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The HR Diagram als Buch

The HR Diagram

The 100th Anniversay of Henry Norris Russell. 'International Astronomical Union Symposia'. Auflage 1978.…
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IAU Symposium No. 80, The HR Diagram - The 100th Anniversary of Henry Norris Russell was held on November 2-5, 1977 at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D. C. , in order to commemmorate the birth of Henry Norris Russell on October 25, 18... weiterlesen


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The HR Diagram als Buch
Titel: The HR Diagram

ISBN: 902770905X
EAN: 9789027709059
The 100th Anniversay of Henry Norris Russell.
'International Astronomical Union Symposia'.
Auflage 1978.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von D. S. Hayes, A. G. Davis Philip
Springer Netherlands

31. August 1978 - gebunden - 504 Seiten


IAU Symposium No. 80, The HR Diagram - The 100th Anniversary of Henry Norris Russell was held on November 2-5, 1977 at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D. C. , in order to commemmorate the birth of Henry Norris Russell on October 25, 1877 and to review current problems in the use of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. The IAU has sponsored two previous conferences concerned mainly with the HR diagram; The Position of Variable Stars in the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, a colloquium held at Bamberg in 1965 and The Hertzsprung­ Russell Diagram (IAU Symposium No. 10, J. L. Greenstein, ed. ) held in Moscow in 1959. In 1974 a conference, Multicolor Photometry and the Theoretical HR Diagram (Dudley Obs. Report No. 9, A. G. D. Philip and D. S. Hayes, eds. ) was held in Albany, N. Y. ; and in 1964 a conference, Basic Data Pertaining to the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, was held at the Flagstaff Station of the U. S. Naval Observatory in honor of Ejnar Hertzsprung and to dedicate the 61-inch astrometric reflector. (Vistas in Astronomy Vol. ~, A. Beer and K. Aa. Strand, eds. , Pergamon Press, Oxford). Volume 12 of Vistas in Astronomy, The Henry Norris Russell Memorial Volume (1970), contains a review paper on Changing Interpretations of the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram 1910-1940, A Historical Note by B. W. Sitterly.


