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Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence

Lessons from the Trenches. 54:B&W 6. 14 x 9. 21in or 234 x 156mm (Royal 8vo) Blue Cloth w/Jacket on White…
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"Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence" bietet die besten Ideen und erfolgreichsten Verfahren für die strategische Planung und Umsetzung eines Competitive Intelligence Programms in mittelständischen und großen Unternehmen. Dieses Buch ist ein … weiterlesen


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Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence als Buch


Titel: Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence
Autor/en: Society of Competitive Intelligence Prof, John E. Prescott, Lastsociety of Competitive Intelligence

ISBN: 0471401781
EAN: 9780471401780
Lessons from the Trenches.
54:B&W 6. 14 x 9. 21in or 234 x 156mm (Royal 8vo) Blue Cloth w/Jacket on White w/Gloss Lam.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons

1. März 2001 - gebunden - 352 Seiten


Tested-in-the-trenches competitive intelligence techniques used at today s top companies
This book brings together the best thinking and practices in competitive intelligence (CI) currently being used at many of today s most successful companies. Featuring contributions from leading industry executives, it covers CI strategies across a wide range of business functions, including marketing and sales, market research and forecasting, product development, and teams.

The only book on the subject offering a comprehensive view of CI, from the CEO down to the tactical CI team
Numerous case studies vividly illustrating cutting-edge CI techniques in action


Preface: Corporations Get Smart (S. Miller).

Introduction: Competitive Intelligence--Lessons from the Trenches (J. Prescott).


Competitive Intelligence at Procter & Gamble (J. Pepper).

Shaping a Corporate Competitive Intelligence Function at IBM (L. Behnke & P. Slayton).

CI and KM Convergence: A Case Study at Shell Services International (B. Breeding).

Competitive Intelligence at Lexis-Nexis (H. Gieskes).

CI at Avnet: A Bottom-Line Impact (J. Hovis).

Competitive Intelligence at Xerox (J. Vezmar).

NutraSweet Faces Competition: The Critical Role of Competitive Intelligence (R. Flynn).

Competitive Intelligence at Motorola (R. Galvin).

Competitive Intelligence in Business Process Engineering: A Study at Digital Equipment Corporation (L. Kennedy).

Understanding the Competition: The CEO's Perspective (M. Downham, et al.).

Developing a World-Class CI Program in Telecoms (S. Marceau & K. Sawka).

Small but Powerful: Six Steps for Conducting Competitive Intelligence Successfully at a Medium-Sized Firm (A. Berger).

Leveraging Information for Action: A Look into the Competitive and Business Intelligence Consortium Benchmarking Study (J. Prescott, et al.).

Organizing the Competitive Intelligence Function: A Benchmarking Study (C. Lackman, et al.).

"TAP-IN" to Strategic and Tactical Intelligence in the Sales and Marketing Functions (C. Miree & J. Prescott).

Key Intelligence Topics: A Process to Identify and Define Intelligence Needs (J. Herring).


Scenario Analysis and Early Warning Systems at Daimler-Benz Aerospace (F. Tessun).

CTI at Applied Biosystems: Attracting, Monitoring, and Exploiting Technology-Based Opportunities (T. Budd).

Benchmarking the "External Technology Watching" Process: Chevron's Experience (D. Ransley).

Past, Present, and Future Directions for Technical Intelligence (W. Rosenkrans).

Starting a Competitive Technical Intelligence Function: A Roundtable Discussion (P. Bryant, et al.).

Appendix: CI-Focused Organizations Referred to in This Book.


About the Editors.


JOHN E. PRESCOTT, PhD, is Professor of Business Administration at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, and Executive Editor of Competitive Intelligence Review. He is the content expert for CI benchmarking studies conducted by the American Productivity and Quality Center. STEPHEN H. MILLER is Managing Editor of Competitive Intelligence Review and Editor-in-Chief of Competitive Intelligence Magazine, published by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. With nearly 7,000 members, the SOCIETY OF COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS (SCIP) is the premier community for professionals worldwide who are interested in this field. In addition to its peer-reviewed journal, SCIP sponsors several publications, including a newsletter and a magazine, as well as numerous seminars, conferences, and www.SCIP.org
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