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The Oncogenomics Handbook

'Cancer Drug Discovery and Development'. Auflage 2005. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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An integrated overview of cancer drug discovery and development from the bench to the clinic, showing with broad strokes and representative examples the drug development process as a network of linked components leading from the discovered target to ... weiterlesen


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The Oncogenomics Handbook als Buch
Titel: The Oncogenomics Handbook

ISBN: 1588294250
EAN: 9781588294258
'Cancer Drug Discovery and Development'.
Auflage 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von William J. Larochelle, Richard A. Shimkets
Humana Press

15. April 2005 - gebunden - 780 Seiten


An integrated overview of cancer drug discovery and development from the bench to the clinic, showing with broad strokes and representative examples the drug development process as a network of linked components leading from the discovered target to the ultimate therapeutic product. Following a systems biology approach, the authors explain genomic databases and how to discover oncological targets from them, how then to advance from the gene and transcript to the level of protein biochemistry, how next to move from the chemical realm to that of the living cell and, ultimately, pursue animal modeling and clinical development. Emerging cancer therapeutics including Ritux an, Erbitux, Gleevec Herceptin, Avastin, ABX-EGF, Velcade, Kepivance, Iressa, Tarceva, and Zevalin are addressed. Highlights include cancer genomics, pharmacogenomics, transcriptomics, gene expression analysis, proteomic and enzymatic cancer profiling technologies, and cellular and animal approaches to cancer target validation.


Part I. Genomics, Cancer Targets, Transcriptomics, and Gene Expression Analysis

Genomic Resources for Cancer Biologists
Xuefeng Bruce Ling, Gene Cutler, and Timothy Hoey

Cancer Drug Target Identification by SAGE, LongSAGE, and Digital Karyotyping
Heiko Hermeking

Identification of Novel Cancer Target Antigens Utilizing EST and Genome Sequence Databases
Tapan K. Bera, Kristi A. Egland, B. K. Lee, and Ira Pastan

Tree-Based Cancer Classification and Diagnosis Using Gene Expression Data
Heping Zhang

From FISH to Proteomics: A Molecular Brush to Define Antitumor Drug Action
Balanehru Subramanian, Alexander Nakeff, and Frederick Valeriote

Gene Program Signatures for Papillomavirus E2-Mediated Senescence in Cervical Cancer Cells: Finding the Points of No Return
Sarah S. Williams, Bruce J. Aronow, and Susanne I. Wells

Part II. Advances in Proteomic and Enzymatic Cancer-Profiling Technologies

Mass-Spectrometry-Based Proteomics for Cancer Biology
Chen Xu and John R. Yates III

Chemical Proteomics in Drug Development
Douglas A. Jeffery, Amos Baruch, and Matthew Bogyo

Proteomics-Based Anticancer Drug Discovery
K. K. Jain

Cancer Metabolic Phenotype: Exploiting the Cancer Metabolome in Drug Discovery
John R. Griffiths and Marion Stubbs

Focusing Target Discovery and Validation Through Proteogenomics and Molecular Imaging
Lucy A. Carver and Jan E. Schnitzer

Part III. Cancer Target Validation: Cellular Approaches

RNA Interference: RNAid for Future Therapeutics?
Mustapha Diallo, Katja Schmitz, and Ute Schepers

Image-Based Assays of Cellular Phenotype for Drug Target Discovery and Validation
Kris F. Sachsenmeier and Jonathan A. Terrett

Targeting Inducible Chemotherapy Resistance Mechanisms in Colon Cancer
David Ljungman and James C. Cusack, Jr.

Targeting Apoptosis Pathways for Cancer Therapy
Bharvin K. R. Patel

Part IV. Cancer Target Validation: Animal Approaches

Genetically Engineered Mouse Models of Human Cancer for Drug Discovery and Development
Rónán C. O'Hagan, Min Wu, William M. Rideout III, Yinghui Zhou, and Joerg Heyer

Unraveling the Complexity of Oncogenesis Through In Vivo Optical Imaging
Pamela Reilly Contag

Innovative Strategies for Improving Engineered Mouse Models of Human Cancer for Preclinical Development
Jeffrey J. Martino and Suzie Chen

Use of Adenovirus-Mediated Gene Transfer to Facilitate Biological Annotation of Novel Genes
Jeff L. Ellsworth, Andrew Feldhaus, and Steven D. Hughes

Cancer Biology and Transgenic Technology in the Mouse: Bridging the Functional Gap
Cindy E. McKinney and Cooduvalli S. Shashikant

Homology-Based Genomic Mining of Growth Factors Implicated in Neoplasia and Nephritides: PDGF-D
Gary C. Starling, William J. LaRochelle, and Gulshan Ara

Part V. Cancer Prognostics, Diagnostics, and Biomarkers

Cancer Pharmacogenomics: Predicting Drug Response in the Genomic Era
Brian Z. Ring and Huijun Z. Ring

Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignancies Using Gene Expression Profiling
Jimmy C. Sung, Alice Y. Lee, and Timothy J. Yeatman

Implications of Epigenetics for Early Cancer Diagnosis and Prevention
Mukesh Verma and Sudhir Srivastava

Novel Molecular and Genetic Prognostic Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer
Arnab Chakravarti and Gary Guotang Zhai

PSA in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Pradip Datta

Tumor Targets and Biomarkers in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Ivar Bleumer and Peter F. A. Mulders

Part VI. Emerging Approaches to Cancer Therapy

VI-A. Targeting the Vasculature

Tumor Vasculature as a Target for Cancer Therapy


" excellent resource to anyone interested in the field of cancer or cancer research. Its comprehensive overview of different perspectives in oncologic genomics will certainly be beneficial to a wide range of professionals in their ultimate endeavors towards further development of advanced cancer therapies." - Doody's Health Sciences and Book Review Journal
"...provides an integrated overview of cancer drug discovery and development...." - BioTech International
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