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Voip Hacks: Tips & Tools for Internet Telephony als Buch

Voip Hacks: Tips & Tools for Internet Telephony

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is gaining a lot of attention these days, as more companies and individuals switch from standard telephone service to phone service via the Internet. The reason is simple: A single network to carry voice and data i … weiterlesen


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Voip Hacks: Tips & Tools for Internet Telephony als Buch


Titel: Voip Hacks: Tips & Tools for Internet Telephony
Autor/en: Theodore Wallingford

ISBN: 0596101333
EAN: 9780596101336
Sprache: Englisch.

Dezember 2005 - kartoniert - 306 Seiten


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is gaining a lot of attention these days, as more companies and individuals switch from standard telephone service to phone service via the Internet. The reason is simple: A single network to carry voice and data is easier to scale, maintain, and administer. As an added bonus, it's also cheaper, because VoIP is free of the endless government regulations and tariffs imposed upon phone companies.VoIP is simply overflowing with hack potential, and VoIP Hacks is the practical guide from O'Reilly that presents these possibilities to you. It provides dozens of hands-on projects for building a VoIP network, showing you how to tweak and customize a multitude of exciting things to get the job done. Along the way, you'll also learn which standards and practices work best for your particular environment. Among the quick and clever solutions showcased in the book are those for: gauging VoIP readiness on an enterprise network using SIP, H.323, and other signaling specifications providing low-layer security in a VoIP environment employing IP hardphones, analog telephone adapters, and softPBX servers dealing with and avoiding the most common VoIP deployment mistakesIn reality, VoIP Hacks contains only a small subset of VoIP knowledge-enough to serve as an introduction to the world of VoIP and teach you how to use it to save money, be more productive, or just impress your friends. If you love to tinker and optimize, this is the one technology, and the one book, you must investigate.



Chapter 1. Broadband VoIP Services
1. Get Connected
2. Use Pure VoIP Dialing with Your TSP
3. Wire Your House Phones for VoIP
4. Use a Softphone with a VoIP TSP
5. Prioritize Packets to Improve Quality
6. Got 911?
7. Update Your VoIP ATA Firmware

Chapter 2. Desktop Telephony
8. Access Next-Gen Voice Features
9. Track Vonage Account Info on Your Desktop
10. Pick a Desktop VoIP Client
11. Sound Like Darth Vader While You VoIP
12. Grow Your Social Network with Gizmo
13. Record VoIP Calls on Your Windows PC
14. Handle Calls with Windows Software
15. Let Your Mac Answer and Log Your Calls
16. Run Phlink Even When Logged Off
17. Greet Callers Differently Each Day
18. Use Caller IDs in AppleScripts
19. Control iTunes from Phlink
20. VoIP While Fragging
21. Google for Telephony Info
22. Telephonize a Sound File
23. Record an Audio Chat on Your Mac
24. Create Telephony Sounds with SoX
25. Mix the Perfect Announcement
26. Sound Like a Pro Announcer
27. Record a Videoconference

Chapter 3. Skype and Skyping
28. Get Skype and Make Some New Friends
29. Skype Your Outlook Contacts
30. Skype People from the OS X Address Book
31. Enable Site Visitors to Skype You


Ted Wallingford is lead consultant and co-founder of Best Technology Strategy LLC, a company which helps entrepreneurs and established companies alike in the adoption, integration, and successful use of communication systems and business processes. A global thought leader on the subject of VoIP and Internet Protocol communications, Ted has emerged as an expert in the emerging fields of network convergence and unified business communication. Ted has written two technology books for O'Reilly Media, and has appeared on NPR Science Friday. He also periodically writes for Macworld Magazine and maintains the Signal to Noise blog. He resides in Cleveland, OH.


"Die kurzen Tipps laden zum Durchblättern und Stöbern ein, von witzig bis hilfreich und extrem technisch ist alles dabei. Besonders die Mac-Nutzer werden mit vielen Tipps bedacht. [...] Asterisk hat ein eigenes Kapitel, in dem der Autor sehr verständlich einen Ruck-zuck-Telefonie-Server aufsetzt und an das Telefonnetz [...] anschließt. Obwohl es zu Asterisk sehr viel Literatur gibt, kann man das Kapitel nur empfehlen: Schneller und einfacher geht's nicht." - IT-Administrator.de, Dezember 2006

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