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The Interactions between Sediments and Water als Buch
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The Interactions between Sediments and Water

Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on the Interactions between Sediments and Water, held 5-10 May 2002…
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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium, held May 5-10, 2002 in Banff, Alberta, Canada


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The Interactions between Sediments and Water als Buch


Titel: The Interactions between Sediments and Water

ISBN: 1402013280
EAN: 9781402013287
Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on the Interactions between Sediments and Water, held 5-10 May 2002 in Banff, Alberta, Canada.
'Developments in Hydrobiology'.
Empfohlen Ab 16 Jahre.
Auflage 2003.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Brian Kronvang
Springer Netherlands

31. Oktober 2003 - gebunden - 340 Seiten


This book focuses on sediments as a pollutant in natural freshwater and marine habitats, and as a vector for the transfer of chemicals such as nutrients and contaminants. Sediment-water research is carried out all over the world within a variety of disciplines. The selected papers cover three main topics relating to assessment and/or restoration of disturbed watersheds, sediment-water linkages in terrestrial and aquatic environments and evaluation of sediment and ecological changes in marine and freshwater habitats. Innovative research in both developed and less developed countries is included. Both fundamental research, insight into applied research and system management are covered. The volume will also appeal to readers involved in sediment geochemistry and dynamics, aquatic habitats, water quality, aquatic ecology, river morphology, restoration techniques and catchment management.


Interactions between sediments and water; E.L. Petticrew, I.G. Droppo, B. Kronvang. Part A: Assessing and/or Restoring Disturbed Watersheds. Urbanization, sedimentation, and the homogenization of fish assemblages in the Etowah River Basin, USA; D.M. Walters, D.S. Leigh, A.B. Bearden. Using deterministic models to assess risk in sediment-impacted estuaries; A. Senior, M. Green, J. Oldman. Organic matter composition of gravel-stored sediments from salmon-bearing streams; E.L. Petticrew, J.M. Arocena. A scaling approach to spatial variability in early diagenetic processes; J.W. Morse, S.F. DiMarco, A.B. Hebert, K.S. Sell. Relationship between Pb/Cd adsorption and metal oxides on surface coatings at different depths in Lake Jingyuetan; Y. Li, B.Y. Zhang, G.H. Huang, D. Dong, X. Hua. Scavenging of dissolved organic matter (DOM) by amorphous iron hydroxide particles Fe(OH)3(s); C. Luider, E. Petticrew, P.J. Curtis. Contemporary transport of suspended material and its deposition in the Vistula River; A. Lajczak. Seston sedimentation in a lowland river (River Spree, Germany): their spatial and temporal variations and controlling factors; H.-P Kozerski. Variations in the water quality of a small urban tropical catchment: implications for load estimation and water quality monitoring; H.S. Lim. Measurement of the size and structure of natural aquatic colloids in an urbanised watershed by atomic force microscopy; D. Muirhead, J.R. Lead. Part B: Sediment-Water Linkages in Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments. The sediment budget as conceptual framework and management tool; O. Slaymaker. The role of overbank floodplain sedimentation in catchment contaminant budgets; D.E. Walling, P.N. Owens. Pesticides and heavy metals in Danish streambed sediment; B. Kronvang, A. Laubel, S.E. Larsen, N. Friberg. Macroinvertebrate/sediment relationships along a pesticide gradient in Danish streams; N. Friberg, M. Lindstrøm, B. Kronvang, S.E. Larsen. Suspended sediment fluxes in chalk streams in the Hampshire Avon catchment, U.K.; M.J.T. Heywood, D.E. Walling. Changing suspended sediment and particulate phosphorus loads and pathways in underdrained lowland agricultural catchments; Herefordshire and Worcestershire, U.K; I.D.L. Foster, A.S. Chapman, R.M. Hodgkinson, A.R. Jones, J.A. Lees, S.E. Turner, M. Scott. GIS-based distributed model for simulating runoff and sediment load in the Malian River Basin; V.F. Huang, X. Chen, G.H. Huang, Bing Chen, G.M. Zeng, J.B. Li, J. Xia. Characterising the fine sediment budget of a reach of the River Swale, Yorkshire, U.K. during the 1994 to 1995 winter season; B.P.G. Smith, P.S. Naden, G.J.L. Leeks, P.D. Wass. The provenance of sediments in Moreton Bay, Australia: a synthesis of major, trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic geochemistry, modelling and landscape analysis; G. Douglas, M. Palmer, G. Caitcheon. Evaluating the impact of watershed management scenarios on changes in sediment delivery to rivers? G. Verstraeten, A. Van Rompaey, J. Poesen, K. Van Oost, G. Govers. The influence of catchment characteristics on suspended sediment properties; C. Ankers, D.E. Walling, R.P. Smith. Modelling sediment supply to rivers and reservoirs in Eastern Europe during and after the collectivisation period; A. Van Rompaey, J. Krasa, T. Dostal, G. Govers. Morphological controls on medium-term sedimentation rates on British lowland river floodplains; R.J. Sweet, A.P. Nicholas, D.E. Walling, X. Fang. Temporal changes in the metal and phosphorus content of suspended sediment transported by Yorkshire rivers,
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