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Protein NMR Techniques als Buch

Protein NMR Techniques

'Methods in Molecular Biology'. Auflage 2004. Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (gebunden)
When I was asked to edit the second edition of Protein NMR Techniques, my first thought was that the time was ripe for a new edition. The past several years have seen a surge in the development of novel methods that are truly revolutionizing our abil... weiterlesen


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Protein NMR Techniques als Buch
Titel: Protein NMR Techniques

ISBN: 1588292460
EAN: 9781588292469
'Methods in Molecular Biology'.
Auflage 2004.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von A. Kristina Downing

August 2004 - gebunden - 487 Seiten


When I was asked to edit the second edition of Protein NMR Techniques, my first thought was that the time was ripe for a new edition. The past several years have seen a surge in the development of novel methods that are truly revolutionizing our ability to characterize biological macromolecules in terms of speed, accuracy, and size limitations. I was particularly excited at the prospect of making these techniques accessible to all NMR labs and for the opportunity to ask the experts to divulge their hints and tips and to write, practically, about the methods. I commissioned 19 chapters with wide scope for Protein NMR Techniques, and the volume has been organized with numerous themes in mind. Chapters 1 and 2 deal with recombinant protein expression using two organisms, E. coli and P. pastoris, that can produce high yields of isotopically labeled protein at a reasonable cost. Staying with the idea of isotopic labeling, Chapter 3 describes methods for perdeuteration and site-specific protonation and is the first of several chapters in the book that is relevant to studies of higher molecular weight systems. A different, but equally powerful, method that uses molecular biology to "edit" the spectrum of a large molecule using segmental labeling is presented in Chapter 4. Having successfully produced a high molecular weight target for study, the next logical step is data acquisition. Hence, the final chapter on this theme, Chapter 5, describes TROSY methods for stru- ural studies.


Screening and Optimizing Protein Production in E. coli
Lorraine Hewitt and James M. McDonnell

Isotopic Labeling of Recombinant Proteins From the Methylotrophic Yeast Pichia pastoris
Andrew R. Pickford and Joanne M. O'Leary

Perdeuteration/Site-Specific Protonation Approaches for High-Molecular-Weight Proteins
Stephen Matthews

Segmental Isotopic Labeling for Structural Biological Applications of NMR
David Cowburn, Alexander Shekhtman, Rong Xu, Jennifer J. Ottesen, and Tom W. Muir

TROSY-Based Correlation and NOE Spectroscopy for NMR Structural Studies of Large Proteins
Guang Zhu, Youlin Xia, Donghai Lin, and Xiaolian Gao

Media for Studies of Partially Aligned States
Kieran Fleming and Stephen Matthews

Residual Dipolar Couplings in Protein Structure Determination
Eva de Alba and Nico Tjandra

Projection Angle Restraints for Studying Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules
Christian Griesinger, Wolfgang Peti, Jens Meiler, and Raphael Brüschweiler

Characterizing Domain Interfaces by NMR
Luke M. Rooney, Sachchidanand, and Jörn M. Werner

Characterization of the Overall Rotational Diffusion of a Protein From 15N Relaxation Measurements and Hydrodynamic Calculations
Jennifer Blake Hall, Olivier Walker, and David Fushman

TROSY-Based NMR Experiments for the Study of Macromolecular Dynamics and Hydrogen Bonding
Guang Zhu, Youlin Xia, Donghai Lin, and Xiaolian Gao

Measurement of Intermediate Exchange Phenomena
James G. Kempf and J. Patrick Loria

NMR Studies of Partially Folded Molten-Globule States
Christina Redfield

Structure Determination of Protein Complexes by NMR
Daniel Nietlispach, Helen R. Mott, Katherine M. Stott, Peter R. Nielsen, Abarna Thiru, and Ernest D. Laue

NMR Studies of Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions
Gabriele Varani, Yu Chen, andThomas C. Leeper

Using NMRView to Visualize and Analyze the NMR Spectra of Macromolecules
Bruce A. Johnson

Automated NMR Structure Calculation With CYANA
Peter Güntert

NOE Assignment With ARIA 2.0: The Nuts and Bolts
Michael Habeck, Wolfgang Rieping, Jens P. Linge, and Michael Nilges

Membrane Protein Structure Determination Using Solid-State NMR
Anthony Watts, Suzana K. Straus, Stephan L. Grage, Miya Kamihira, Yuen Han Lam, and Xin Zhao



From reviews of the first edition...
"...includes many good practical details which are so often omitted and which workers new to the field have to rediscover..." -Analyst
" excellent text... a very useful compilation...The limitations and power of the approaches are well presented and should help in experimental design very considerably." -Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
"...a collection of excellent reviews that will form a useful contribution to the bookshelf of any NMR lab." -Trends in Biotechnology
" excellent introduction...Readers will be left with a good understanding of the application of NMR to the study of proteins. " -Quarterly Review of Biology

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