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Response Surface Methodology and Related Topics als Buch

Response Surface Methodology and Related Topics

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This is the first edited volume on response surface methodology (RSM). It contains 17 chapters written by leading experts in the field and covers a wide variety of topics ranging from areas in classical RSM to more recent modeling approaches within t … weiterlesen


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Response Surface Methodology and Related Topics als Buch


Titel: Response Surface Methodology and Related Topics

ISBN: 9812564586
EAN: 9789812564580
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Heidi B. Goldfarb, Siuli Mukhopadhyay, Greg F. Piepel

Januar 2006 - gebunden - 457 Seiten


This is the first edited volume on response surface methodology (RSM). It contains 17 chapters written by leading experts in the field and covers a wide variety of topics ranging from areas in classical RSM to more recent modeling approaches within the framework of RSM, including the use of generalized linear models. Topics covering particular aspects of robust parameter design, response surface optimization, mixture experiments, and a variety of new graphical approaches in RSM are also included. The main purpose of this volume is to provide an overview of the key ideas that have shaped RSM, and to bring attention to recent research directions and developments in RSM, which can have many useful applications in a variety of fields. The volume will be very helpful to researchers as well as practitioners interested in RSM's theory and potential applications. It will be particularly useful to individuals who have used RSM methods in the past, but have not kept up with its recent developmen


Two-Level Factorial and Fractional Factorial Designs in Blocks of Size Two. Part 2 (Y J Yang & N R Draper); Response Surface Experiments on Processes with High Variation (S G Gilmour & L A Trinca); Random Run Order, Randomization and Inadvertent Split-Plots in Response Surface Experiments (J Ganju & J M Lucas); Statistical Inference for Response Surface Optima (D K J Lin & J J Peterson); A Search Method for the Exploration of New Regions in Robust Parameter Design (G Mero-Quesada & E del Castillo); Response Surface Approaches to Robust Parameter Design (T J Robinson & S S Wulff); Response Surface Methods and Their Application in the Treatment of Cancer with Drug Combinations: Some Reflections (K S Dawson et al.); Generalized Linear Models and Response Transformation (A C Atkinson); GLM Designs: The Dependence on Unknown Parameters Dilemma (A I Khuri & S Mukhopadhyay); Design for a Trinomial Response to Dose (S K Fan & K Chaloner); Evaluating the Performance of Non-Standard Designs: The San Cristobal Design (L M Haines); 50 Years of Mixture Experiment Research: 1955-2004 (G F Piepel); Graphical Methods for Comparing Response Surface Designs for Experiments with Mixture Components (H B Goldfarb & D C Montgomery); Graphical Methods for Assessing the Prediction Capability of Response Surface Designs (J J Borkowski); Using Fraction of Design Space Plots for Informative Comparisons between Designs (C M Anderson-Cook & A Ozol-Godfrey); Concepts of Slope-Rotatability for Second Order Response Surface Designs (S H Park); Design of Experiments for Estimating Differences between Responses and Slopes of the Response (S Huda).


"This is a useful collection to have on hand, or in the library."Short Book Reviews"This book is a wonderful, valuable, and timely collection of articles edited by a distinguished leader Andre I Khuri with many other distinguished and prominent leaders in this area ... The book is also elegant in its presentation of materials and all chapters are information-rich in their contents ... The price is affordable considering the wealth of information that one would get from this book for enhancing the product and process performance."Professor Subir GhoshUniversity of California, Riverside
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