I. Fundamentals of the HR Diagram.- Some Uses of Spectral Classification in HR Diagrams.- Some Progress and Problems in the Upper Left of the HR Diagram.- A More Accurate HR Diagram for the Cooler Stars.- Spectroscopic Observations of Late-Type Halo M Dwarfs.- A Computer Method for Spectral Classification.- Red and Blue Stars in the Direction of the Large Magellanic Cloud.- Quantitative Two-Dimensional Classifications of Low Dispersion Objective Prism Spectra.- Carbon and Late-Type M Stars as Population Indicators.- Main Sequences Defined by Hyades and Field Stars.- Absolute Magnitudes by Statistical Parallaxes.- RR Lyrae Variable Stars and the Distance Scale.- Extensions of the Wilson-Bappu Effect Among Very Luminous Stars.- Statistical HR Diagrams for One Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Proper-Motion Stars.- The Absolute Calibration of the HR Diagram: Fundamental Effective Temperatures and Bolometric Corrections.- II. HR Diagrams, The Solar Neighborhood.- Hertzsprung-Russell Diagrams and Color-Luminosity Diagrams for the Stars Nearer than Twenty-Two Parsecs.- The Position of the Sun in the HR Diagram.- HR Diagrams Derived from the Michigan Spectral Catalogue.- III. HR Diagrams, Subluminous Stars.- The HR Diagram.- The Distribution of Masses and Radii of White Dwarf Stars.- The HR Diagram of White Dwarfs.- Ultraviolet Colors of Subdwarf O Stars.- Subluminous Stars in the HR Diagram.- Empirical Evidence for Crystallization Sequences of DA Type White Dwarfs.- IV. HR Diagrams, Clusters.- Spectrophotometry in Stellar Associations.- A Photometric Study of Ara OB1.- Four-Color and H? Diagrams for Open Clusters - A Survey.- The Main Sequence of NGC 6231 and the Calibration of Absolute Magnitudes.- The Hyades Cluster - Too Distant?.- The Occurrence of Peculiar Stars in Open Clusters.- The Clump Giants: A Spectroscopic Survey of G and K Giants in Open Clusters.- K-Line Photometry: Coma and NGC 6475.- Measurements of Abundances and Ages of Old Disk Clusters.- Evidence for Non-Homogeneity in the Metal Abundances of Stars in Globular Clusters.- A Comparison Between the Relative Heavy Metal Abundance of the Extreme Halo Field Stars and Giant Stars of Globular Clusters.- Observations of CO and OI in Stars in Globular Clusters.- The Chemical Abundances of the Halo Clusters of the Galaxy.- A Combined Photometric/Spectroscopic Study of RR Lyrae Stars in the Globular Cluster Omega Centauri.- The Role of Mixing and Primordial Abundance Variations in 47 Tucanae and ? Centauri.- The Anomalous Giant Branch of ? Centauri.- V. HR Diagrams, Horizontal Branch.- Horizontal-Branch Stars in the Log Teff, Log G Diagram.- The Expected Morphology of Zero Age Horizontal Branches.- Evolution of Globular Cluster Stars with Mass Loss and Core Rotation.- Physical Properties of Cepheids and RR Lyrae Stars.- Pulsation Modal Behavior of Classical Cepheids in the HR Diagram.- The Radii of RR Lyrae Stars.- VI. Galaxies and Miscellaneous Subjects.- HR Diagrams of Galaxies: Ages and Stages of Evolution.- Luminosities of LMC OB Stars.- The HR Diagram for Luminous Stars in Nearby Galaxies.- A Preliminary Color-Magnitude Diagram for the Ursa Minor Dwarf Galaxy.- The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram of Metal-Poor Disk Stars.- The Use of Praesepe for the Definition of the Lower Part of the Zero-Age Main Sequence.- A New Kind of HR Diagram?.- Detection of Am and Ap Stars by Photometric Means.- The HR Diagram of Abnormal A-Type Stars.- From Multicolor Photometric Indices to the HR Diagram.- VII. Theoretical Papers and Summary.- The Vogt-Russell Theorem, and New Results on an Old Problem.- Comparison Between Observational and Theoretical (Log Teff, Mbol) Diagrams.- Is it Possible to Derive the Position of a Star in the HR Diagram from Multicolor Photometry?.- On Magnetic Mixing and Rotation in Stellar Evolution.- Survey of Some Recent Stellar-Evolution Calculations.- The Evolution of the Integrated Colors of Globular Clusters and Elliptical Galaxies.- Evolution of Massive Stars Through Late Evolutionary Phases.- The Structure and Evolution of Massive Stars.- Evolution of Massive Stars: When Does an Of Star Become a WR Star?.- Nucleosynthesis in Massive Population II Stars.- The Colors of G and K Giant Stars.- Microturbulence as a Third Dimension in the G-K Giant Region of the HR Diagram.- Sphericity Effects of Extended Atmospheres of Late-Type Giants in the HR Diagram.- Summary.- Continuation of Discussion.- Poster Session.- A Revised Classification System in the Red for S Stars.- Southern High-Velocity Stars.- On G.P. Kuiper's Work on the Stars of Large Proper Motion.- A B-Star High Luminosity Indicator.- The Main Sequence at G2 V.- Optical and Infrared Properties of the Newly Formed Stars in CMa R1.- Luminosity Calibration of Late-Type Stars by Statistical Parallax using AGK3 Proper Motions.- Fundamental Parameters and the Helium Content of Eclipsing Spectroscopic Binaries.- Extending the White Dwarf Sequence: Plans and Prospects.- Peculiarities in Some Cluster Color-Magnitude Diagrams.- The Strömgren Four-Color System and the log Teff, the Log G Diagram.- Angular Diameters of Cool Stars Measured by the Method of Lunar Occultations.- Two-Dimensional Spectral Clasification of M Stars by Narrow-Band Photometry.

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