatic Plants
R. Conrad 4 Role of Functional Group of Microorganisms on the Rhizosphere Microcosm Dynamics
G. Andrade 5 Diversity and Functions of Soil Microflora in Development of Plants
R.C. Kuhad, D. M. Kothamasi, K. K. Tripathi and A. Singh 6 Signalling in the Rhizobia-Legumes Symbiosis
D. Werner Section B 7 The Functional Groups of Microorganisms used as Bio-indicator on Soil Disturbance Caused by Biotech Product such as Bacillius thuringiensis and Bt transgenic Plants
G. Andrade 8 The Use of ACC Deaminase-Containing Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria to Protect Plants Against the Deleterious Effects of Ethylene
B. R. Glick and D. M. Penrose 9 Interaction Between Epiphyllic Micro-organisms and Leaf Cuticles
L. Schreiber, U. Krimm and D. Knoll 10 Developmental Interactions Between Clavicipitaleans and Their Host Plants
J. F. White Jr., F. Belanger, R. Sullivan, E. Lewis, M. Moy and W. Meyer 11 Interaction of Microbes with Genetically Modified Plants
M. Kaldorf, C. Zhang, U. Nehls, R. Hampp and F. Buscot Section C 12 Interaction Between Soil Bacteria and Ectomycorrhiza-Forming Fungi
R. Hampp and A. Maier 13 The Surface of Ectomycorrhizal Roots and the Interaction with Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
I. Kottke 14 Cellular Ustilaginomycetes-Plant Interactions
R. Bauer and F. Oberwinkler 15 Interaction of Piriformospora indica with Diverse Microorganisms and Plants
G.H. Pham, An. Singh, R. Malla, R. Kumari, K.-H. Rexer, G. Kost, P. Luis, M. Kaldorf, F. Buscot, S. Herrmann, T. Peskan, R Oelmuller, A.K. Saxena, S. Declerck, M. Mittag, E. Stabentheiner, S. Hehl and A. Varma 16 Cellular Basidiomycete-Fungus Interactions
R. Bauer and F. Oberwinkler Section D 17 Fungal Endophytes
S. R. Ghimire and K. D. Hyde 18 Mycorrhizal Development and Cytoskeleton
M. Raudaskoski, M. Tarkka and S. Niini 19 Functional Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Root Surfaces
M. Z. Solaiman and L. K. Abbott 20 Mycorrhizal Fungi and PGPRs
J. M. Barea, R. Azcón and C. Azcón-Aguilar 21 Carbohydrates and Nitrogen: Nutrients and Signals in Ectomycorrhizas
U. Nehls 22 Nitrogen Transport and Metabolism in Mycorrhizal Fungi and Mycorrhizas
A. Javelle, M. Chalot, A. Brun and B. Botton Section E 23 Visualisation of Rhizosphere Interactions of Pseudomonas and Bacillus Biocontrol Strains
T.F.C. Chin-A-Woeng, A.L. Lagopodi, I.H.M. Mulders, G.V. Bloemberg and B.J.J. Lugtenberg 24 Microbial Bacterial Community Analysis in the Rhizosphere by in situ and ex situ Application of Molecular Probing, Biomarker and Cultivation Techniques
A. Hartmann, R. Pukall, M. Rothballer, S. Gantner,S. Metz, M. Schloter and B. Mogge 25 Methods for Analysing the Interactions Between Epiphyllic Microorganisms and Leaf Cuticles
D. Knoll and L. Schreiber 26 Quantifying the Impact of ACC Deaminase-Containing Bacteria on Plants
D. M. Penrose and B. R. Glick 27 Application of Quantitative Microscopy in Studies of Plant Surface Microbiology
F. B. Dazzo 28 Analysis of Microbial Population Genetics
E. Biondi, A. Mengoni and M. Bazzicalupo 29 Functional Genomic Approaches for Studies of Mycorrhizal Symbiosis
G. K. Podila and L. Lanfranco 30 Axenic Cultures of Symbiotic Fungus-Piriformospora indica
G. H. Pham, R. Kumari, An. Singh, R.Malla, A. Verma, M. Kaldorf, F. Buscot, R. Oelmuller, R. Hampp, A.K. Saxena, K.-H. Rexer, G. Kost and A. Varma Subject Index


From the reviews:

"This more than 620-page volume (which includes 138 illustrations, two of which are in colour, and a considerable, detailed subject index) carefully examines the interaction between plants and micro-organisms located on plant surfaces ... . This volume summarizes and updates both the state of knowledge and theories and their possible biotechnological applications. It will be thus interest to a diverse audience of researchers, and instructors, especially biologists, biochemists, agronomists, foresters, horticulturists, mycologists, soil scientists, ecologists, plant physiologists, plant molecular biologists, geneticists, and microbiologists." (P. L. Pisanni, International Journal of Environment and Pollution, Issue 3, 2005)
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